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What He Speaks is Timeless - Wait, Then Listen

What He Speaks is Timeless

When waiting upon the Lord about all that has been presented to us lately (dates of events etc.), He led me to go into the archives.  With 400 posts plus, it truly had to be His leading because I surely cannot remember which article or which prophetic word said what.

He led me to the following, which I am re-posting.  It truly pertains to today.  It is as the original post with the exception of editing (typos, spelling errors, punctuation, paragraphing, some underlining and emboldening letters).  

In another place, I added scripture.  Also, the original post was penned under my pseudonym, A. Chenoa (those who have been following the blog for awhile would remember).  Pictures and subtitles were added for ease of navigation, in case reader chooses to pause part way through, in order to read more later on.

Sometimes I liken myself to the mechanic whose own personal vehicle sits in the driveway needing repair, due to lack of time or doing repairs for others.  I see where many of my articles need editing, even though I am an editor.  Must get to them sometime - Lord willing, if there is any time.

LOL - such is life; we learn as we go and our imperfections should keep us ever humble before our Lord and before others.

That being said, I present to you what the Lord gave me (for your discernment).

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April 11, 2009 [04-11-09] - 8:00 Am

Wait, Then Listen

So many are not listening. So many are NOT listening!  I am speaking about My own people, My own beloved children. There is a fine line that separates obedience from disobedience. Many of My children have crossed that line through willful disobedience, procrastination, but most especially, through compromise.

same eagle...both campaigns
When Obama was campaigning, his theme was: 'Change is coming to America'.
During his acceptance speech and inauguration, the theme was and now is: 'Change has come to America'. My people were warned that indeed change was coming, both in the physical and in the spiritual.

Many caught the words and sailed off excitedly, speaking of wondrous prosperity and blessing, yet neglecting to 'wait' upon Me. For all the pleas that were sent forth for people to repent and 'seek Me', few there are that spend long periods of time with Me. Few there are that fast or weep or travail. 

Few there are that will wait upon Me, until I speak to them. Have I not said to seek My counsel and I shall direct your steps?  Few there are that will humble themselves and bring everything to Me so that I may guide them. 


Many pray and receive answers, but do not 'wait'. They rush off. As they rush off, it is not long before fear, unbelief and doubt arise when opposition comes against what they are doing. Then, the fruit of fear, doubt and unbelief begin to manifest. The fruit of fear and unbelief is disobedience, procrastination and compromise.

All along, I have faithfully ordered the steps of My children, but only those who truly trust in Me will truly obey, no matter what the outward circumstances look like or what voice of opposition sounds in their ears. 

I have continuously said to wait upon Me. Many will spend hours fellowshipping with friends, family and even brethren, yet they cannot spend one hour with Me. When I am silent, many will leave from prayer and be discouraged. 

What seems like an eternity of silence to you is but a brief moment to Me. Wait My people; I say again, wait upon Me and I shall surely lift you up and shall surely speak with you. Do not fear My silence, but praise Me for the patience it is teaching you to have. 

There are 'things' in My people that must come to the surface and be dealt with, so that it may be destroyed. Things that will only hinder them in their walk; 'beams' in their eyes, yet they listen to flesh and to the adversary and allow fear to creep in.

Wait upon Me and in just the right and proper time, I shall speak to you. Draw nigh unto Me, for surely I will draw nigh unto you. Only believe and trust...

Have I not told you that faith opposes unbelief?  Have I not told you that trust negates doubt?  Have you not heard that My perfect love casts out fear? Yes, you know this very well.

Hear Me and hear Me well. Seek Me whilst I can be found; draw close to Me while I am still near. Wait upon Me and I shall surely answer; wait upon your Lord. I am not contained nor am I bound by time and space, but you are, My people. 

Revival Amidst Great Tribulation

Yet if you come to Me, wait upon Me until you hear Me and obey, not only will I instruct you, but if necessary, I can and will move you around in a way that defies time and space; I will do and am doing miracles as in the days of the apostles and you will see signs and wonders.
How small is the understanding of man!
How small is the faith!  Is it any wonder that My Son Jesus asked if He would find faith on the earth when He comes again?

I tell you that He [Yhvh, God] will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man comes, shall He find faith on the earth? [Lk 18:8]

You believe the resurrection and ascension of My Son. You believe that Elijah was taken and seen no more. You believe that Philip was translated [transposed], as the eunuch and he came up out of the water. Though the eunuch's eyes scanned the vast desert [wilderness], Philip could not be seen. You believe all the miracles, signs and wonders of My Son Jesus and His faithful apostles.

Yes, you believe all this, yet when it comes to Me doing strange and marvelous things amongst you now and in the great tribulation and judgment coming upon this earth, you begin to waiver in your faith. 

With many of My people, your mouth says ONE thing and your heart says quite another. 'Not so, Lord', you insist. Then why procrastinate in the things I ask of you? Why compromise in things you know you are not to do? 

Childlike Faith

Why not trust Me in all that pertains to you? Why make plans far ahead? Why will you not go when I tell you to go or stay if I tell you to stay? Why will you not believe that I will answer your prayers? Why not believe for salvation, deliverance, healing and even restoration?

I have told you to lay down your life, to place all into My hands as you let go of the past and present and trust in Me. My people must be obedient; not just obedient but only to 'a point', the point where it might 'hurt' a little to obey. You must be obedient in all things, if I am to trust you. 

Some things have been very difficult to let go of. Yes, there is a cost. This you also know very well. Be wise to consider the cost carefully. There simply is no room for compromise. I tell you that as surely as My Son the Christ received the rewards of My promises to Him when He laid down His life, I shall surely reward you in the promises that I have given to you, when you lay down your life.  Selah 

Things are moving from the spiritual into the physical. I have told you not to be moved by what you see, but to wholly trust in Me. If you see this, know that there is still opportunity if you have procrastinated or compromised, but will you now obey, or will you take a chance and gamble that this is not your last warning?

This is it! This is indeed a most somber and serious time. All that has been foretold by the prophets of old and My true prophets; all that is being shown to you and has been shown to you is coming to pass. 

If you compromise now, how will you stand against the one coming who will seek to control the world and be as 'god', even as though he were 'god'?  Compromise will lead to your destruction, for compromise is as double-mindedness, even lukewarmness. 

I spew the lukewarm out of My mouth, for it is better to be hot [for Me] or cold [against Me]. Countless compromise saying, 'The Lord sees my heart. He understands me.'  Yes, I understand completely.  Remember the old adage, 'you want your cake and eat it too'? It is another way of saying that you want it both ways. 
I say, 'Lose your life and you shall gain it.'

Those that I use in the greatest tribulation the world has ever seen will be the children that I can trust, unwavering in faith, dedicated to Me and obey immediately, without procrastinating and without COMPROMISE

They must be children who 'wait upon Me' for their instructions and who will obey without hesitation.  Do not rush out of My presence and do not rush in your daily lives.

Compromise in war or any situation of danger will lead to death and destruction. There are definite [defining] times that simply and absolutely leave no room for compromise. Now is such a time, for truly you are in a serious time. It is either 'yea' or 'nay', yes or no.

Procrastinators cannot be counted on either. They are always making logical excuses that actually defy logic. If something MUST be done, then it DEFIES logic not to do it, for putting it off will not change the fact that it must be done, nor will it necessarily delay it from needing to be done. In fact, procrastination can lead to a matter not being done at all.

There is always one last opportunity, My children. If you are reading this now, it may well be your last opportunity to get things right if you have been procrastinating or compromising. People listen, people do. Warnings have sounded for a long time, until suddenly there are no more warnings. 

Will you take the chance that this is the last opportunity, the last warning? Or will you hope for just 'one more time', ‘one more warning’?  Multitudes will not read this, yet My message will be heard in whatever way I choose and through whomever I choose. 

Do not underestimate My power or how I can cause a message to be heard. My people will know that the time of seriousness is here. The mature sons are beginning to manifest NOW.

Changing World

My judgment will not stop for any man. My judgment has begun and shall continue to go forth; ever increasing! There simply is no more time for compromising or for any more procrastination.

Change indeed has come to America. In fact, change has come upon the whole world. Global economic problems, global unrest amongst the people, global greed for power, global problems of divers lusts and many 'gods', and so forth have come to a head, and you must believe that things are about to burst open. 

I have many voices that I speak through and yes, I can, have and will speak through you also. Change has come, this is your NOW, soldier. Now is your time, warrior.

Choose to believe and trust Me. Take your positions and WAIT upon Me for your orders!  It is as the famous line in the movie, Titanic, as the ship bolted perpendicular and the movie character said, 'THIS IS IT!'

No warrior entangles himself in the affairs of this life [when he is being prepared for battle, waiting for orders or resting until the next battle he is assigned to arises], but seeks to please HIM who has chosen him to be a soldier. [2Tim 2:4] Take time with Me now, and in due time, I shall give you your orders. 

Things are about to change very dramatically [for My glory]. I want you fully grounded in Me. Rejoice that I have chosen you. Yea, I who formed you in your mother's womb, I who knew you before you came forth out of the womb say that you are Mine. You were born for such a time as this.

No more complacency, procrastination or compromise. This is it. Great miracles are about to be seen as well as great evil. Much has escalated. This is a serious time. See war! See opposing armies [spiritual and physical]!

You have been chosen of Me and you have chosen which side you are on. Wait for your orders. Fear not. Be strong and of good courage. In your determination, set your face as a flint. In your faith, take every thought captive and walk with the mind of Christ. In your love, simply obey and do.


Like a wind that picks up out of nowhere, so will the coming events happen suddenly. It will be powerful. Fear not, but take your positions, stand your ground and await your orders.
You are on high alert, soldier

Relax as you trust in Me, but watch and pray. Speak when I say to speak; be silent when I say be silent; obey as I tell you to do. In Me is your quiet confidence. For just as storms can happen without warning [unexpectedly] and suddenly, so will events happen in life and in the spiritual. Nothing catches Me by surprise, but you will be unprepared if you have not waited upon Me.

Indeed America has changed! Things are about to landslide on a global scale, but all that is coming upon America will be only the beginning of that which is coming upon the entire earth. 

Wicked nations and evil men of power have devised plans out of their greed, but they do not know My thoughts nor do they consider My ways. Do not ask for exact timing and details. It is I who decrees a thing. 

It is I who can delay a thing. It is I who can halt a thing or even reverse things. Even chaos is known by Me and it will be allowed. Do not concern yourself with the exact timing. Leave such matters in the hands of your King, then do as I bid you.

Sovereignty of God

I am God: everything I do is done decently and in order. I am He who sees all and knows exactly what to do. You are My children, My people, My army who can trust Me as I command you. 

I am your refuge, the King who rules over His people with great care and love, the Lord of hosts who shall lead you in the way that you should go.

I am not as a fortune teller. I am God, who reveals secrets to My prophets and My people, so that no other will receive the glory. I do not want My people to be panicked and fear. I want them to be prepared and to trust. I will guide you and lead you in the way that you should go. 

I will reveal step by step, for I will not give any more than they can bear. Just as a man does not know the hour that death shall visit him, neither will you know the exact hour that My judgments will fall. 

What you do know is that it is coming and that it is soon here. In seeking Me, you will be given wisdom coupled with understanding. I am a good God whose mercy endures forever, yea, but I am a holy God whose judgment will destroy the wicked and all disobedience.

As you wait upon Me, I shall direct you. As you keep a listening ear, you will hear what I say. As you keep a willing and obedient heart, you will know what to do at the exact time that you must do it. Obediently, you will do as I bid.  Selah

Fear not, but give thanks as you endure your personal trials, your own garden of Gethsemane, for I shall strengthen you through it all. Give thanks for what you have suffered, for it has brought you closer to Me and taught you obedience.

Offer up thanksgiving and praise, knowing that the promises I have given you will be received by you as you obey Me in what I have asked of you to do.

I have been perfecting you; doing My perfect work in you all along, and even more so in the times of your suffering. You desired to be a noble vessel. Precious one, My holy power will flow only through pure, clean vessels. The Bride of My Son Christ Jesus [Y’shua HaMashiach] is indeed without spot or blemish. 

Wait, then Listen 

I am Yhvh (I AM that I AM), who calls things that are not as though they were, for to Me they already have been. I declare the end from the beginning, and from ancient times, things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel will stand and I will do all My pleasure.

Do not fear what is coming; be at peace in Christ, knowing that I am Sovereign; knowing that indeed great trouble is soon here. Yes, change has come. So it has been said, so it shall be.

Continue to warn those I lead you too. If they will not listen, shake the dust and leave them in My hands. Keep moving forward. Do your part in all that I ask of you and surely I will do Mine. It is not 'works' I desire, it is obedience, which does the work of My commandments, both in My word and in your personal life (this is faith with works).

Yea, a man may say, You have faith, and I have works: show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. 
[Jam 2:18, 26]

Watch and pray, for I am listening to your prayers and answering them in My timing.  Rejoice and give thanks.  Be sober; be vigilant for your adversary, the devil walks about seeking whom he may devour.  Remain steadfast, resisting him in your faith for your brethren around the world suffer the same afflictions. 

Obedience will see you through to the victory. To disobey now will be unto death and destruction. This is the day of miracles, signs and wonders.  Only in My Christ and your obedience to Me, will you be able to discern which miracles, signs and wonders are from Me and which come from the counterfeiter, for these are also days of great illusion and strong delusion. 

The strong delusion is sent by Me to those who do not desire truth but prefer a lie, that have pleasure in unrighteousness and refuse to overcome the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. 

They chose to wallow in the glory of their own choosing, rather than to glory in Christ or give glory to the Lord God [Yhvh] of Israel, therefore, I shall answer them according to their idols.

Come now, and let us reason together, says the LORD [Yhvh]: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.  If you be willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land:
But if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the LORD has spoken it.
[Is 1: 18-20]

Those who cry out to Me and travail in their heart for their sins receive forgiveness; those who lay down their lives trusting in Me will receive their life. I will give them the desires of their heart, for it is I who has put those desires there. 

Yet surely, I tell you, just as the narrow path becomes narrower, so must you stay closer to Me than ever before, waiting upon Me; for it is written that if it were possible even the very elect would be deceived. 

Do not get lifted up in pride saying, 'I won't ever be deceived', for I tell you that the grand illusions and great deceptions coming upon this earth will be so powerful that you will NOT be able to discern WITHOUT My Spirit within you or without Me telling you that it is not of Me. 

Abiding in Christ and waiting upon Me is your refuge and shield.  I am God and beside Me there is no other. No flesh shall glory in My presence.

Expect change.  Great evil is about to descend. Yea, expect change for the greater works are also about to be seen, both on a personal and a corporate level as My Spirit falls as the rain upon My people. 

Great blessings are coming upon those who have cried out, waiting for Me to answer their personal prayers. Those who long to do the greater works for MY glory and not their own glory, shall indeed be noble vessels in My hands as they walk as the apostles and as their Saviour did.  

Yes, these obedient ones shall see and do great things, for through it all, I shall be glorified. So it is written, so it shall be.

Positioning Army
I am positioning My army. Position yourself in seeking Me, boldly confident through CHRIST Jesus in you, the hope of glory, trusting in and waiting for Me. You were called and now you are chosen. 

You were chosen because of your dedication, your willingness and your obedience to Me, in laying it all down to trust in Me. THIS is why many are called, but few are chosen... humbleness and obedience. You loved not your life unto death (complete surrender).

Wait on your orders, soldier. Eat and drink of My word, do justly and with great love for Me and for others, and walk humbly before your God. Be patient, for soon all these things begin to take place and you shall know that I, the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has spoken and I will be glorified. 

You will know that none of the idols of the people or any of their gods can know of that which is to come and SAVE their worshippers from it. They (demons) may speak of things to come, but it is only I who knows if it will come to be or not, for I am God who can bring it forth, delay it or void it. 

The counterfeiter, your adversary, the devil does not know ALL the works of My hands nor ALL My ways, for I alone am God. It is only I who can save people in all that is about to take place, and I will save those trust Me and walk in obedience, and those who cry out to Me in the valley of decision.

Take your position, stand fast, stand and wait for your orders. This is a warning with hope. Those who hope in Me and My Christ, shall not be disappointed. There is hope knowing that it is not My desire that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and be saved.

Now reader, you have heard. Now soldier, you know what to do. Come, precious child and sit with Me awhile.  Now is the time to wait and listen...


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