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Out of His Mouth Went a Twoedged Sword




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More discussion on earthquakes (California, New Madrid), GridEx (North American Preparedness Drill) etc. Fact or fiction, false flag or false alarm?  What message is rippling throughout the body of believers?  The message will be consistent and be void of confusion, when it comes from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Prophetic words, dreams, visions (some have already come to pass) which are pertinent to today.  What will be presented will be what the Lord wants brought forward.  All things are to the glory of God alone because none of us know anything futuristic without Him.
He is Sovereign and overrides what any man (flesh) or demon can foretell.

So shall My word be that goes forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.  [Is 55:11]

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I Am With You Always
[10.21.09] 2:29 pm


The same message is echoing throughout the body of Christ.  The TRUE children of the Most High, our Creator, Yhwh Elohim, thru Christ Jesus,

"Do not be afraid. Now is the time to seek My face and pray. Do not fear the darkness, look to the Light.  Do not look around you in dismay, fear or doubt. I am your refuge in the storm. Under the shadow of My wing, I draw you close to My bosom.

Just as I said to Isaiah, when he was to go forth to meet Ahaz, with his son, Shearjashub to speak this, ‘Take heed and be quiet; fear not; neither be fainthearted for the two tails of these smoking firebrands, for the fierce anger of Rezen with Syria…’ and I spoke with Isaiah furthermore; and to remove all doubt I said, ‘If you will not believe, surely ye shall not be established.’  [Isa 7: 3-9]

Outward Appearances

From the beginning, I have always spoken to My people in the ways that I so choose.  Remember Balaam’s donkey?  I am capable of delaying things, reversing things or stopping things. Am I not Sovereign?  The blood of My Son is upon the doorposts of your heart, and My Spirit strengthens you to obey.  

If you continue to look at the overwhelming outward appearance of things, you will fall under fear and with a spirit of fear, you will not follow My word, nor will you heed My personal instructions to you.  I did not give you a ‘spirit’ of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  Fear (whether you are aware of fear being upon you or not), shall lead you step by unnoticeable step away from Me.  

You will slowly begin to stop praying; slowly read less and less of My word; slowly begin to tire of ‘boring’ brethren who are striving to give up the ways of the ‘world’, ‘Babylon’ and all of its seductions.  

Slowly you will be drawn back into a lifestyle that is more ‘exciting’, and dear One, the excitement is the kind that will gratify (indulge) your flesh and jeopardize your right standing with Me.  

The saddest part of all, the part that grieves My heart greatly, is that when you are in fear, you find less and less time to come into My presence, just to rest… just to be with Me. 
Are you bored with Me too?  Have you lost the excitement of your first love with Me?  Who or what is so grand, so convincing, that you should follow after their seductions?  Beware; beware; for the devil goes around as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour!  

When Fear Stands Before You

The very moment fear stands before you, begin to praise and give thanks.  Speak My word and witness My power.  How often My people weary just before the victory, yet I am He who shall strengthen My own, when they cry out to Me.  Fear will bring you into unbelief as it displays the things in the ‘natural’, in your eyesight and in your hearing.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Yhwh (God) [Rom 10:17]; so it is written, so it is true.  The cross seems heaviest at the beginning, and again at the end.
Do not fear the circumstances, words or sights that are all around you (even if they appear as two tails of smoking firebrands).  No matter what you see or hear, do not be moved.  The holy angels go forth at My command. Trust Me in everything, or trust Me in nothing.

As you humble yourself in My sight, I speak to you.  I shall lift you up and direct your steps along the narrow path.  In Me, you shall live and move, and have your being.

I am moving on your behalf; though you cannot see it in the physical just yet.  Do not run ahead of Me, nor look to the left or the right.  Do not look behind you as Lot’s wife, longing for the things behind.  Look to the cross that is empty, for My Son has risen.  It is He who intercedes on your behalf.  When you are rejected, know that I hold you in the palm of My hand.  All that concerns you is under My rule.  

I say to you who feel that I am not hearing your prayers; to you who are weary, as one in a dry and wasted land; to you who are in the purging fire; to you who wait in hope against hope for the answers to come:

The Peace of Intimate Times with the Creator

Come deeper into My presence, and rest.  Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the heathen; I will be exalted in the earth. [Psa 46:10]  As the darkness is all around; know that I shall walk you through it. 

 Trust Me with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Me and I shall direct your paths.  For the righteous who walk in truth, shall the gates be opened to them.  [Isa 26:2] Enter into My gates with thanksgiving; and into My courts with praise. [Ps 100:4]  

You travail with great pain and tears; knowing your hour has come; yet I shall bring forth the promise; it shall be birthed.  This is not like any time before, for the purification will purge you of all that is from the flesh and all that comes from the world. 

There is no excuse for those who consistently refuse to lay down their lives, for in their refusals, they shall lose their life.  If you give up your life, then shall you gain it. 

Thus, it is written: For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for My sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it. [Mk 8:35]

He Hears and Sees All

The call to be holy, as I am holy, is a call to surrender all that is of the flesh.  In the surrender to the death of the fleshly nature and to the world’s ways, My peace (that the world cannot offer), will permeate you and fill you to overflowing.   

My Christ, Jesus [Y’shua] promised to send you a Comforter.  I am He that leads you in the way that you should go.  

I heard you when you thought I did not hear, for I remained silent.  I see you when you weep with bitter tears, not only tears of repentance, but tears mingled with prayers for all that I place on your heart to pray about.  

 I say again, Fear not.  Believe Me, so that you shall be established.  You prayed that I would complete the work I started in you, and consider you worthy to escape all that is coming.  

Thanksgiving and Praise Come Forth from Trust

This is part of the work, the purifying, to bring the work to completion. It has all been a process, and shall continue.  Let it be and truly trust in Me.  Give thanks and praise, for truly I am for you and not against you.  

 I reward obedience, for through it all, I am glorified.  It is when you look to man (people), or look at all that the enemy is doing or look at things in the natural, that you begin to falter.  Look to Jesus the Christ, the author and finisher of your faith.

Draw nigh unto Me and I shall draw nigh unto you.  Hearken (listen) to My still, small voice  and I will lead you in the right way, and direct your steps, just as I did for all those who went before you, and as I do with all those who will hear My instructions and follow after Me.   

Trust and obey, for I love you with an everlasting love.  My angels go forth at My command. I hear your prayers, just as I heard Daniel’s.  If the answer seems delayed, do not fear, for I am the Lord of the battle. Through My Christ, you shall be victorious.   Remember My Son’s words well: I am with you always.


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Did You Feel A Raindrop?

The Bride

The whole Body of Christ is aching –

Travailing to find each other and come together

Working as one – harmoniously, succinctly

One in Spirit and in truth

Sealed by the Blood of the Lamb

Filled with His Most Holy Spirit

The Bridegroom has prepared every thing

The marriage supper awaits the union

The first love is in full blossom –

And only the wise have heard the watchmen call

As a woman in travail, the true prophets cried out

Always with love as the motive, to call for repentance

To turn from all that falls short of the glory of God

The flesh and the world dance together

And Lucifer supplies the seducing melodies

Great judgment is coming from our righteous King

Finally, His anger has arisen

He has made His decrees

He sends forth His holy warring angels

Awake, awake you sluggards

Be made whole and clean when you repent

And be filled with the Holy Spirit

There is a peace that passes all understanding

The prophets of the Most High and Holy

The High and Lofty One, who was, and is

And is to come

Holy Holy Holy

The watchmen sounded forth many alarms

The war drums have been beaten loudly

The sound of the trumpet, the shofar

Sound again and again, in timely rounds

Who had ears to hear?

Each warrior began to prepare and to wait

Waiting on the orders to go forth

The prophets cried out, The God [Yhwh] we serve

Is mighty in love and in justice and in judgment

A righteous Judge; a holy King †

Turn, turn, turn from all wickedness and every form of evil

Draw close to the Lord, hide in the secret place, waiting

And waiting – under the shadow of His wing, the prophets cried

For great is His love, and His grace and His mercy!

Prepare, prepare for His judgment is nigh upon us

Rend your hearts and not your garments, they pleaded

And see if He will not hear, and forgive and heal as He promised

Rise up, o dead bones, be made whole and stand before the King

Come forth, Lazurus come forth!  Loose him and let him go!

The Body of Christ heard; rose up and went forth

For in dying to self, they gain their life 

They are healed, made whole – a new beginning  †  Selah

The Disobedient and Wicked

The foolish sleep on, dreaming dreams of worldly gain

Believing I will prosper the work

Of the greedy prophets and shepherds of My flocks

Who mistake My silence and patience as approval –

They read My word and use it to further their agendas

To lead My people astray and to build their worldly kingdoms

They taint the milk of the babies and poison the meat of the mature

With fair words and flatteries, with promises of peace, love and prosperity

With false signs and lying wonders; they know not whom they serve

They follow a spirit that is not of Me, for strong delusion I sent forth

To those who love not the truth

Their mouths offer praise with thanksgiving

Yet far are their hearts from Me

Smiling as visions dance through their heads

With lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life

For this cause I sent forth strong delusion; for in reading My word

They loved not the truth

In their seeing, they cover their eyes, choosing not to see

In their hearing, they cover their ears, refusing to hear

Their necks are stiff; their hearts stubborn

They are not pained by their sin

Their conscience is seared

They do not stand boldly with full truth of My gospel

Or the revelation of Jesus Christ [Yshua haMaschiach]

They water down My word to motivate the sinner

To love himself and his sin because they say, God is love

Yet it is never said that I hate also

Did I not say, Jacob I loved; but Esau I hated

Is it not written that I would spew the lukewarm out of My mouth

Yet they exalt themselves as gods

And tell you to do the same

Motivational speaking to caress the flesh

To increase their numbers so the world would see

How ‘holy’ and ‘godly’ they are as they boldly proclaim

Be at peace for surely God is for us and not against

They are lovers of self and pleasers of men

Rather than loving Me and seeking to please Me

Yet never do you see those upon the ancient paths

Carrying on with uncontrollable ways

When did I make man equal to the animals?

Did I create man in the image of such as this?

Yet barking and roaring, they say it is My Spirit

Jerking as puppets and writhing as snakes

Behind closed doors, they satisfy their needs

The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life

Believing that if I see, surely I will understand

How well I do understand sin, disobedience and rebellion

There is no thing new to Me

As it was in the days of Noah; as it was in Sodom and Gomorrah

So it is this day and more so

With sorrowing heart, My righteous judgment is sent forth

Upon the earth, amongst the nations

Its tribes, its clans - its people

Who are rebellious, disobedient and wayward children

They join the wicked and the worldly in dance and song

They who follow after strange gods

Feasts and celebrations – Eat, drink and be merry today

For tomorrow never comes and if it does

We will consider it then, but not now, not now, not now

The Harlot of Mystery Babylon

O Babylon harlot, you beautiful seductress

Beckon with a soft, painted finger

Eyes that hypnotize

Thy beauty is intoxicating; writhing as you dance 

As a snake before the one who charms it

Come unto me and I shall satisfy all your needs, your sultry voice allures

O beautiful harlot of Babylon, whose inward parts are black with evil

The harlot sings, I shall charm you with my beauty, wisdom and temptations

And you shall be mine gladly when I fulfill all your desires

You kill the prophets and saints, wiping the blood upon your thirsty lips

You offer your cup, O Babylon harlot, you beautiful seductress

Giving poisoned drink and meat to your unsuspecting lovers

But you, o beautiful seductress, Babylon harlot

Riding in a high place upon a beast, roaming through your many kingdoms

Your cup flows over, making drunk the wicked and the foolish alike

In their drunken stupor they shall yield

To the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life

All magnified in powerful illusions

The Hatred of Babylon’s Whore

How you hate My people; My obedient children, My armies

How you slay the prophets and slander the true children

O beautiful seductress, as queen and harlot of Babylon

You who rides upon the beast

My power is great, my kingdoms are many

They will bow to me and do all that I ask

Because I give them all of the desires

I will send forth my armies to conquer

To conquer those who oppose me

Who trust in the one they call Jehovah and Yhwh
Great tribulations and fiery trials

Sift them as wheat; shake the very foundation

Of the Rock upon which they stand

And crush them when they fall

Tread them as serpents and scorpions

Until they cry out in great pain and sorrow

I shall drink of their blood

My cup shall never run dry

How confident you are, o beautiful seductress

Harlot of Babylon, intoxicating charmer

Where you sit upon the beast as queen

The fires and the waters

The sifting and the shaking

The trials and tribulation that you pour out

O beautiful seductress, queen and harlot of Babylon

Shall return upon your own head

And upon the heads of the wicked and disobedient

Who follow after you, obeying your every command

And great shall be your fall

Great the destruction of your kingdoms

The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard

And shall be removed like a cottage

And the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it

And it shall fall, and not rise again [Isa 24:10]

The suburbs shall shake at the sound of the cry of thy pilots [Ez 27:28]

Your kingdoms shall fall along with you, o beautiful harlot of Babylon

The earth shall tremble and quake

The foundations of the mountains shall shake

I have arisen with righteous anger and justice

Consuming fire shall go forth out of My mouth

Blazing coals shall come out of it

Dark clouds shall be under My feet

Clouds shall advance with hailstones and bolts of lightening

The dark rain clouds of the sky shall be My canopy

My voice shall thunder from heaven

The valleys of the seas shall be exposed

And the foundations of the earth shall be laid bare

At My rebuke and a blast of breath from My nostrils [Ps 18:7-15]

My watchmen sounded the alarms

To alert and warn of

Yet another battle

The one that shall win the war

You forget, o beautiful seductress

Queen and harlot of Babylon

That I AM the Elohim of the battle

The victory for My people has been won

Bought and paid for by the blood of My Son

For willingly He laid down His life

For the redemption of mankind

For the forgiveness of sins

For the reconciliation

Between Creator and creation

My blessed children; loyal and true

The Bride is prepared and awaits

Groaning within for the union with her love

For My Son who is the Bridegroom

For surely the Body of Christ 

Shall be united to the Head who is My Christ

I AM the Yhwh Elohim of Israel

The Yhwh of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

I AM the same yesterday, today and forever

All that was meant for evil against My obedient and trusting children

Shall be turned for their good

Though your lies, o Babylon harlot, have power to deceive My elect

It is not possible, for when My elect walk with Me

Crying out in their hearts

Trusting Me for truth

I guide their steps away from you

Going ahead before them

Guarding their rear and their backs

For light shines upon their path

In the great darkness

And though they walk through the valley

Of the shadow of death

Fear shall not come nigh them

For I will lay them down in green pastures

And lead them beside still waters

My rod and My staff shall comfort them [Ps 23]

for His glory

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