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Battle above 18 - Say not a Conspiracy at the Edge of a Dangerous Precipice

April 23, 2013 - [o4.23.2o13]

Battle above the Clouds - 

Say Not a Conspiracy at the Edge of a Dangerous Precipice
I started this post yesterday, but will continue it later today (likely later this evening, as it takes time to compile does prayer.)  I also have some personal business matters to take care of, but I do hope that readers will return later tonight to see the next post.  Support (prayer) is always appreciated.

There are some who have wondered if I think the Tsarnaev brothers (suspects in the Boston bombing) were innocent because of something I had said in the second mention of the marathon event (Let Us Hold Fast article).

I had said that I did not believe that Tamerlan Tsarnaev or his brother Dzokhar (Jokhar) were behind the bombings in Boston anymore than I think Adam Lanza was behind the shootings in Sandy Hook.

Elaboration was not presented.  What I am saying is that I believe the two brothers were used in a setup, a 'false flag terrorism' or however you want to label it.  No, I am not an extremist or a fearmonger, but I seek truth as surely as the next person and the only place I know to go for that is to the Lord.  

He will lead any of His people who seek truth. It is not possible for one person to find out all the details on something by themselves (that's why there are 'teams', 'armies' 'one Body' etc).  The Lord leads us, but He does not necessarily give all details and I think there is good reason for that.

If one person had all the answers, there is a real danger of pride and our Creator is a good Father.  He purposely designed life so that we would work together as one, but we were all to look to Him first.  

In the Garden, wrong choices were made and the rest is history.  We have a very real enemy, but God is greater.  However, what we know we know, what we learn, we learn, but we must be willing to stand for truth no matter what the majority are saying.  

We all make mistakes along the way, as part of learning, but once we learn a truth, we must stand by it.  Mockers, naysayers, persecutors will be it, but it is all preparation for standing for Christ Jesus when all the world will be telling us to deny Him, or it will cost our life. 

The Lord will strengthen us all, but we must first trust Him to do so in the ways that He chooses to do it because the days are fast approaching where it will be dangerous to stand for Christ.  

Are we willing?  Then we best get started now, by standing for truth in all things.  I tell you, it is not found on the broad road!

Before I leave to do what I must take care of, I will leave you with these photos, to show you that I am looking at things realistically and not pulling favoritism.  These photos came out late last night, but I was too tired to put them here.

The photos are pictures that were taken by someone who witnessed the shootout between police, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his brother, Dzhokhar.

Two brothers take cover behind SUV
Still taking cover behind SUV
Police fire at men
Shootout entails
Shootout carries on

Tamerlan Tsarnaev
Dzhorkhar Tsarnaev leaves scene
You are likely wondering how I could say what I say after presenting these photos of an eyewitness.  Yes, that is a logical question, well understood.  I intend to share with you what I have been led to.  Keep in mind that I am not putting this out there to join ranks with conspiracy theorists for the sake of writing about the latest news event.

The Lord is directing our attention (all of us) to a larger picture.  He has been warning for years.  Please take this to prayer.  As soon as I complete the next article, I will post it, but again, it will take time to compile prayerfully...I'm sure that is understood.

Say you not, A confederacy (conspiracy), to all them to whom this people shall say, A confederacy (conspiracy); neither fear you their fear, nor be afraid. 
Sanctify the LORD of hosts himself; and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread.  [Is 8:12, 13]

The Hebrew word for confederacy is קֶ֔שֶׁר - qeshar or kehshar = an (unlawful) alliance, conspiracy, treason.

for His glory alone


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  1. Sister Bonita,

    I agree with you. I wouldn't say those two young men are innocent any more than any other person. We were all born in sin and shapen in iniquity. However, they did not do all that they are being accused of doing. Like 9/11, the public is being sold the story that the government wants in order to further their own agendas. I cannot even bear to watch the news on these reports because there is barely a grain of truth in what is being reported.

    Did you see the video below? The Boston Commissioner actually calls these two young men "actors" in this news clip. That pretty much sums it up.


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