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Battle above the Clouds.P17 - Edge of a Dangerous Precipice Indeed

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Battle above the Clouds - P17 

(Some pictures further down in this article are very graphic and may offend some.)
Edge of a Dangerous Precipice Indeed

In the Battle – Edge of a Dangerous Precipice, (posted the day after the Boston Marathon bombings, Tuesday), I reported some of the news surrounding the unexpected bombings at Boston’s annual race. 

I had not intended to write more upon it, but that changed after prayer.  There is much information circulating now, just as it does after every cataclysmic event, but there are a few things I would like to share.   

At the time I began this writing, there was not a wealth of information on the things that I will share, but it is out there.  Guaranteed, it won’t take long to become viral.  I present the following information to my readers for your discernment and consideration.   

I was led to all of this to the glory of the Lord alone who led me to these things and began connecting them after a time of prayer early this morning.   

This series, (Battle above the Clouds) focuses on the subject of deception and corruption, with diverse topics that I am been led to write about. At the end of the series, I will encapsulate all the material.   

The Lord is amazing in all He does.  He began speaking to His people back in January about A Time of Great Revealing.  He is marvelous in His ways. The Lord is faithful to His word.  At the time of His choosing, He does reveal things (as He promised.

The internet is once again busy, with hundreds of sites (including mine) buzzing over the Boston tragedy, just as does after every catastrophe, whether natural (as in China’s recent earthquake or the flood in Huntsville, Ontario) or whether man-made (Boston Marathon bombing.

But as I stated in my previous post earlier today, He is telling us all that this event is not the last.  The Holy Spirit kept bringing certain words to my remembrance ─ "suddenlies", "unexpected", "domino effect", "trust", "obedience". 

The King we serve is a good King.  He knows we need reminders; refreshing, but He also is wise to know that we are a stubborn people, who need to be warned when we are out of His will because He desires only the best from us.

We Must Overcome 

I came to understand why certain words were being placed before my spiritual eyes frequently.  Again, He reminded me of something He had led me to write in 2008 called We Overcome. Below is an excerpt, but the link is provided if any are led to read in full.

“We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony...

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto death. [Rev 12:11]


Things that are coming will be as unexpected and as sudden, as a
lost wallet that disappears immediately after a purchase. No amount
of searching will restore it, bring understanding or closure. Many people
will blame themselves. Most will blame others, but the multitudes will
blame God.

People will be suspicious of each other and accusations will arise
beyond measure. Countless will feel helpless and without hope.
Things will begin slowly and build momentum, like a domino effect. 

Life will be frightening to people and they will not know where to turn.
Hard lessons will be learned. Some will cry out to God and repent
in spirit and in truth.

(End excerpt)

The earth is full of woes and multitudes are suffering.  I urge people (as I always have) to cling to the Lord and follow His leading.  With so many writing about the latest event in Boston that was headline news in major newspapers throughout the world; my input on current events will cover only what the Lord would have me write about. 

The precious Spirit of the Lord will flow through all that is yielded to Him and He will not be bound or restricted in the way that He so chooses to move.  None can manipulate Him nor can any set a rule upon Him, for there is none greater than He to command or limit Him.  Bless His holy name!

Boston 2013

Initially, in the first part of Battle – Edge of Dangerous Precipice, I wrote about the ‘spotters’ and ‘sniffers’ (bomb squad, bomb dogs respectively) witnessed and mentioned to reporters by Ali Stevenson, a coach who also ran the marathon.   

I also alerted about the first person that was considered suspect and who the FBI had under guard, but later released, stating that he was ‘not a person of interest’

I brought the Saudi national to the attention of readers, as he was so quickly swept under the rug, and the focus was placed on two young Russian men, one of which (the eldest, who was killed) followed Islam faithfully.  

The reason I use the word ‘alerted’ was because in original reports the media stated that officials had no idea who was behind the bombing.  I found it peculiar that the FBI, ATF and police were suddenly and immediately targeting a man that appeared to be Muslim or of Mid-Eastern origin, who was injured (burns) at the site of the bombing and was in a (undisclosed) Boston hospital.   
Apparently, someone at the race thought he looked suspicious, tackled him and informed police.  His name is Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, 22, who studied at the New England School of English.   

Armed with a warrant, FBI agents thoroughly searched his apartment and found nothing.  I mentioned Ed Davis, the Police Commissioner who did not deny the mention of officials carrying out a drill at the same time as the Boston Marathon race, but mentioned that no specific intelligence was received prior to the race (video)  

Question of reporter: 
"… (website mentioned, unclear)…“they said that they were doing drills this morning for the exact same thing that happened (inaudible) Was you guys given any warning ahead of time of this taking place?”  

It turns out that the reporter is Dan Bidondi, who works for  That was the website that he named, but I was unable to hear it due to the background noise of other reporters.  Further research revealed the information.   

“Today is Patriots Day, a day that reflects the freedom Boston has celebrated throughout its history. Boston is a tough and resilient town and so are its people.” — President Obama, April 15, 2013  

Do take note that also on the first day (15th) at a press conference when Obama gave a statement, the word ‘terrorist’ was not initially uttered by the President, despite the bombings.  On the second day and at another press conference, the President called the bombings ‘an act of terrorism’.

The President’s wording changed dramatically from the first day to the second.  Suddenly, key words were being introduced into statements, speeches and news reports.   

With the North Korean threats of war, two words were constantly being spoken, which I mentioned so that readers could pay attention to the repetition.  The words repeatedly harnessed to North Korea’s threats were “bellicose” and “rhetoric”.   

Now, the key words circulating with thundering authority are ‘terrorist, ‘terrorist attack’, ‘sleeper cell’Muslim’, ‘Islamic’ and ‘domestic terror cell’ and ‘radicalized’ (particularly the latter word, which was first spoken by the uncle of the captured suspect, Dzohokar Tsarnaev). 

Although authorities are adamantly stating that they know of no connection between ‘Al-Qaeda and Tsarnaev, that one particular word is clearly being repeated in reports, which keeps it forefront in people’s minds.   

Put all the words together; keep repeating them throughout the media (newspapers, television and internet) and people become afraid…terrorism in the homeland ─ again (9/11). 

Speaking of 9/11, the timing of the first explosion is thought-provoking. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia
"The Boston Marathon is run on Patriots' Day every year, so the holiday is referred to as "Marathon Monday" by many Bostonians. On April 15, 2013, at approximately 2:50 PM EDT (18:50 UTC), 04:09:43 since the start of the 117th running of the race, two bombs were detonated near the finish line, killing 3 and injuring over 180 people."

The start was 04:09:43.  Some may think this is a stretch, but it is no more a stretch than the first suspect, wait, that was corrected to 'witness', living in Revere.  

For the time, the 9 is in the middle with a 4 on either side, then a 3.  Go around the 9 which is 'centered', add 4+4+3=11  (9 11). Satan is into numbers because he is a counterfeiter, thief, liar, deceiver and murderer, who came to steal, kill and destroy. 

It is no coincidence that the media, authorities and government representatives all parrot each other. Again, the American people are being inundated with words such as ‘terrorists’, ‘al-Qaeda’, ‘safe’ and ‘safety’ (re: Obama’s speeches), repeating words and messages as a way of brainwashing, programming or conditioning. 
Al-Harbi (L) and Azzam-bin Abdel Karim (Saudi diplomat)
The purpose is to make people fear terrorists and that the government will provide 'safety'; keep its citizens 'safe'.  Those who know the agenda behind it all see the foreboding plot for control and power.

Mohummad Hassan Bada

Along with Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, another man, Mohammud Hassan Bada 20, was also heavily questioned because he is the roommate of Al-Harbi.

What I did not know at the time that I wrote about the Saudi national having been questioned [by the FBI] was the fact that he lived (along with Bada) at 364 Ocean Avenue (Ocean Shore Tower apartments).  I did state in the post Tuesday, April 16, that Satan is into numbers.   
1313 Grand Street - Ryan Lanza apartment
The address can be added up thusly: 3+6+4=13.  That observation immediately reminded me of the address of Ryan (Sandy Hook shooting) Lanza’s apartment being at 1313 Grand Street in Hoboken, Connecticut.   

Not only does the number thirteen stand for rebellion, but it all also happens to be one of the favorite numbers of the occult.  The Lord spoke of rebellion only six (6-number of man) days (April 9) before the Boston bombings (April 15).   

Below is one paragraph from the posted message the Lord gave me: 

“Thirteen is the number for rebellion and indeed, rebellion is evident on every level throughout the world, in all nations, amongst all people from peasant to those who rule in power and authority.”    (see Gen 17:15 for first rebellion)   

The information for the address of the Saudi national and his roommate is credited to a post by Jim Holt at The Gateway Pundit.   Of course, Americans understand that Patriot Day is a celebration of the rebellion against the invading British troops.   

Paul Revere had been sent to warn the Massachusetts government, which caused the residents to begin moving all the supplies (military) and hiding them.   

However, the government (Secretary of State William Legge) ordered the army (General Gage) to disarm the rebels who had weapons (sound familiar?) and to put the leaders in prison.  

 Gage issued orders to Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith to proceed from Boston "with utmost expedition and secrecy to Concord, where you will seize and destroy... all Military stores.... But you will take care that the soldiers do not plunder the inhabitants or hurt private property."   

In a nutshell, Revere rode at midnight (secretly) and warned the colonial militias (“The Regulars are out”), as well as all the patriots along his route about the coming British.   
People were killed in the uprising (rebellion).  It is an interesting story and can be read at Wikipedia by clicking on the name Gage above.  Only hours before the bombing at the Marathon, a re-enactment of the rebellion took place.  In the short video, a speaker declares.

"Here, in this very place, the first forcible resistance to the British crown occurred.  Here, on a bloody spring dawn was born the idea of revolution and freedom. Again, we have the privilege of reliving that history that was such a significant part of our heritage."

"War waged before they knew whether it would fertilize the land of freedom or the land of their bondage, these were therefore, the first veterans to die for our country.  There would be many, many more to follow."
I mentioned the short history of Revere because of the fact that the story is why Boston celebrates Patriot Day the third Monday every April and how Paul Revere is considered the hero of the story.   

Yet, another reason I mentioned Revere is because of the most intriguing fact that Ali Al-Harbi and Bada’s residence is in Revere, Massachusetts.    

The facts that the bombings happened on the celebration holiday, which is called Patriot Day, the first suspects living in Revere, as well as the numbers in the address adding up to thirteen seemed beyond coincidental (Patriot Day, Revere, 13).  It was mentioned in the first article on Tuesday that Satan is also into numbers. 

Al-Harbi also is also related to a clan that is deeply entrenched in the international terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.  According to the website of Walid Shoebat, at least 11 of Ali Harbi’s relatives are in Al-Qaeda.   

Shoebat writes: “After the bombings, a Saudi by the name of Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi was hospitalized and became a ‘suspect’, then a ‘person of interest’. 

His apartment was searched by federal and local authorities. No confirmation has been given so far to his involvement. The Media were quick to claim his innocence, of course. 

This brings us to the Boston marathon bombings. Foreign Policy is reporting that he’s ‘no longer a person of interest’, which means he’s “innocent”, right? 

Perhaps a quick look at the Arabic sources should raise the eyebrows of every American relative to the extent of the problem at hand. Many from Al-Harbi’s clan are steeped in terrorism and are members of Al-Qaeda. 

Out of a list of 85 terrorists listed by the Saudi government shows several of Al-Harbi clan to have been active fighters in Al-Qaeda:

#15 Badr Saud Uwaid Al-Awufi Al-Harbi
#73 Muhammad Atiq Uwaid Al-Awufi Al-Harbi
#26 Khalid Salim Uwaid Al-Lahibi Al-Harbi
#29 Raed Abdullah Salem Al-Thahiri Al-Harbi
#43 Abdullah Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al-Harbi (leader)
#60 Fayez Ghuneim Humeid Al-Hijri Al-Harbi

Then you have Al-Harbi clan members in Gitmo:

Salim Salman Awadallah Al-Sai’di Al-Harbi
Majid Abdullah Hussein Al-Harbi
Muhammad Abdullah Saqr Al-Alawi Al-Harbi
Ghanem Abdul Rahman Ghanem Al-Harbi
Muhammad Atiq Uwaid Al-Awfi Al-Harbi


(End excerpt)
 Picture on the Saudi Arabian website - coincidence?  Remember the picture. 
I found Shoebat’s statement that the King of Saudi Arabia sent a hundred thousand of his students to the United States quite interesting! 


Keep in mind the United State’s interest in Syria.  In fact, just today ABC News reported that the United States (President Obama) pledges to ‘double’ aid to Syrian rebels; however, the rebels want more.  On the Workers World site (who claim to be “anti-Imperialist, Marxist 
 perspective”) wrote:

“U.S. “support” of movements opposed to Arab governments is selective. The government of Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen killed 100 people last week. It was a massacre, but no U.S. administration official called Saleh “a monster murdering his own people.” 

There was no move in the United Nations for a no-fly zone. In fact, U.S. drones regularly bomb Yemen, a U.S. client regime located on strategic waterways. Instead, in his U.N. speech on Sept. 21 Obama made the mildest of comments and called for “seeking a path that allows for a peaceful transition” in Yemen.

The White House, Congress and the Pentagon are going after the few Arab governments with some independence from imperialism: Libya, and now Syria.”

On Wednesday, April 17, President Obama met with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal at the White House for a non-scheduled meeting to discuss the conflict in Syria.

"The president and Prince Saud al-Faisal reaffirmed the strong partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia and discussed developments in the region, including the conflict in Syria," Hayden said in a statement.”

Before the meeting, an interesting change occurred.  A report in from Riyadh states that “Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has removed veteran Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khaled bin Sultan from his post, state media reported on Saturday, the latest move in a reshuffle among princes holding government jobs in the US-allied kingdom.”   
Source - Reuters

The United States interest in Syria is peaked to the point where a pledge of double aid to Syrian rebels has been confirmed.  Then, President Obama holds an unscheduled meeting with Prince Saud al-Faisal (Foreign Defense Minister) after Prince Khaled bin Sultan (Deputy Defense Minister) was removed from his position, due to reshuffling.  The talk between the two men focused on Syria.

The day after the meeting of the President and the Prince, news was released by Steve Emerson, a senior official at Hannity (TV show at Fox News network), reported that the first suspect that was questioned, whose apartment was thoroughly searched, was being deported on Tuesday on ‘national security grounds’.

Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi is related to numerous Al-Qaeda terrorists, as noted by Walid Shoebat and has friends in ‘high places’.  What part of the puzzle is not fitting together?  
Al-Harbi and father (inset)
Al-Harbi (L) and unidentified man
Al-Harbi, age 22
The FBI publicly announced that Al-Harbi was “not a person of interest”, yet he is being deported on “national security grounds”.  I found this interesting video on Youtube with Steve Emerson of Hannity (Fox TV) that backs up the reports I have written about here.

Okaz, a Saudi Arabia site wrote an article, which has been translated below:

“Ambassador to the royal crown, Adel ben Ahmad Al-Jubeir, had several phone calls with the paper as well as with the Royal family. He stated that very high-ranking, U.S. government officials stated that there is no suspicion of any Saudi nationals relative to the Boston marathon explosions.

The Saudi Consul General in New York, Abdel Karim Alqin assured Okaz that all Saudis have been cleared and two Saudis were injured, including Alharbi and a Saudi female doctor named Nura Khalid Saleh al-Ajaji.

Prince Saud al-Faisal, Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah from the Foreign Ministry, and Prince Khaled bin Saud were involved in the entire affair.
Three other Saudis were cleared from the forbidden area, two of which were put in a hotel at the expense of the Saudi consulate.

Alqin disclosed that he cleared three Saudis from the forbidden area and housed two of them in a hotel; the third stayed with a friend. He also met with a group of Saudi students, telling them to carry on with their lives and that Saudi ambassadors would handle everything. These students were also told not to cooperate with any media entities and to lay low.”

Reports are saying that John Kerry met with the Saudis, but the meeting was closed to the press.  After all of the above transpired (except for the news of the Saudi national being deported), the manhunt began for the two Russian immigrants, Tamalan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev, who were named the suspects in the bombings. 

The Storyline   

(*viewer sensitive warning - graphic pictures below)

Apparently, the Tsanaev brothers robbed a 7-11 store (no video footage shown).  Every convenience store has cameras; many people have been arrested due to the damning evidence of the videos at crime scenes.   

There is also no footage of the bombs being tossed out of the windows, or the gunfire exchange between the Tsarnaev brothers and police (cams on dash in police vehicles), but there was footage released of Tamerlan's .   

Then, apparently the two men spot the MIT officer, Sean Collier sitting in his car and for no apparent reason, they approach him and shoot him several times in the head and take off.   

The officer was not in pursuit of them, nor had he pulled them over for questioning; he was simply sitting in his vehicle.  Sandy Hook, there is no mention of the type of guns used by the Tsarnaev brothers.  When their vehicle is shown abandoned, again there is no mention of weapons or bombs being found. 

The men then decide to ditch their car and hijack another car.  They did no harm to the person who owned the vehicle they stole from; they simply drop the person off.  No interviews were held of the person, who remains nameless.  

The police locate the suspects in Watertown and a gun battle takes place. The older brother apparently throws a bomb at police and advances towards them.   

The police fire back and reports state that Tamerlan (suspect number one) died from several gunshot wounds, as well as from shrapnel that came from the explosion, when the ‘police’ threw hand grenade.  (I thought Tamerlan threw a bomb at the police and approached them?)

(Was it actually hand grenades that were being thrown (so any witnesses could report explosions), or were they bombs?  If they were bombs, where are the pictures of the fragments?  

The pictures of the ‘pressure cooker bomb’ certainly went viral.  Why is the backpack not blown to smithereens?  Legs and limbs are blown off, people killed, but the bomb backpack stays fairly intact.  

The younger brother apparently backs up, (unknowingly) running over the body of his dead brother and takes off in the stolen vehicle, abandoning it 20 blocks later.   

Would he not have seen his dead brother, which made him run for his life, or are we to believe he was going to abandon his brother?  No weapons were reportedly found in the abandoned vehicle or on Dzokhar when he was found in the boat. 

The pictures of the above young man were taken off a video that I found, but it could not be found again when I went to link it here.  The first picture is the one that was released to the media.  However, this young man was being held to the ground for his safety.

This is apparently at the scene where Tamelan was shot and killed.  Dzokhar had taken off in the car.  Look at the man's right hand and position of feet.  The video was only a few minutes in duration.  The boy did not move, twitch or blink.  He must have been frightened.

Notice the police just standing around looking at him.  Others (in video) walked casually away.  One suspect (the eldest brother was dead) and the other fled, so why was this man being made to stay on the ground?  If I can find the video, I will post it.  
This is the scene of Tamelan Tsanaenv's death; Dzokhar took off in the car.  Why was this man then not allowed up from the ground?  Why are the police just standing around, as if wondering what to do?  Are they waiting for an ambulance?

This is not a bullet-riddled car
Statements were made that the car was riddled with bullets and that it was likely the younger Tsarnaev was wounded and bleeding, unable to escape too far.  Boston had been locked down (martial law) when the manhunt was on.   

Concerned citizens, having been released from lockdown, came in droves to congratulate and thank police.  It is understandable that people were relieved to see it all end.   

Being forced to stay in your homes, a heavy military presence and the news media promoting fear by talking about terrorists, guns and bombs over the course of days, it is no wonder the people cheered when the drama ended.   

Yet, somehow when I heard about it and saw the huge crowd cheering, all I could think of was the old-fashioned lynching mob.  Video (2:30 min) detailing above report   

A Look Back in Time  

Since the two young men were Russian (from war-torn Chechnya), something came to my remembrance.  The eldest lad became a legal citizen on September 11, 2012 (Was his citizenship date significant?)   

Back in March of 2012, President Obama and Putin exchanged words that were unknowingly caught on open mic.  The reports stated that Obama suggested to Putin that he wait until after the November elections, “after which Mr. Obama could make concessions on America’s national defense.”  To refresh the memory and read the full report by Mike Gonzalez, click here

Yesterday, Global Research posted an article by Russia Today.  The article (which includes a video) shares the testimony of the mother of the Tsanaev brother’s, who confirmed that the FBI had her son “under FBI surveillance for several years”.  It ends with a statement from Aleksey Filatov, with Russian ‘Alpha’ Special Forces.

Russian ‘Alpha’ Special Forces team-veteran and vice-president of its International Association, Aleksey Filatov, believes there is more to the case than meets the eye. 

He emphasizes, firstly, that the origin and religious beliefs of the suspect, along with the specifics of the bombing, have all been carefully pre-meditated and planned by someone within the United States in order to distract the public from the true identity and long-term aims of the actual planners.

Putting a young Chechen in those shoes was top-notch professionalism in distracting everyone from the true identity and motives of the planner,” he told RT.

The executors were chosen to confuse the American public and simultaneously untie the White House’s hands in a way that would justify a departure from the rhetoric of non-involvement in military action on foreign territories.”

The Russian Islamic militants were quick to deny any involvement in the Boston Marathon bombings, the Telegraph UK reported.

“"The command of Dagestan sector points out that the Caucasian mujahideen are not fighting against the United States," it said. "We are fighting only against Russia, which is responsible not only for the occupation of the Caucasus, but for monstrous crimes against Muslims."

The statement claimed the coalition was under orders from its leader, the Chechen field commander Doku Umarov, not to strike civilian targets.”

The Pakistani Taliban also adamantly denied responsibility for the attack at the marathon, but they were not as subtle in their position as the Russian Islamic militants were.  A statement was reported on The Long War Journey website.

“"We believe in attacking US and its allies but we are not involved in this attack," Ihsanullah Ihsan, the top spokesman for the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, told AFP

"We have no connection to this bombing but we will continue to target them wherever possible."  The Movement of the Taliban had been quick to claim credit for the failed Times Square bombing on May 1, 2010.”

Attempted Suicide

The NY Daily News reported that investigators are “speculating that a bullet wound to the back of the neck may have been self-inflicted.  The wound may have been caused by a gun that was fired through the mouth, the sources said.”

Yet again, this information does not add up.  When a helicopter with an FLIR (Forward-looking Infrared) device was used to locate the heat signature of the suspect, the authorities could clearly see that someone was hiding in the boat.

In the above pictures, it looks like Dzokhar is laying down.  It then appears as if he sits up momentarily, then lies back down, very still.  He could hear the helicopter.

It is easy to see that his feet change position slightly in the last picture.  They are further apart and more on his toes. He is trying to be very still.
Three shots (flash blast grenades),were fired into the boat, but no shots were fired back. Video reveals that a police vehicle, armed with a robot, sliced opened the tarp covering the boat.   

First shot fired into boat window

Whether someone released a picture they should not have released, or whether it was an oversight, it is difficult to say.  However, a picture was released of Dzokhar Tsanaev that was supposed to be of him climbing into the boat, caught by a surveillance camera. 

Notice that the CBS News reports that Dzokhar is climbing into the boat, but it is evident that he is climbing out because the tarp is ripped and torn.  There is no blood on him, no weapons and no backpack.  He is strong enough to climb out.

In ambulance, critical condition
This is the damaged boat.  Again, I say, he was not critical.
It was reported that he was found wounded, shot in the neck and the leg.  He was then carried out of the boat, where first aid was administered to him.  

That is not true.  A careful study of the above picture clearly reveals that the picture is taken as Tsanaev is climbing out of the boat, as the tarp is obviously damaged from when it was cut.  No blood is seen on his face and no weapons are in his hands.  The next picture released, he is handcuffed with a bloody face and unconscious. 

 De Facto State of Martial Law

Some people might suggest that the above title is inaccurate.  I will let the following pictures speak for themselves.  This is what is coming to America...the United States of America.  In 'fact', it is already here.  Keep in mind that this was all for two men, but continued on when it was one 19 year old man.  Was he considered Rambo?

 Something else I would like to draw your attention too.  The FBI and other authorities released a picture of the bomb backpack, which was black.  Tamelan Tsanaenv's backpack was gray; his brothers was gray and white.
Brother's backpack looks fuller, but it is white and light gray, not black
Notice gray backpack and how flat it looks, no pressure cooker in there
This is the backpack that FBI stated contained bomb. It does not resemble either of the backpacks of the two suspects.

There is more than can be said, but I will leave you with one last picture and a link.  The pictures I came across of the men with hats with the Craft International logo (also Blackwater).

For any who may have forgotten or did not know, Craft International, a mercenary training company was founded by Chris Kyle and co-founded by his best friend, Chad Littlefield.  

Chris was considered the top American sniper of all time.  Both of them were murdered on a shooting range on a Saturday, February 6, 2013, which was 11 weeks and 2 days before the Boston bombing.  11+2=13 

 Some people have connected the dots already, as far as private contractors being at the event.  

Some others have done a fine job of researching in their own direction.  I will share a couple of links with you, then you will understand why I mentioned Chris Kyle.  As with anything I or anyone else writes or says, take it to the King of kings and Lord of lords.  He speaks to His people.

This has taken me some time to do, but truly I hope you are seeing what the Lord wants you to see.  Not everything is as it appears to be. 

Can you imagine how Jerusalem felt when they saw prophecy happening right before their eyes, knowing full well, they could do nothing?

How about the people of Sodom and Gomorrah?  It is one thing to believe; it's another to have faith.  It's one thing to know, it's another thing to do.  It's one thing to trust, it's another to obey.  

The Lord warned us back a few years ago and again recently that there were enemies in the camp.  He spoke of a ‘brotherhood’ that would come to America (I will try to find the exact prophecy in the archives, but it would take awhile.  There are over 300 articles on here.

Whether the Lord spoke of the Muslim Brotherhood or Freemasons, I am unsure.  However, we all know that many enemies are in the United States.  Even as far back as sixty or more years ago, when Nazi scientists were brought over after WWII.  

Many nations that are not allies of the United States have their people living in America.  We must keep consistent in prayer, fully aware of what the Bible has forewarned us of.  

Let us truly be watchful, cautious and prudent, trusting the Lord and obeying His lead in all things.

Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, That you be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.  [2Thes 2:2]

And shall not God avenge His own elect, which cry day and night unto Him, though He bear long with them? I tell you that He will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man comes, shall He find faith on the earth?  [Lk 18:7, 8]

Wherefore He says, Awake you that sleeps, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light. See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evilWherefore be you not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.  [Eph 5:14-17]

For His glory alone


Addendum -  Dzokhar Tsranaenv has awakened and is answering questions by writing them down.  Since he was shot in the throat, he cannot speak.  Brigette Gabriel, who is known as anti-Islamic, and who calls Fox News ‘Fear Inc’, has gone public stating that the two Tsranaenv brothers were part of a Jihad movement, part of a cell.  Her unverified information seems to be based on statements from chatters at an Islamic site.

An unidentified man fired shots at a security office at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant near Spring City at the north end of Chickamauga Lake, in Tennessee.  TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) is not releasing details, as an investigation is carried out.  The plant is under ‘a heightened state of security’. 

The NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Committee) has notified state and federal agencies.  The incident response center in Region II office (Atlanta) has been staff and events are being monitored.  Source – Oakridge Today

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