Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why the Long Wait?

Waiting is never easy and patience can be tried. Yes, and this is going to be one tough article and confession to put 'out there', but I am so led to. What I realize is that I am not the only one on this globe that God is dealing with about sin. "Did she just write the "S" word?"  Yes, I just wrote the 'sin' word.  

There are those of you who have wondered where I have disappeared to and why I have not posted anything for a couple of months, nor have I had a program on BTR (BlogTalkRadio).  

It is well understood that if someone does not keep up with articles in this day and age of 'instant information' and 'fast technology' that people can quickly lose interest and move on. 
In days before technology, if a writer hit a silent or quiet period, people would wait (if they liked the works of the writer) to see what they would say when they finally did return 'on the scene'. Our patience is not as it once was.

In the writing, I have to tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may.  If exposing my sin will help another (or others), then may praise and glory be to God alone! If by chastising me and I share what He is saying and/or doing with me serves as chastisement for another, then we should each praise God first for chastening (it proves we are His) and second for the reality that His ways are NOT our ways, nor His thoughts our thoughts.
And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. [Mat 24:37; Lk 17:26]

We are at such a crucial time in the Creator's calendar, complete with prophecies being fulfilled and signs before our very eyes that we are either going to be real or be deceived. 

We cannot have it both ways. If our forerunners, beginning with Adam and Eve and right on up into the New Testament with the apostles were to be examples, then what makes us any different?  

Three days ago I began writing this message, but it has probably a couple of months that it really began coming together as far as understanding goes, meaning that my heart was pricked just shy of two months ago.  Slowly but methodically, the Lord began to bring understanding to what He has been weaving together all my life.

The message is for all of us who want to be part of the Bride; part of the remnant or elect - call it what you will, but simply put, to those who truly desire to spend eternity with the Lord.  It comes down to choices yes, but will we fool ourselves, or be fooled by seducing or other wicked spirits?

The message will be posted as soon as I have put down all the Lord is leading me to say - it was a hard one for me.  We surely CAN fool ourselves.

It is about eternity - enduring to the end...will we who believe we are solid with the Lord actually make it?

Hopefully the post will be up by tomorrow (the 18th of September).  If you're serious about your walk, which I am sure many are, you will want to read this, even if it's just to gauge your walk.  Do not let my words persuade you to read it though.  Allow the LORD alone and not man (or woman) to lead you.


I tell you that He will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man comes, shall he find faith on the earth?  [Lk 18:7, 8]

An ominous rather than an encouraging question is it not? Are we real or hypocrites; are we obedient or disobedient?  The coming article will make you take a very hard look at yourself as surely as it did me.


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