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Warnings Sounding - Trumpets

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God is Sovereign and it is HIS website.

March 11, 2009

Warnings Sounding
- Trumpets

The Lord has told the watchmen to speak and speak they are. Recently, I moved. Initially, I thought that I was to move to the mountains because a place became available, but it was not the will of the Father at this time. Truly, we must be sensitive to His leading. To be honest, a strong part of me desired to go - I have always loved the mountains, having lived a large part of my life in British Columbia, in the Rocky Mountains.

Of course, I continued to ask the Father what His will was because no matter what, I want to be in His will. It is the only place of peace - the ONLY place to be is in HIS will. I pondered different ways that I could make this possible, but deep inside there was no peace about it.

It simply was not the time YET. However, the place in the mountains led to looking for a new home. It was unbelievable how many places were 'suddenly' available and how many landlords were 'suddenly' interested in renting to me. I knew the time to move was coming, but I did not know the time was right now.

(Satan will do all he can to take us in a direction away from where the LORD wants us.  That is why so many landlords suddenly were interested in renting, and why suddenly so many places were available.)

The door was closed by the Lord to move to the mountains at this time (2009), even though the owner of the house wanted to rent to me. I moved to another place: it is not in the mountains. I wondered why the Lord did not want me to go to the mountains because He knows my love for the mountains and He has told 'mountains' on several occasions. Now, I understand why.

It is not yet time, but it will soon be time... He has put urgency in my spirit. To many, it is like a child who is waiting for something they do not want to face. Impatience, frustration, even fear can creep in. Many are tired of the warnings, saying, 'I KNOW something's coming. I'm just not going to stress about it. Whatever will be will be.'

But they continue on with their lives, allowing distractions, allowing 'life' to go on, and do not spend time with the Lord. They say they pray, and they do but it's not a travailing prayer and a crying out.

Often, it is only for a short time. I am telling you [and yes, I am definitely speaking to myself too] that a long, travailing time alone, with absolutely no distractions [phones, cells, computers, television, shopping, games, reading, even people] is a most necessary instruction at this time. (anything can become a distraction, even work)

Satan will bring a distraction, a temptation turn our focus and take away our time with the Lord, which will feed our spirit man and strengthen us.  When we are distracted or tempted, all of our intentions to get alone with the Lord ends up being like the carrot before the donkey.

The carrot represents the time with the Lord (Christ Jesus/Y'shua is the Bread of LIFE).  Temptations, distractions will keep us striving for time with the Lord (carrot), but it is always just out of reach. We need the time with Him now more than ever with what is upon us.

The 'timing' of what is coming is strictly the Lord's, but if we do not spend this necessary time with Him, we will be caught off-guard and surprized just as the unbelievers. Who will listen? Who will spend time with the Father now and allow Him to speak to us, thru the power of the Holy Spirit because of Christ Jesus in us?

Short prayers, or constantly talking to the Father is a must but it simply is not enough. We have heard to 'wait' on the Lord, but our flesh comes up with a thousand reasons why we can NOT wait.

Our flesh will give us plenty of excuses and every single one will resound of truth and every single one can be validated or justified. If that isn't bad enough, we have an adversary who will bring distractions, even strong temptations into our path.

It will be something we are longing for, maybe even prayed about, but since it is temptation or distraction to keep us from time with the Lord, then obviously it is NOT from the Lord and surely the day will come when the deception of it will blow up in our face. We all truly have to find time to spend with Him without any distractions.

He is so faithful and He will truly and surely guide our steps. The Father knows everyone's schedules, but believe this; if you cancel things or set aside special time alone with Him, He who sees all will reward us and He will surely guide and direct us just as He promises. He will confirm all that He tells us through His word, through people, through countless ways and ways that will truly cause us to marvel and know that it is Him who speaks.

  For God speaks once, yea twice, but man perceives it not.  [Job 33:14]

And ye said, Behold, the LORD our God has shown us His glory and His greatness, and we have heard His voice out of the midst of the fire: we have seen this day that God does talk with man, and He lives
[Deut 5:24]

for His glory

A Chenoa

*note - this was written back in 2009, when I was still using a pseudonym when I wrote.

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for His glory


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