Saturday, October 26, 2013

Will You be Readier than Boston under Martial Law?

Will You be Readier than Boston under Martial Law?

BTRadio - Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 8:00 pm EST / 7:00 pm Central-MTN /
6:00 pm PST

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the program planned for Saturday was hindered. Apologies are offered for any inconvenience.  Join us now - Sunday, October 27 for the program about M.L. and preparedness.

Jason Pillow and 'Rod' (pseudonym) team up to discuss martial law, its implications and what your expections should be.

Are you ready?  If so, great - then, you won't mind listening as a type of 'check list', but if not, then what?  The Lord wants all of us prepared...mentally, spiritually AND physically.   He is faithful.

Jason is a former Satanist; Rod served in Afghanistan.  Both men are warriors (spiritual and physical realms).  Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend [Prov 27:17]

Jason and Rod team up to discuss:

-  the most likely scenarios to trigger Martial Law
-  what people should expect during M.L.

-  what to do within the first 72 hrs of martial law
-  how to prepare for M.L. and long-term plans
-  overall military strategies in how to protect yourself, loved ones, home, property 

Rod's exposure to and involvement in the military has resulted in a wealth of information, as well as hands-on experience.

The two men emphasize the necessity of  having plans  in place, as well as preparedness in the event of Martial Law (which is coming).  Rod will define and enhance the military and strategic aspects of individual preparation.

I understand that believers have a hard time dealing with the subject of war, especially on the topics of 'weapons', 'martial law', 'self-defense' etc.  Taking a realistic stand...

Please join us to hear about self-defense, strategies and much more.

for His glory,


  1. I just saw this on SQ's site this morning and is pertinent to the discussion:
    (Military police discuss fema gun confiscation plan)

    The Lord bless you and your work tonight!

  2. Kari, I just saw ur comment, as I have been working hard...also watched the video, which was recorded by a soldier at a meeting regarding (as you said) FEMA confiscating guns and martial law.

    Brief, but informative. Thank you sister...let's all take it to the Lord. I am seeking Him for understanding and wisdom (HIS...) because there is confusion about what we, as Christians, ought to do.

    I personally believe that we MUST trust the LORD in ALL things and get HIS direction for us, but I do bring on guests that have absolute survival ideologies and believe in being armed.

    I am unarmed, and must absolutely rely on the LORD...also, I have no military training or even self-defense training. The Lord knows that multitudes do not have training or have weapons, who are HIS people. We either trust Him or we do for me, I choose to lean on Him and trust that He WILL direct my steps....and the steps of ALL of us who depend on Him.

    Kari, thank you for the heads up. Be much blessed dear sister, under the shadow of His wing.


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