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June 22, 2013 - [o6.22.2o13]


As crazy as this may sound (and it will), I am glad I got sick.  (Told you it would sound crazy!)  The Lord never ceases to amaze me with His wisdom, the ways in which He teaches us and the ways that He strengthens us and increases our faith.

As a result of the problemm, followed by a heavy-duty flu (both of which I thought would surely be the end of my time on this earth), I discovered what may well have been the source of both of these maladies.  The agony that I was going through in each instance caused me to cry out to the Lord and hallelujah! - He answered me.

The sorrows of hell compassed me about; the snares of death prevented me; In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried to my God: and he did hear my voice out of his temple, and my cry did enter into his ears.  
[2 Sam 22:6, 7]

The Lord led me to begin a regime that would require dedication, patience and trust.  He also introduced me to supplements that I had never heard of.  It has only been two weeks and already I am noticing changes.  In this instant world, we want to see results overnight, but when you have had certain things build up in your body over a period of years, it takes time for them to be corrected.

Most certainly the Lord could have healed me with one command from his mouth, but the way He chose to heal me will be the most beneficial long-term.  What is even better is that it will help others also.  You could say that right now, I am being the guinea pig (willingly) of trying a few things, which I know will benefit others.

Is that not what it's all about?  Helping each other?  If you are scratching your head, wondering what I am talking about, rest assured, I will be speaking about it on one of the shows coming up this week (Lord willing).  I will say that I have been detoxifying, which has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride, yet each day, through it all, I am getting better...I still have a ways to go.  Stay tuned and I will keep you posted (pardon the expression)!

New Website

A sister in Christ has made a gracious offer - that being, to pay for a website for me, as she has seen the troubles I have been having with the blogger.  I am so grateful and quite excited about it.  This is part of what I have been doing in my silence. I hope to be transferring everything from this site to the new one, once it is established.  I will keep you informed.  How I praise the Lord!

Tune in tonight to the Time of Revealing talk show (6pm - 8pm EST), as I welcome my return guest, Jason Pillow (ex-satanist), 
who will be speaking about the black awakening, super 
soldiers and whatever else the Lord leads him to speak about.

Next Saturday, I will be welcoming guest Latshia Smith, from Prophetic Wind Ministries.  She will be talking about her trip to Africa, and how she faced
some of the fiercest demons one could imagine.  It is a compelling testimony of the power of the Sovereign God.

Behind the scenes, I am working diligently at bringing on other guests that 
will bless you, encourage you and warn you.  It is taking some time to get them to answer, perhaps they will not. 

That's what happens when you are a nameless, faceless vessel in God's kingdom.  Perhaps I should put on the Anonymous mask
...that may get some attention.  Smile!  

What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?  [Rom 8:31]

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