Monday, May 16, 2016

BC and Alberta Wildfires

BC and Alberta Wildfires

As most people have heard by now, Alberta continues to fight one of the worst infernos from a wildfire, with one of the largest wildfire evacuations in the history of Alberta, with 80,000 people plus fleeing. The unusually warm temperatures led to extremities in dry conditions, which helped the fire to spread.

There are 85 wildfires in British Columbia as of May 16, 2016 (a rarity for this time of year), with many of the fires breaking out by Prince George, but the Siphon Creek fire in the Peace region (northeastern BC) has apparently crossed the BC/Alberta border, but is not growing, according to BC’s Forest Ministry, BC Wildfire Service and Emergency Management BC.   Huffington Post Canada
A fire broke out in the small town of White Rock, BC, at a construction site. It spread to a condo/apartment complex with 60 units, leaving at least 100 people homeless. 
An early spring and unusually dry weather has contributed to the wildfires, with all but four being started by humans. Fifty-seven of the eighty-five BC fires are in the Peace region.  Seven of the fires in the region are causing concern to the point that five evacuation alerts have been issued, according to a report by BC’s Globe and Mail newspaper.

An evacuation order and a revised evacuation alert for the Beatton Airport Road area (north of Fort St. John) in the Peace River Regional District was issued late yesterday afternoon, May 15, 2016. The Evacuation Order put out by Emergency Info and the areas in effect can be seen by clicking on the Emergency Info link.

A revised evacuation alert for the Siphon Creek area (northeast of Fort St. John) has been updated.

Beatton Airport Road, 45 kilometers north of Fort St. John (northeastern BC) is only about 45% contained. A cold front with significant winds is a concern, as the results of the wind on the dry, unusually warm spring temperatures is unpredictable, according to BC Wildfire CA. Updated Report A NOTAM (Notice to Airmen [aircraft pilots]) is in effect.

Fort McMurray Inferno

BC has offered air tankers and equipment (which includes fire hoses and pumps) to Alberta to aid in the fight against the Fort McMurray inferno, but with BC fighting its own onslaught of wildfires, manpower is not available to assist Albertan firefighters at this time. For full story – Globe and Mail BC
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that help is coming in from other provinces to help fight the wildfire. For more photos of the complete destruction to anything in the path of the Ft. McMurray fire, go here.
Here is an update for Ft. McMurray, what is happening, financial help available, plans for re-entry and what to expect in weeks ahead.  Air- quality control, emergency services re-established, utility infrastructure, temporary housing and much more is being considered and implemented.  

As of May 16, 2016 at 1:45 pm, the Fort McMurray wildfire is still out of control, covering 284, 215 hectares.

As of 2:30 pm (MT), a fire was spotted heading north to Tower Road, going 30-40 metres/minutes. The fire is expected to strike Tower Road at approximately 3:45 pm.  Nearly 4,000 workers at numerous plants and camps off of AOSTRA Road have been alerted.

-         - Noralta
-         - Poplar Creek (Birch)
-         - Poplar Creek Lodge
-         - Blacksands
-         - Baseline
-         - Mackay River
-         - Brion Dover
-         - Brion Ops Corp Camp
-         - Brion Construction Camp B
-         - STP Mackay Lodge
-         - Brion Dover South Base (Thickwood)
-         - South Pacific Resources

All works north of Fort McMurray are under controlled precautionary evacuation. All traffic heading northbound into town (Ft McMurray) are being stopped. Hwy 63 Northbound is closed, as is Hwy 881. Hwy 63 Southbound is open; evacuees from north camps are to take 63 South to safety. All at RUTH LAKE CAMP are to evacuate now as per government spokesperson. 

Mandatory evacuation order has now been expanded to include ALL CAMPS north of Fort McMurray, up to and including Ruth Lake Camp, which is 26 km north (and all camps that use Aostra Road) – evacuate NOW - as per Alberta Government, CTV Edmonton and CFWE Radio.

--- UPDATE 5:20 PM AB time

AOSTRA Road is now under evacuation. All camps and businesses at this location will be evacuated. As a security measure, HWY 63 NORTHBOUND is CLOSED for all traffic at the junction of Hwy 881/63

North of AOSTRA Road including Ft MacKay, Suncor/Syncrude, are not evacuated and are open for business. Hwy 64 Southbound is OPEN
To keep atop alerts and updates, see Globe and Mail site, where tweets are updated, with the last being just minutes ago, at the time of this writing. The air quality health index usually ranges from 1-10, with ten being the worst. 

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said this morning’s reading was 38.

So far, there have been no deaths reported. To God be all the glory. I am led to pray for rain, many days of rain, but I would ask that each person who is moved by the Holy Spirit to pray as He leads.

An Open Door
  And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that   is holy, he that is true, he that has the key of David, he that opens, and no      man shuts; and shuts, and no man opens; [Rev 3:7]

  I saw the window closed, but then there was a doorway, arched. Shining  through the doorway was the most brilliant and pure light, breathtaking to  behold – holy. I saw a ‘body’...a person before the door – whether it is the  ‘body’  of Christ or the ‘Bride’, I do not know.

 It was some days later that more understanding came. I saw a bar, about  waist-level, similar to a turnstile, but it was only one bar.  Those who have laid  all  down will go through the door, which I believe leads to the manifestation of  long-awaited prayers, fulfillment of dreams or visions also long-awaited.

 Whoever tries to go through the door and has not laid everything down cannot  enter until whatever it is, is laid down. It could be a person, place or thing (an  attitude such as hatred, bitterness, jealousy, anger, unforgiveness etc, or an  addiction, career, reputation etc)…  anything not surrendered. Once it is laid  down, the bar moves like a turnstile  and the person goes through.

 I have never seen a window closed and a door opened before. I have heard of  it, but was not sure about it and thought little about it, yet this is what I clearly  saw in the spirit. You can  be sure that if you are not in God's will, surrendered  and abiding, you cannot  pass through. May the Lord help us all, for He has  been merciful yet awhile  longer. 

 Hold fast to your faith. Some have thought that they heard the voice of the  Lord, but it is the counterfeiter Satan. Such are either lambs in the Lord, still  learning, or they are those who want what they want and have told God, rather  than asked Him for His will or what it is HE desires for them.

Even those who love the Lord have misheard or misunderstood at times, but as they continue to wait upon the Lord, truth always breaks through - for those who desire truth at all cost. 

 We must pray faithfully that we will not be deceived, that any voice we hear is  only that of the Father, filtered through the precious Blood of the Lamb, Jesus the Christ of Nazareth. 

If you  are sure the LORD has given you a dream, a vision, a personal promise (and  not flesh or demon – if you have prayed faithfully and waited for His answer),  then stay strong in faith as Abraham [Heb 11:8] and wait patiently as Job. [Jam 5:11]  That which comes from God will never contradict His Word or His character. 

Nothing is impossible with God. [Lk 1:37] He creates, He re-creates, He restores - He can do all things. [Is 48:7] He is the God of all flesh, all creation - nothing is too hard for Him. [Jer 32:7]

Understand that Satan and his armies will do all they can to keep you from what God has ordained. Satan will mimic or counterfeit the voice of the Lord. This is why it is crucial that we try every spirit to see if it is of God...every spirit. 

Satan will speak through people, even fellow believers. He will speak through false prophets who have not yielded or submitted to God, but seek prestige, a name and ungodly gain. He will speak through unbelievers and he can send false signs and wonders. [2 Thess 2:9

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. [1Jn 4:1]

For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. [Mat 24:24 - words of Messiah Jesus]

When God leads you toward your destiny, Satan will bring interference after interference to hinder your way. It will discourage you and even cause you to begin to wonder if indeed you were going in the right direction to begin with.

Satan seeks to divide, to steal, kill and destroy. He will sabotage relationships, steal your hope, kill your joy and endeavour to destroy your faith in what God has ordained. 

He will work on your emotions; plant seeds of doubt; cause you to question that which God ordained for you. He will bring in a counterfeit and convince you it is real. He is a destroyer. If each of us lay down pride, and humbly ask God to reveal truth (and to shut the mouth(s) of the lion(s) that roar lies), through the Holy Spirit, the Father will speak and lead you into all truth. We must be patient and trust that in His time, in His way, He shall reveal truth if we wholeheartedly desire it. 

Satan authors confusion. He employs every temptation and sends in seducing and lying spirits, shrouded in deception. He is the master illusionist, the father of lies, a murderer from the beginning. 

He despises God's creation and particularly hates the faithful, obedient children of God. He will do all he can to destroy their happiness/joy. He will try to make them think that his lies are from God, OR he will try to cause people to doubt that they heard God correctly. (Has God said...?) He is a liar and a thief.

Seek God and wait for Him to answer you, for He surely will. Do not put a time limit on Him. Do not limit the ways that God will answer you. Be patient. Ask Him sincerely if you are hearing His voice, your own inner thoughts or a devil.

He will be pleased that you are testing every spirit because you are obeying His word. God's answer will come, in  His timing and in His way. If Satan has tricked you, and you are deeply seeking God, believe (faith) that your heavenly Father will direct you again and firmly establish your feet upon the right path. 

He is ever Faithful and True. Remember, Jesus left the 99 to find the one lost. [Matt 18:12] If you have gone astray and you cry out to Him, He will answer. Trust, trust, trust - and lean not to your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He WILL direct your paths. [Prov 3:5 6]
When you began, filled with joy and anticipation (expectancy), the enemy may well have hindered, demanded you be tested, perhaps even tried to take you out (kill you). He does not play fair, for he does not play. It is a bloody war. 
Despite popular opinion, I do not believe that Satan always ask God's permission as he did with Job. One only has to look at the book of Daniel to see how Michael the archangel had to assist Gabriel in battle because Satan and his armies hindered Gabriel, trying to stop him from delivering a message from God to Daniel. 
Of course, the victory belonged to the Lord of the battle, and Daniel did get his message after three long weeks of fasting and praying. So, if the Lord has given you a promise (whether in a dream, in an open or night vision, or a prophetic word, through His precious and holy Spirit), trust Him in bringing it to pass, no matter how long it takes.

Look at scripture to see how long countless people who were trusting God waited for their promises to come to fruition. Be patient. I believe that 'trust' and 'patience' are two of the hardest things asked of disciples of Christ.

Obey God in all things and hold fast to your faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. [Heb 11:6] Do not let go of what you first believed, once the Lord has confirmed it to you. Wait upon Him. It will come in His time - wait!

 For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and  not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. 
 [Hab 2:3]

 Rapture and Asteroid
  It has been strangely quiet on the world stage. Yet, as always, there are rumours circling  around about a rapture on the fifth of June, 2016. Do not listen to it. It is yet again another false  prophecy.  There is also talk about an incoming asteroid. Do not concern  yourself.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away. But of that day and hour no man knows, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. [Mat 24:35-36]

 Keep focused on obeying the Lord and following all of His instructions, even if  they seem miniscule and unimportant. We need to be proven faithful in the  little things just as surely as the grander things. We must be patient.

For ye have need of patience, that after you have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. [Heb 10:36]

 As I wrote about many years back now, the "Clash of the Kingdoms" (a series), as the  Lord called it, I cannot stop sensing that we are about to see both in ways we  have only read about in the Bible or heard about through the Holy Spirit. The timing of it all, as ever, is God's alone!

Cling  to Jesus, our King. All is in the hands of our Sovereign, Faithful and True God.

He lays up sound wisdom for the righteous; He is a shield to them that walk uprightly. [Prov 2:7] But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ. [1Cor 15:57] 

 for His glory alone



  1. I believe God is testing us when we have to "patiently endure" until the manifestation of His promises to us who believe. Sadly there are people who only come to the Lord for what they can get from Him and not out of love for Him. I've heard this referred to as "fire Insurance". They will eventually fall away, angry at the Lord because they couldn't wait upon His timing. This is part of the separation of the wheat and the tares. Thank you Bonita for this exhortation! Love you sis.

    1. Hi Bonita,

      Please pray for me. The LORD has directed me to leave, but I don't know where.


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