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Georgia on “Highest Alert Activation Ever”– Global Danger

I typically get alerts for outbreaks, particularly outbreaks close to me.  Perhaps some of the readers remember an open vision that I had that occurred over a three day timeslot, during a fast.  It was in early April 2011. 

There were an incredible number of things the LORD was revealing to His people, such as great winds (tornadoes, hurricanes), great fires (forest fires, volcanoes etc) and much more, over the entire North American continent (yet in my heart, particularly because of the Word of God, I believed much would affect globally).  I remember seeing what is referred to as the “third eye” (Luciferian, occult) in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the farthest shores of Canada, but looking towards the “east coast”. 

However, without getting into it in-depth, the part I would like to draw readers’ attention to is the part where I saw an alien hovering over Georgia.  I understood that the ‘alien’ was in fact a demon.  It was pouring something out over the state (from a large vial or container).  I understood that it was ‘biological’ and pondered if it was ‘biological warfare’. Georgia has a major CDC in Atlanta, with two more in the Lawrenceville area.

Although some (if not many) of you may be aware, Georgia has had three alerts in the past week, two of which are very serious alerts, pertaining to grave illnesses.  Do any of you remember when I posted about a stagecoach that I saw in a vision?  The stagecoach was a silhouette, but a team of horses were drawing it and they were charging eastward.   

My first thought was that it pertained to ‘icons’, or the internet…as there was a bit more to it.  I do not want to repeat myself here, so I will just get to the point.  When I had thought it was the internet, a few days later, the LORD told me that “Old diseases will be resurrected – they will morph into incurable (at the time of outbreak) diseases.”   (April 2011)

Before I post excerpts (links provided) from some interesting articles, keep in mind what the LORD said above…”old diseases…resurrected…morph into incurable”.

This excerpt from Examiner:  “TB was once a widespread disease.  It was virtually wiped out with the help of antibiotics developed in the 1950s, but the disease has resurfaced in potent new forms – multi-drug resistant TB and extensively drug-resistant TB.   Today these new and dangerous forms of the disease – resistant to some of the commonly used drug treatments – have created a public health crisis in many large cities worldwide.”

With that being said, the three alerts that came across to me were:  (1) TB (tuberculosis) outbreak (2) Ebola outbreak (3) Rabies

Atlanta is currently experiencing an unprecedented outbreak of tuberculosis, and Georgia public health officials are scrambling to contain the spread of the disease. Reuters explained in an Aug. 8 report that the outbreak is linked to homeless shelters in Fulton Country. According to the report, 47 people have been infected, including two shelter volunteers.

So far, the tuberculosis outbreak has claimed the lives of at 3 people, and at least 47 others have been infected.
And while the disease is lethal and kills many of those who contract it, the possibility of getting it is incredibly remote, say health experts. Health officials say that there is no reason to panic although cases of Tuberculosis in Atlanta have been on the rise in the past months.

The Tuberculosis outbreak mainly affects homeless people and shelter volunteers, The Inquisitr wrote. The director of health protection for Public Health, Dr. Patrick O’Neal, said that the homeless shelters are especially vulnerable to the disease because they typically “have very poor sanitation and infection control measures.”

The Department of Public Health last week sent a letter to churches whose volunteers serve in homeless shelters, urging that the volunteers be screened for TB. This TB strain is resistant to the drug isoniazid, but is curable with other anti-TB medications.

“Only those people who were in close contact with the case need to be tested,” health officials said in a statement.  An isolated case is also being monitored in Vance, Alabama, where health officials on Friday screened auto workers for the disease after an employee at a Mercedes-Benz plant tested positive.
Source:  Reuters

Also from Examiner (link below for full story):

“One of the most deadly diseases concerning local health officials is Tuberculosis.  It is very contagious.  It is commonly known as TB; it is a bacterial infection that can spread through the lymph nodes and bloodstream to any organ in your body.  It is most often found in the lungs.  Most peope who are exposed to TB never develop symptoms because the bacteria can live in an inactive form in the body.  But if the immune system weakens, such as in people with HIV or elderly adults, TB bacteria cause death of tissue in the organs they infect.  Active TB disease can be fatal if left untreated.

Symptoms of TB disease depend on where in the body the TB bacteria are growing.  TB disease symptoms may include:

·         A bad cough that lasts 3 weeks or longer.
·         Pain in the chest.
·         Coughing up blood or sputum (phlegm from deep inside the lungs).
·         Weakness or fatigue.
·         Weight loss.
·         No appetite.
·         Chills.
·         Fever.
Source:  Examiner
HOUSTON, Texas--A source told Breitbart Texas that an illegal immigrant from Guatemala is currently being treated for active tuberculosis (TB) at the University Medical Center (UMC) of El Paso.  

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet--a preventive medicine physician and former Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)--has practices in Arizona and Texas. Vliet claimed that one of her patients, whose name can not be disclosed for confidentiality reasons, called her with fears that the TB-positive immigrant was putting other lives at risk. 

Vliet said her patient informed her that ICE and DHS would not take the illegal immigrant--who was previously deported but is now back in the U.S.--into custody. 

A representative at UMC El Paso told Breitbart Texas that information on the supposedly infected individual could not be released. "HIPAA prevents us from releasing any information about specific diagnoses," the spokeswoman said. 
She added, however, that "five El Paso hospitals are currently treating immigrants." 

Vliet claimed that another employee at UMC El Paso called the Center for Disease Control (CDC)--the CDC apparently said they would "look into" the situation, but was unclear about when action could be taken. Breitbart Texas' calls to the CDC were not immediately returned. 

Vliet expressed concern to Breitbart Texas that the allegedly infected illegal immigrant could be released into general population before the CDC gets to him. 

TB is usually found in the lungs and can be fatal. The infectious disease is typically spread through the air and contracted via sneezes or coughs. Several cases of the disease have already been identified within the illegal immigrant population--but the fear of TB's potential to spread is ultimately heightened when infected individuals are released into the general U.S. population. 

Vliet told Breitbart Texas, "The form of TB prevalent in the countries from which the majority of these illegals are coming is the most severe of all: multi-drug resistant TB, which has a low cure rate and requires the use of expensive medications with serious side effects."

The tidal wave of illegal immigrants has brought numerous diseases into the U.S. since the new year. Breitbart Texas recently reported on an outbreak of scabies in one housing facility for unaccompanied border minors--the infestation was contracted by numerous Border Patrol agents. Other additional illnesses have also been noted. "We are starting to see chickenpox, MRSA staph infections, we are starting to see different viruses," Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera told ABC 15. 

Vliet told Breitbart Texas that the risk of diseases brought into the U.S. by the migrants is being dramatically downplayed by the Obama Administration and mainstream media. 

She said, "Many people are trying to diminish the seriousness of this. They say, 'We have these diseases in the U.S.' Well yes, we do, but they've been well controlled, we have good hygiene, and most of our parents keep children home when they're sick. ... It's a very real risk. It could get out of hand very quickly; but since these are common disease that people have heard of, the risk isn't necessarily taken seriously."

On July 7, the AAPS penned an open letter, addressed to all Members of Congress, asking that health issues within the illegal immigrant population be fully investigated. The group additionally asked that answers be provided to U.S. citizens about any public health risks. AAPS is particularly concerned about risks to students, since plans are already underway in several cities for the illegal immigrants to attend public schools. 
Source: breitbart

Illegal Immigrant with Active TB Allowed to Enter U.S.

Not so now. Since the mass influx began, U.S. border agents have contracted any number of infectious diseases ranging from head lice to swine flu. One illegal immigrant from Guatemala suffering from active tuberculosis was allowed entry onto U.S. soil. Breitbart reports that the patient, whose named is not being disclosed, is undergoing treatment at the University Medical Center (UMC) of El Paso.
Source: Examiner

SOUTH TEXAS (KRLD) – More than 52,000 children have entered the country illegal in recent months, many of them coming into the U.S. through South Texas. Former Zapata County Sheriff Gonzales, who now works as a consult with law enforcement agencies along the Texas border, says space is running out to house the children and adults that are coming across.

“The local governments are being overwhelmed because of the possibilities for diseases. There are people that are being apprehended that are coming in with warrants for murders or prior convictions for child abuse, and these are the guys that are coming in the same groups with 12 year olds and 5 year olds,” says Zapata. “They’re looking at some centers in the valley… abandoned buildings where they’re going to put fences inside the buildings to create detention cells and just throw people in there. “

Customs and Border Patrol has been shipping illegal immigrants to facilities all over the country and reportedly are even looking at using an abandoned Walmart in New York, according to Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY).

“It is unacceptable the federal government is trying to force the hardworking taxpayers of New York to foot the bill to house undocumented immigrants,” said Congressman Chris Collins. “The President’s actions have fueled the current crises along the southern border, and now New York residents are being directly impacted by his irresponsible actions. If President Obama was committed to enforcing the immigration laws currently in place, this would not be an issue. Instead, the President has decided to pick and choose which laws he wants to enforce, creating an environment where wrongdoing goes unpunished.”

In San Antonio, federal officials say a child in a temporary shelter is still recovering from swine flu.

Kenneth Wolfe, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, says the unaccompanied child was recently hospitalized after being diagnosed with swine flu, or H1N1. Wolfe says officials believe this is an isolated incident but are closely monitoring all children at Lackland and other similar shelters the agency is operating around the country.

“That tells you that when you’ve got kids coming in from some of these countries where they don’t have great health systems, we gotta watch out,” says Cuellar. “I’ve talked to border patrol down in McAllen. They’ve seen TB; they’ve seen chicken pox; they’ve seen scabies. And according to Border Patrol, 4 or 5 of their agents have tested positive for those diseases.”
Source: cbslocal
The second concern globally is Ebola.  Georgia USA is on high alert since two Americans, Dr. Kent Brantly, a doctor working in West Africa, and Nancy Writebol, a goodwill missionary, have contracted the virus. Although they were both receiving treatment in Africa, officials decided they would have a better chance for survival if they were brought back to the United States.
Dr. Brantly, first to be transported, arrived at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday afternoon. Source: Inquisitr (full story)
LONDON (AP) — The World Health Organization urged nations worldwide to donate money and resources to stop the spread of Ebola as it declared the outbreak in West Africa to be an international public health emergency.
The latest Ebola outbreak is the largest and longest ever recorded for the disease, which has a death rate of about 50 percent and has so far killed at least 961 people, according to the U.N. health agency. It emerged in Guinea in March and has since spread to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria.

"Countries affected to date simply do not have the capacity to manage an outbreak of this size and complexity on their own," WHO chief Dr. Margaret Chan told a news conference Friday in Geneva. "I urge the international community to provide this support on the most urgent basis possible."
She added that the world's "collective health security" depends on curbing the spread of the killer virus in West Africa, even as she acknowledged that many countries would probably not have any Ebola cases." Source:  Bigstory.ap
Major outbreak in Africa considered out of control. 

Reports on the Ebola outbreak in Africa have been flooding news sources since the very beginning.
Ebola causes viral hemorrhagic fever which is a virus group that affects several organ systems and is accompanied by bleeding.
Symptoms of Ebola infection include fever, weakness, headaches, sore throat, and muscle pain. In more severe cases of Ebola, however, symptoms progress to diarrhea, vomiting, impaired kidney/liver function, and bleeding – both internal and external.
As sickness and death tolls rise across the ocean, it’s easy for people to become fearful that an Ebola outbreak will happen in the United States.
The most recent development in Ebola news is that two Americans, Dr. Kent Brantly, a doctor working in West Africa, and Nancy Writebol, a goodwill missionary, have contracted the virus. Although they were both receiving treatment in Africa, officials decided they would have a better chance for survival if they were brought back to the United States.
Dr. Brantly, first to be transported, arrived at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday afternoon.
Every precaution was taken to transport the Ebola doctor safely. He arrived from Africa on a private jet that landed at a military base. During the flight, he was quarantined in a portable tent designed to transport a single infectious patient at a time. He was then outfitted in a full-body protective suit and transported to the hospital by ambulance. There, he was able to walk on his own, with help.
The Ebola patients will be held in the hospital’s containment unit. It is cut off from the rest of the hospital and is behind glass with a speaker installed, which means most staff won’t have to interact with the Ebola patients directly.
                 “From the time the air ambulance arrives in the metro Atlanta area, up to and including being hospitalized at Emory University Hospital, we have taken every precaution we know and that our colleagues at the CDC know to ensure no spread of this pathogen,” Emory’s Dr. Bruce Ribner said, before the Ebola doctor’s arrival.
Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been directly involved in the evacuation of the Ebola patients evacuation and have clearly stated that the chance of an Ebola outbreak in America is improbable, fear-mongers and conspiracy theorist have used Ebola as a way to stir up a scare with the public."  Source:  Inquisitr
The CDC had originally stated that infection can only come from direct contact with bodily fluids (blood, urine, saliva) or muscous membrane exposure.  However, they now state that being within three feet (1 meter) of an infected person, or even in the same room for a prolonged period of time will spread the disease (meaning it is airborne).

Below is an excerpt from the CDC site to validate my statement.

1 Casual contact is defined as a) being within approximately 3 feet (1 meter) or within the room or care area for a prolonged period of time (e.g., healthcare personnel, household members) while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment (i.e., droplet and contact precautions–see Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations); 

b) having direct brief contact (e.g., shaking hands) with an EVD case while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment (i.e., droplet and contact precautions–see Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations). At this time, brief interactions, such as walking by a person or moving through a hospital, do not constitute casual contact.

Remember when the ‘alien’ in my April, 2011 vision (aka demon) poured out a large vial or container, I understood ‘biological’ and wondered if it meant ‘biological warfare’

The following pathology report mentions “aerosolized biological weapn”:
There is limited knowledge of the pathogenesis of human ebolavirus infections and no reported human cases acquired by the aerosol route. There is a threat of ebolavirus as an aerosolized biological weapon, and this study evaluated the pathogenesis of aerosol infection in 18 rhesus macaques. 
Source: vet.sagepub

The following excerpt comes from “”.  It is worth it to read the full article, but I will post part of it.

What exactly have Ft. Detrick biowarfare researchers been doing in the Ebola hot zone in West Africa all this time?
Independent investigative reporter Jon Rappaport asked this very same question the day before yesterday, but it seems like a good one. He had several other questions, and they are all good ones:
What exactly have they been doing?
Exactly what diagnostic tests have they been performing on citizens of Sierra Leone?
Why do we have reports that the government of Sierra Leone has recently told Tulane researchers to stop this testing?
Have Tulane researchers and their associates attempted any experimental treatments (e.g., injecting monoclonal antibodies) using citizens of the region? If so, what adverse events have occurred?
The research program, occurring in Sierra Leone, the Republic of Guinea, and Liberia—said to be the epicenter of the 2014 Ebola outbreak—has the announced purpose, among others, of detecting the future use of fever-viruses as bioweapons.
Is this purely defensive research? Or as we have seen in the past, is this research being covertly used to develop offensive bioweapons?
The same day, Navy Times published an article talking about how U.S. biowarfare scientists have been highly interested in Ebola since at least the late 1970s for engineering bioweapons: “mainly because Ebola and its fellow viruses have high mortality rates…and its stable nature in aerosol make it attractive as a potential biological weapon.”

But the article goes on to say that scientists from the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) have been working on a vaccine since then, a purely defensive measure. Of course, they can’t come out and say they’re working on offensive weapons. The Biological Weapons Convention went into effect in 1975, supposedly putting an end to the government’s biological weapons program.

Why does the U.S. government own a patent on a novel strain of Ebola that those same Ft. Detrick researchers quietly admitted in a CDC journal article last month may actually be the cause of the current Sierra Leone outbreak, not Ebola Zaire as widely reported?
This one gets tricky.
There are five types of Ebola virus and the newest strain is named Bundibugyo, or Ebobun for short. The U.S. government actually holds a patent on this strain — US 20120251502 A1, for “Human Ebola Virus Species and Compositions and Methods Thereof” related to the Bundibugyo version of the virus.

Last month, the same Ft. Detrick researchers who have been over in the Ebola hot zone published an article in the CDC’sEmerging Infectious Diseases where they discuss the human testing that has been going on over there and down near the bottom of the article, they quietly admit, “Ebolavirus infections in Sierra Leone might be the result of Bundibugyo virus or an ebolavirus genetic variant and not EBOV.”
The kicker?
The Ebobun version of Ebola, which is apparently been found to be “genetically distinct,” as it differs by more than 30% at the genome level from all other known ebolavirus species, apparently has a much lower death rate than the Zaire version the media keeps talking about.
Not that Ebola in any form isn’t dangerous. It’s deadly, period. But Ebobun had a 36% mortality rate at the initial outbreak in 2007, versus 70-90% on average for Zaire.
Additionally, because it is much more unique, researchers have suggested that if a vaccine or treatment is created for Ebola and the Ebobun strain is not taken into account, the resulting treatment or vaccine obviously might not work on it.
Regardless, all the mainstream media seems interested in driving home on repeat these days is that this outbreak is the Zaire strain which has a 90% mortality rate and no cure. Well…even that isn’t entirely true…
A NOVA presentation from 1995 clearly shows survivors and discusses how a nurse named Nicole was given blood transfusions from an infected patient who survived, to build up antibodies. A review sums it up:
After one week, Nicole began to recover. Spurred by this result, the Zairian doctors transfused an additional eight patients. Seven of the eight patients survived, but the Western doctors remain unconvinced. Because the experiment was completely uncontrolled, they argue that we will never know that the transfusion saved the lives of those patients.
That was 20 years ago. Current news stories even discuss how the doctor who was flown here infected with Ebola was given a unit of blood from a 14-year-old who survived Ebola. The female patient flown in was also reportedly given an experimental serum no one seems to elaborate much on.

On top of that, articles from 2008 show a vaccine was highly effective in monkeys and even used experimentally in a human patient with success. Where did those vaccines go? Why aren’t they widely available six years later?
And finally, as with any crisis, who stands to gain from this, and what is it they are ultimately after?
Source:  truthstreammedia

Mike Adams of Natural News wrote an excellent article about CDC Ebola Pandemic Survival Tips.  Below is an excerpt, but the entire article is worth the read.
The spread of Ebola to the USA is "inevitable," said the head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday. Tom Frieden made the statement in a House Subcommittee hearing, adding that he does not think there will be a "large Ebola outbreak" in the U.S. Does he think there will be small ones?
Source:  Natural News

Another good article to read is written by Robert Wessel from Economic Policy Journal.  He speaks about the U.S. being involved in the 2006 Ebola outbreak in Africa and ascertains that the study to use Ebola as a “biological weapon” for “biological warfare” was suggested.

“The epicentre of the current Ebola epidemic is the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone. BeforeItIsNews claims the hospital houses a US a biosecurity level 2 bioweapons research lab. That claim is unconfirmed, however, this we do know.

Analysis of clinical samples from suspected Lassa fever cases in Sierra Leone showed that about two-thirds of the patients had been exposed to other emerging diseases, and nearly nine percent tested positive for Ebola virus. The findings, published in this month’s edition of Emerging Infectious Diseases, demonstrates that Ebola virus has been circulating in the region since at least 2006—well before the current outbreak,reports Global BioDefense.

According to GBD, the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases has been operating in the area since 2006, supposedly working on "diagnostic tests."

Author Randal J. Schoepp, PH. D. reports that because the USAMRIID team just happened to be working on disease identification and diagnostics in the area, they had pre-positioned assays in the region to address the ebola outbreak:

We had people on hand who were already evaluating samples and volunteered to start testing right away when the current Ebola outbreak started. 
The laboratory testing site in Kenema is supported by the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center-Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System. Other contributors to the work include the Department of Defense Joint Program Executive Office-Critical Reagents Program, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Cooperative Biological Engagement Program, and the DTRA Joint Science and Technology Office.

Metabiota Inc., a non-government organization (NGO) is also involved in the testing. It lists among its partners, the Department of State, Biological Engagement Program and the Department of Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Agency. Advisors to the NGO include Admiral Gary Roughead, former US Chief of Naval Operations.

It's really not a big jump to suspect that the military has also been doing research on Ebola as a bioweapon.

As the Army Times notes about Ebola, "its stable nature in aerosol make it attractive as a potential biological weapon." What better place, via the eyes of the U.S. military, to be messing around with such research than Africa? The thinking might go: If there is a misstep with the virus, research blowbacks don't happen around US civilian populations.

Last but not least, a “BeforeItsNews” article compares the CDC Ebola Quarantine Map with the Immigration Map. 

Excerpt:Why would the CDC be setting up all of these ebola quarantine centers in nearly the exact same locations that Barack Obama is now sending children (and adults) who are here illegally from south of the border? Check out the maps in the video; is this another sign that there is much more to the ebola/immigration equation than we are being told? Certainly it’s quite easy to see that where NO immigrants are being sent, there are NO ebola quarantine centers being set up! Why not?”

Source:  BeforeItsNews

Big Pharma is already rushing to be the first with an Ebola vaccine.  Is that what this is all about, fast cash?  Natural News reporter Mike Adams challenges the announcements.

Finally, regarding the Rabies alert…Neighbor Newspapers

There has been enough of a spike in Rabies cases, particularly in the Henry County region of Georgia.  For those in the area just outside of Atlanta, you can call or go to website for additional information.

Information: (770) 288-7387 or

I have given readers more than enough links regarding the three alerts.  You would do well to take all of these matters to the LORD and see how He directs you.  The endtimes are most assuredly upon us.  It is a time to turn away from sin and walk holy (set apart).  It is time for godly repentance, abiding in Christ and trusting the Lord (not leaning on our own understanding), and He WILL direct our steps.

for His glory


(*note - Despite mainstream media reports, here in Georgia, we are still on the "highest alert activation ever", with local (and national) alternative news sites stating that although the "last report on mainstream news media" was that the doctor (Dr. Kent Brantly) will soon be released from hospital (with no release date yet announced), they are crying out 'false flag'.

I will be posting an update soon, but please, I ask all readers not to become paranoid because even the alternative media can read all the 'signs' wrong, despite their earnest desire for 'truth'.  

Well, GOD IS TRUTH, and without Him, we can get our feathers easily ruffled or run around like a chicken with their head cut off.  Please find inner peace in Christ, despite all that is happening around us.  Stand by for an update. Bonita)

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