Friday, December 6, 2013

From Darkness to Drones to the Cloaking of Evil

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Warriors of Endurance

Friday, December 6 - 11:30 pm EST (10:30 pm Central / 9:30 PST)

Due to certain misunderstandings, the topics of the 'three days of darkness', ISON, CME's (sun activity) etc will be briefly touched upon.

Most interesting is the fact that President Obama has been giving 'clues' to his agenda all along, but he cloaks in humor in his speeches, or he drops 'clues' to his timing, but he is not greater than God Almighty.

No matter what man plans, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is Sovereign.  Man can plan as he likes, but all is in God's (Yhwh) hands. We can trust in Him.

You will be motivated to pray more intensely (as most of us already have been), but wisdom by itself is not enough.  What good is wisdom, if we lack understanding?

A couple of clips from Obama's speeches will certainly aid understanding.  We must know the enemy (adversary), Satan and those who follow in his footsteps of deception, greed and pride.

In ancient times, the prophets of God were His servants, filled with the Holy Spirit - they heard from God.  Today, those who believe, are baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit are His servants and we too hear from God.

Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but He reveals His secret unto His servants the prophets. [Amos 3:7]

We have been praying - He hears our prayers.


Saturday, Dec. 7 - There will be another program tomorrow night which I will be posting details about tomorrow.

Sunday, Dec 8 - 11:00 pm EST (10:00 pm Central)

** UPDATED - This program had to be canceled because the server at BTR (BlogTalk Radio) itself was down - Sunday December 8, 2013

Jason Pillow (former Satanist) will be returning to speak about generational curses, demonic manifestations and deliverance.  If time allows, he would also like to touch upon the traits and characteristics of demonic possession.

**UPDATED - Augusto Perez and Larry Taylor will be coming on Warriors of Endurance either Monday, December 16 or Tuesday, December 17.  Please standby and I will keep you posted, as soon as possible.

Also have been working on the Warriors of Endurance newsletter.  If you are interested in receiving it, please let me know.

for His glory

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