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Part Man, Part Computer

 Cyborg - Self-made

I was going to post this yesterday, but the LORD had other ideas. 
Tim Cannon and interviewer from Motherboard TV

This news came to me via blacklist, with a video put out on Youtube from Motherboard TV.  In the vid, a man named Tim Cannon is interviewed.  He has been dubbed with the name DIY Cyborg.  Why?  It is because he searched high and low for someone to implant a computer in him.  DIY Cyborg stands for “Do It Yourself Cyborg”.

Apparently, no doctor wanted to perform the operation (gee, I wonder why?), but he finally found someone in Germany who was willing and able to perform the task.  The operation was done without anesthesia; the operation being the planting of a computer into Cannon’s forearm.

Motherboard TV uploaded the video on October 31, 2013.  In the description box below the video, the following is written:

Humanity just made a small, bloody step towards a time when everyone can upgrade themselves towards being a cyborg. Of all places, it happened in the back room of a studio in the post-industrial German town of Essen.

It's there that I met up with biohacker Tim Cannon, and followed along as he got what is likely the first-ever computer chip implant that can record and transmit his biometrical data. Combined in a sealed box with a battery that can be wirelessly charged, it's not a small package. And as we saw, Cannon had it implanted directly under his skin by a fellow biohacking enthusiast, not a doctor, and without anesthesia.

Called the Circadia 1.0, the implant can record data from Cannon's body and transfer it to any Android-powered mobile device. Unlike wearable computers and biometric-recording devices like Fitbit, the subcutaneous device is open-source, and allows for the user the full control over the data.

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The video opens with Cannon (being interviewed) states:

“The human body is really, really failing in almost…in almost every way. I want to live to be thousands of years old.  I don’t want to die; I don’t understand why anybody would.”

The interviewer speaks at times, in German, but the video provides English subtitles.  The following is a transcript:

Not only do hackers infiltrate our communication systems, but also our bodies.  Working independently from mainstream medicine, biohackers try to overcome the limitations of evolution. 

(The interviewer, speaking in German [English subtitles provided] states):

“I’m in Essen to meet with biohacker Tim Cannon. Tim will get a chip implanted in his lower arm, which will enable him to record and transfer his own biometrical data.  I’m trying to find out whether this technology will bring us closer to a time when everyone can be a cyborg.”

 Continuing on with interviewing the bio-hacker, Tim Cannon says:

“My name is Tim Cannon…I’m with a company called Grindhouse Wetware.  We do bio-hacking essentially. We build devices that are meant to integrate with the human body.  We basically focus on the merging of man with machine in kind of a…uh, DYI context.

So, this is the Circadia; it’s somewhat large…”

Tim shows the Circadia 1.0 that he will have implanted
(interviewer interrupts) – “Once the chip is implanted, what are you going to do with it?”

Cannon:  “Simply because it simply currently reads my temperature data, I’m basically going to use that to determine if there are certain things that are causing my temperature to fall or rise; also, I’m going to set it up so that it will send me a text message if it thinks I am getting a fever.

Then, Cannon demonstrates the apparatus, using his laptop.

Cannon turns the device on (green light) and demonstrates how the Circadia will keep track of his temperature.

“We will turn on the light on low. (blue screen revealed on lap)
“As you can see here, we have rates for various signals that can be read from.”

Cannon goes on to explain it can work from Android or any phone.  Someone walking by could hack his arm.  He believes it is meant to be fun and to captivate someone’s imagination.  The operation, according to Cannon, has to be done “raw dawg” (terminology used in the “piercing and body moding” [body modification] community that means ‘without anesthesia’).

Steve Haworth is the man who agreed to insert the chip into Tim’s arm. He calls himself a “Flesh Engineer”, who is someone who does implants that doctors will not touch.  Haworth and Cannon first met via email.  After four or five months of communication, Cannon sent Haworth his first prototype.  They then decided to meet for dinner to discuss the possibility of an implant.

Haworth states: “Doctors don’t do what I do. In the United States, the American Medical Association (AMA) says that ‘modifying the body away from what society considers normal or pleasing…(because to some people, having breasts out to here is pleasing)…um, that for a doctor to do that, he would lose his license’.  This is the first non-medical computer device ever produced. (He held the package with Cannon’s device enclosed within.) When we put this in, it will make history.” 

After the implant operation, Cannon states (after interview prodded with a question) that he feels just ‘one tiny step closer’ to being a complete cyborg and ‘happy to be there’. Is it just me, or does this implant seem like the 'dinosaur' of implants, given that the RFID chip we have seen is the size of a grain of rice, or maybe even smaller by now?

In subtitles, the video draws to a closing with:

People like Tim view the experimental acceleration of evolution as a do-it-yourself task.  Considering the advancing significance of data, quantification and enhancement in our society the question remains, who is to determine what a body can do and what human existence is about. 

Cannon states (almost in disbelief and amazement):

"The medical industry really, truly believes that it is unethical to attempt to supersede your limitations.  How mad is this?  I would like to improve a lot of those inefficiencies.   I think that is that’s the best course of action for preserving conscious thought."

Evan Ackerman wrote an article called, “Researchers create 3D bioengineered cyborg tissues” in August last year (2012).  He wrote:

“Medical technology is advancing rapidly thanks to computers, but it's taking a while for all that nifty computerized medicine to make its way inside our bodies. Humans aren't generally compatible with electronics, but that may change with the invention of the first 3D bioengineered cyborg tissues.

When we say "cyborg tissues," we mean chunks of human cells with a three dimensional network of active nanowires running through them. The living cells are grown around tiny wiring scaffolds, and by the time everything has meshed together, the idea is that you're left with a seamlessly integrated fusion of biology and electronics.

There are lots of reasons to want to do this, besides creating a race of cyborg servants that almost certainly won't later rise up in rebellion and exterminate us all. For example, having a wiring network inside living tissue makes for a great way taking noninvasive data about what said tissue is up to, and this has already been demonstrated by the researchers in heart cells, nerve cells, and artificial blood vessels. 

The most exciting possibilities, though, come from the potential for actually controlling cells directly, either through drug releases or even perhaps direct electrical stimulation.” Source

There you have it, folks! Russ Dizdar, Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, L.A. Marzulli and other watchmen have been warning about transhumanism, cyborgs, super-soldiers and much more that is and has been in the works, all part of Satan's grand plan.  Things coming that we barely could imagine...but God warns and even better, He is Sovereign.

The above example is not a super-soldier or part of any military plan.  He is a bio-hacker who wants to 'live thousands and thousands of years" (read 'forever' - it's really what he means).  How sad!  He does not know God or His Son Jesus, and he either does not know or rejects the Word of God which states quite clearly (and obviously) that it is "appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment".

The signs are all around us...prophecies unfolding rapidly, rapidly.  Glory to God, our King is coming...but so is great tribulation and revival.  Look to the Lord, repent if you have need to.  Keep a repentant heart because we still must die daily to self; we can still have moments 'in the flesh' - keep that repentant heart.

Cling to Jesus (Y'shua) as grapes to the Vine (Christ IS the Vine and we are the branches.  Apart from Him, we can do nothing.  His precious and Holy Spirit will lead us)

for His glory

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