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Upcoming Episodes on BTR

Upcoming Episodes on BTR (Blog Talk Radio)

James Wilburn Chauncey, author of Eyewitness to Heaven - A Glimpse of the Obscure will be my guest on Wednesday.  James wrote a book in 2011 about a near-death experience.  It will be interesting to hear what Chauncey has to say about his experience in heaven back in the 40s.

We know that we are to take all things to the Lord; but tune in to hear this compelling testimony of 75 year old James W Chauncey.  It is said to be quite a captivating story.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 5:00 pm EDT 
(4:00 pm Central / 3:00 pm MTN / 2:00 pm PDT) JW Clancey's website

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In the mid 1940s J.W. Chauncey died of bacterial (Meningococcal) spinal meningitis. He was pronounced dead and covered with a white sheet to await the morgue. The health dept. ordered cremation. Several hours later, when two housekeepers entered the quarantined room, they were horrified: the seven-year-old boy who was no longer dead!

Though he suffered amnesia and couldn’t remember anything prior to getting sick, James vividly recalled his experience in paradise while dead. That experience, aided by his inquisitive mind and boyish spontaneity, included being introduced to his previously deceased siblings and being shown a vision of his future and earth's future. 

Though considered a Miracle Boy, few believed he was actually an eyewitness to heaven. The common response was that the disease had damaged his brain permanently and retarded him. Ostracized by his brothers and classmates, James had tremendous problems with school, his friends and life in general. He developed anger at Jesus for not taking him back to paradise. 

Over the next six decades, although James remained silent about his experience and acted like a seemingly normal man, his life was both an unfolding response to his trip to heaven and a humorous adventure with men great and small crossing his path, as he wrestled with the obligation to inform others about the other side.
A bit like a reluctant Jonah, James finally decided to tell his story after being prompted by heart attacks, two brushes with deadly cancer, and the persistence of his daughters, the book finally became a reality.

Tune in Wednesday, August 4th at 5:00 pm EDT to hear James Chauncey's testimony.  It should prove to be interesting.

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