Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Time of Revealing - Alien Deception - Strong Delusion

 July 11, 2013

Time of Revealing | Alien Deception | Strong Delusion

Midnight Show - today, 1:00 am - 3:00 am - July 11, 2013

With it being the Time of Revealing, according to the Lord, the subject of the NWO is heightened by topics such as reports of 15,000 Russian troops being on U.S. soil to train with American soldiers in the event they are needed for security in case a mass event takes place, will be briefly discussed.

The main topics will be the recent meeting Citizens Hearing at the National Press Club, with several speakers being in respected positions in society speaking out and disclosing the information, reports, experiences and sightings regarding UFOs and aliens.

It is not just the United States that has been dealing with sightings of UFOs, aliens, abductions and more, but it is global.

Canada, the UK, China, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Israel, Spain, Philipines, Iraq, the Yukon Territories, Alaska...the list could be exhaustive, but suffice it to say that the sightings and reports are international, in fact, global.

We are in the last days; we were warned about astronomical deception (pardon the expression; it was intentional) and strong delusion in these days by Jesus Christ of Nazareth and both the apostles and prophets of old.

It is crucial that people are saved and have a personal relationship with the Savior Christ Jesus; and it is imperative that we, as believers, cling to Him desperately in the last days.

I do not know how anyone will make it through what is coming without Him.

for His glory

Bonita P         

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