Thursday, July 4, 2013

Programmed Luciferian Takeover of America

July 3, 2013

Programmed Luciferian Takeover of America

Featured guest Jason Pillow (ex-Satanist, ex-vampire), now a born-again, Holy Spirit-filled child of the true Living God, will be speaking about the programmed Luciferian takeover of America (USA).

From the archives of history right through to today, Jason will explain how what seems to be a 'new' (New World Order) plan is actually an agenda being carried out from ancient times.

Tonight, Thursday, July 4, 2013 at 6pm - 8pm EST

Separate note:

A few months ago, I posted about Adam Kokesh, ex-military, Second Amendment and anti-war activist and former host for Russian state-sponsored RT television who planned an "open carry" (loaded weapons over the shoulder) march on Washington, D.C. today to protest the anti-gun push by the Obama administration.  Thousands were to march with him.

However, a little over a month ago, after being arrested by park rangers in Philadelphia at a protest and rally for legalization of marijuana (called Smoke Down Prohibition), Kokesh called off the planned march to Washington on Independence Day (today).

Interestingly enough, Kokesh's federal charges were reduced to violations and he was released.  Kokesh now (in a June press release) calls for "a new American revolution".  

Kokesh states: "...the American Revolutionary Army will march on each state capital to demand that the governors of these 50 states immediately initiate the process of an orderly dissolution of the federal government through secession and reclamation of federally held property.

I have said it before and I will say it again.  Although I am not American, I feel led to warn the American people not to trust this man Adam Kokesh.  His latest arrest was not his first arrest.  He continually gets arrested at various protests and rallies he sets up, yet he never appears in court.  

I believe he is a shill (a plant or stooge) being used to spearhead a revolution (resistance) against the government; beginning a civil war that will take out many Americans and be instrumental also in the taking down of the United States.  He lied about his activity in Iraq by exaggerating and falsifying information of what he did in Iraq.

To the believer, it is my hope that you only follow Christ Jesus and not this man.  To the unbelieving, but also the patriotic, do not follow this man, as I sense he will lead the American people into a trap.  Think Trojan horse...

Be discerning...

for His glory


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  1. I fully believe many trojan horses come in the guise of disinfo, and civil protest. Either because they are a convenient outlet to exploit, or because some would rather give false info in the hopes society falls in line with their agenda. Religion is an unfortunate target as well.


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