Monday, June 17, 2013

Cleansing the Temple

June 17, 2013 - [o6.17.2o13]

Cleansing the Temple

Tonight on Blog Talk Radio at 6:00 pm EST

Some might call it preparing the Bride (the True Body of Christ) and others might call it 'cleansing the temple'.  Whichever term that is chosen, the fact is that Living God and Creator has been preparing His people to be joined with Jesus Christ as His Bride.

This preparation begins inwardly.  Jesus told the Pharisees that first they had to clean the inside of the cup, then the outside.  Just as Jesus drove the moneychangers and merchants out of the temple, so He is cleansing our temples from the inside out.

Sin must be driven out.  Demons must be cast out and the temple cleansed. A holy God will have a holy people. If we work with Him, not resisting His Holy Spirit, in the end, we will rejoice and He will be glorified!

Tomorrow night - June 18, 2013

Jason Pillow, ex-satanist, ex-vampire, will continue speaking about portals, gateways, super-soldiers and more.  The Lord's people must be prepared in every way for what is coming and in fact, is already here.

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  1. What a profound blessing it was to hear the Father touch down on you Sister Bonita and show forth His glory of realness as His Holy Spirit spoke through you to His children and touched upon all those things we go through but feel we are limited of true brethren to speak it to. May the Father continue to strengthen His blessed radio blog show with you as His host and may His children get blessed by hearing Him speak to them. He truly cares for His babies.

    Oh and by the way the Lord let me know that the Word that He spoke through you were for my little sister Roe. I sent her the taping and God willing I will get her response for I was trembling when I heard it and knew it was her story hands down and I'm sure she will be blessed and strengthened, but more so I’m sure she will be over whelmed by the AGAPE LOVE Father showered down on her and to let her know you are not alone. I love ya, care for you and most of I got you. BLESSED ASSURANCE JESUS IS OURS!!!!

    Keeping you and the Saints in prayer and I pray that you do the same for me and I know you will, that’s what we do for each other without question.

    Love ya in Christ Jesus,
    Sister Libby
    Maranatha and the Spirit and the Bride says COME LORD JESUS COME!!!!


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