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Battle above the Clouds - Part 16 - Edge of a Dangerous Precipice

April 13, 2013 – [O4.13.2013] 

Battle above the Clouds - At the Edge of a Dangerous Precipice

The Unexpected  

It was three days ago that I began this article, but suddenly there has been a great flurry of activity with phone calls, emails, the utility company (electric), landlord and other business. If you have been awaiting an email response, I apologize for the great delay.

Every effort will be made to catch up within the next day or so.  I know this article will be quite lengthy and that I will have to divide it up into portions, but I hope and pray that I will be able to get it out today (as I just had four more calls; with each call being of equal importance).   

It is an amazing fact that things always get quite busy whenever I am led to write about something that I know the Lord is leading me to.  It is not a complaint, not at all.  

It is an observation, just as temptations always happen when I enter into a fast.  Normally, I do not even mention it; however, much is going on now - not only on a personal level, but globally.   

First explosion goes off
My heart truly goes out to Bostonians who lost loved ones, as well as to those who were injured or present at the scene, after explosions occurred at the Boston Marathon on the celebrated Patriot’s Day that the race was held on.  

Apparently, over 27,000 people from around the world were in attendance.  At the last report, 144 people were injured and three (3) were killed, including an eight year old boy.  

No doubt in my mind that the counterfeiter Satan (Lucifer) is into numbers, as well as human sacrifice. After all, he lived with the Creator of all things and watched closely.  

He knows the Creator’s use, purpose and meaning of numbers.  Satan’s fury is evident, but his pride keeps him deceived about who will be the Victor (Sovereign, Living God) in the end. 
If the police were merely checking roof for suspects, would there be backpacks, rifle bags, helmets, binoculars, camera and other paraphernalia?
There are rumblings circulating around the internet that a bomb squad (spotters) and bomb dogs (sniffers) were already at the scene (on a roof and at the lines of the race).  

Witnesses have reported hearing police state over a loud speaker [to participants of the race], not to worry (about the dogs or extra security), as it was just ‘a training exercise’. 
Second explosion goes off
Militarized Boston police
Why is everyone looking up to the roof?
National Guard
Armed FBI agent and Special Operations police

Local 15 TV reports that one marathon runner, Ali Stevenson, University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, was near the finish line when the explosions began.  He had seen bomb sniffing dogs at both the start and finish lines.

Local15 released a short video (see link) of a telephone interview with Stevenson.  Meanwhile, President Obama states in a press release that he will increase security around the United States.”   
Source: Post-Gazette  (Yes, security will indeed increase, as will tragic events.)

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Homeland Security states: “We encourage the public to be vigilant, and to listen to the direction from state and local officials.” (emphasis mine).  

The source for Sec. Janet Napolitano’s comment is at the end of the short video on the Local 15 TV news site (link above).  For now, people are being encouraged by Napolitano to listen to authorities; soon it shall be demanded.  

“Police also confirmed that there was a third explosion, at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. It was not immediately clear how much damage was done or whether it was related to the bombings at the marathon finish line.”   

This quote is from NY Post, which also reported on their website that a Saudi national was under guard as a suspect.  As I write this, the 20 year old ‘suspect’ was apparently released and is no longer a suspect.  Was that convenient profiling for the public because the Boston Police Commissioner stated there was no truth in the report?  

One does have to wonder though, if there were ‘sniffers’ (bomb dogs) that were on scene, why did they not sniff out the bombs?  Having seen countless pictures of the event, I did not see any dogs at the scene…just an observation.  Did all the amateur and professional photographers miss them, or where were the dogs?   Even with the picture of the officials on the roof, there are no dogs seen.

One reporter at a press conference held shortly after the explosions made mention of drills that were taking place that very morning.  Due to other voices interfering or overriding the voice of the reporter, I did not catch the website the reporter was quoting referring to in the video. (link below)   

Question of reporter: … (website mentioned, unclear)…“they said that they were doing drills this morning for the exact same thing that happened (inaudible) Was you guys given any warning ahead of time of this taking place?”   

(It is transcribed correctly, as you can hear in the video, the expression ‘was you guys’ is definitely a Boston way of talking.  Some Canadians have been known to speak the same way, particularly the ‘you guys’ part.)   

Personally, I found it interesting that the police commissioner did not deny the drills, which is why the person who uploaded the video of the press conference titled it the way he did.   

Perhaps the comment just went over the commissioner’s head, but he did avoid the reporter’s statement about the drills that morning, focusing only upon the question asked at the end.   

Edward Davis (Boston PC) stated that ‘there was no specific intelligence that this was going to happen’ (denies foreknowledge of incident).  He also states that no suspect was arrested at all and that the information was not true.  

"WASHINGTON–President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the bombings at the Boston Marathon were an act of terrorism, though he added that authorities still do not know the identity or motive of the perpetrators."

NY Times posted a video with Obama in a press conference today. President Obama delivered his press release with his usual charisma and eloquent manner.  He is most certainly convincing with his words. 

Obama:  "I have directed my administration to take appropriate security measures to protect the American people."  
Further on, he urges people:  "This is a good time to remember we all have a part to play in warning authorities.  If you see something suspicious, speak up!"  

I think we all know that encouraging people to spy on neighbors, and even for children to turn in parents, if they see 'something suspicious' is not new.  That message has been pounded into the minds of people for many years.  

Even in Canada, I remember my children telling me that their principal spoke in an assembly of students and teachers, to tell 'someone at school' (teacher, counselor, principal) if you have problems with your parents at home.   

Several hours ago, Obama and his administration met in the Oval office.  In the photo, seated from left to right are: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano; Tony Blinken, Deputy National Security Adviser

Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser to the Vice President; Attorney General Eric Holder; Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism; Chief of Staff Denis McDonough; and FBI Director Robert Mueller.   

“Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Tuesday that there was “no current indication” that the Boston Marathon bombings were part of a broader plot, but declared that her agency would keep “enhanced security measures” in place at transportation hubs just in case.   

Napolitano’s statement came after she took part in an Oval Office meeting with President Barack Obama and top national security aides to discuss the investigation of, and response to, the attacks.  

“While there is no current indication to suggest that the events in Boston are indicative of a broader plot, out of an abundance of caution, DHS continues to keep in place enhanced security measures at transportation hubs, utilizing measures both seen and unseen,” Napolitano said.” Source - VideoGameKings   

Enhanced security measures (the grip tightens), both seen and unseen.  It really will not take much more for martial law to be enforced.  It is becoming so obvious.  

I was sent a link to a video on Facebook.  When I watched it, I was quite skeptical, but the original video is on Youtube.  The poster on Facebook had taken a portion of an ABC News video and pointed out something.   

On the bottom right of the screen was blood and what looked like a body part.  One officer moves past the spot and suddenly the blood and body part are gone and what looks like a metal object (undetectable) is in its place.   

The person who posted the video on Facebook did not mess with the video.  All he did was put the video on a large screen and focus in on the one scene.  Facebook video    

As you watch the video on Facebook (which is 36 sec), I noticed a couple of other things.  The focus is on the blood or 'body part' (unidentified) and how it changes to another unidentified object, either metal or plastic, as pointed out by the man who posted the video on FB.

Here is what I noticed. If you pay close attention, you will see the letters ABC to the right of the black bar. As the man walks by, the letters seem to turn, a bright light flashes and the letters NEWS replace ABC.  Also, the black bar makes a jump, shortens, then returns to previous length. 
ABC and body part
NEWS and unidentified object
Proof of that the FB poster did not mess with the video is proven when you watch the ABC News video on Youtube and stop it at 23 seconds and again at 1:43 (same scene that the news media played twice for whatever reason.   

You will see that it is indeed on the original news report. It is quite possible that the staff in the newsroom edited the clip; however, if the one scene was edited so as not to offend viewers, why repeat the same scene a little over one minute later?  If it was going to be edited once, it would make sense to cut the scene again to prevent it from playing twice.   

Yes, I realize it sounds conspiratorial, but something like that makes me wonder if the intent is to purposely provoke conspiracy theorists, or was it a job done in haste by a digital editor to meet a deadline? 

Some people do believe that ABC simply edited the clip, so as not to offend viewers with a gory scene.  If that was the case, why not cut out all the ‘blood’ scenes?  Would it not be just as quick to delete a scene from a digital film, instead of editing the one area and inserting another object?   

Or can green or blue screening cover up an area and substitute something else in its place quicker? Thanks to the sister who gave me a heads up with the Facebook video. 

It seems strange to me how selective the media is in what they reveal. For example, there was no hesitancy showing casualties of the Oklahoma City bombing or the Columbine shooting.  

The news media certainly did not consider viewer sensitivity with the picture below either - but then again, it was not in America, was it?

Jamaat-e-Islami activists (student wing of the organization called Bangladesh islami Chhatra Shibir)smashed bricks over the head of Jahangir Alam, an officer in Rajshara City in Western Bangladesh.

It is so soon after the Sandy Hook incident that we really should be sitting up and paying attention, taking all things to the Lord.  I will not speculate on this event, but have presented what I came across in my search, after a friend initially emailed me about the Boston explosions.

In between the flurry of activity I am experiencing, much prayer has taken place on my part about the article that I have been working on the past few days.  My heart and desire is that the very Spirit of Father is evident in what I present. Otherwise, they are mere words.  

My heart is to present truth, to share what I am led to share and that ultimately, the Lord alone is glorified through it all.  I leave this portion of my article (which was completely unintended when I began this piece on Saturday, three days ago), with a reminder that no matter what is happening here in America (and indeed the entire world) we know that the Lord is fully in control.   
It is no surprise that many unbelievers who are watching global events are expecting WWIII and civil war, as well as an economic collapse.  As alert believers, we all are aware of what is going on also, as well as the work that is going on within the Body of Christ.  

Even the utility foreman (who came here because the electric company has been chopping down trees that threaten overhead electrical wires and cables on the property I rent) mentioned in passing how he is ready for a civil war…and he is a believer in Christ Jesus.  May the Lord help us all!   

The Father has been purifying us, bringing dross to the surface, skimming it off (painful process at times), yet it is for our good – and more importantly, for His glory!  

He has been preparing us in every way for what is fast approaching.  Boston, North Korea, China, Japan, Russia, United States, Iran, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Cyprus, France, Germany, India, UK, (so many other nations), the economy – the entire globe is in chaos, anger and rebellion.  All the people all over the world are hurting and angry.

Onward it goes, demanding our attention.  It is a time to be in prayer, in intercession, seeking the will of the Father.  It is so important to be in His will, now more than ever.  Yes, we should always be in the will of the Lord, but areas that are not purified yet need addressing and the precious Lord is making us all aware of our spots and blemishes and our weaknesses, but also our strengths. 

We cannot let the enemy call defeat upon us.  We must rise up in faith, pressing in to the King and Lord.  Keep on the full armor of God.  Through Christ, we have power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy [Lk 10:19].  

The Lord is more than ready to help us, as we confess all to Him and acknowledge our dependency on Him. He has always wanted to be involved in every detail of our lives, but how often do we invite Him to share every part of our lives? 

Remember, He created us for His good pleasure and His glory.  He is pleased to be involved…we just have to let go and allow Him His proper place in our lives.  

No fear, but quiet confidence that He will help us.  Walking by faith is paramount, for without faith it is impossible to please Him.  He is more than willing and able – He is doing a good and quick work.  Let us keep pressing in, focused on the Lord and obedient to His leading.  

He is Faithful and True. That is a reality in we can be confident.   

But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.  [Heb 11:6]   

Join me as I now move on to the intended article that I began days ago.  May the Lord be ever-present in this place - at this time.   

At the Edge of a Dangerous Precipice  

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition [2Thes 2:3]   

It is understood that ‘precipice’ means an overhanging or a very steep rocky cliff, chasm (deep fissure) or abyss.  Instinctively, we know it means that if we are at a precipice, we are at the brink of a dangerous situation, which could lead to disaster. 

To fall over the precipice is precisely falling away from a safe place and into one of great peril, causing us harm or injury; perhaps, even death.  Therefore, it is with great intent and purpose that I selected the title of this entry in my writings.  

I am only one voice sounding over the waters (and Lord knows), we can almost drown in the sea of voices today; however, I must do as I am led.  What I am about to express will not be a popular message. 

There may be those who do not agree or even be offended.  Offense is not my intent, as I am not a contentious person by nature (to the Creator’s glory); however, there are those who may take what I say in such a way.  We are to take all things (all) to the Lord and yes, that definitely includes what I write.   

Be that as it may, I would like to share where I stand on certain matters.  If I am wrong, the Lord will show me.  He has always been faithful to do so; and even if it means humility, I would rather be humbly corrected than proudly wrong.  

Time is just so short and truly the Body of Christ has need of each other, so let us uphold (support) each other in prayer.  Lord knows that we all need prayer (self included), in these dark and turbulent days of unexpected happenings.  

In the Silence  
I have had some emails that expressed a similar question or comment.  In paraphrasing, it was asserted that the breakdown on current events was appreciated.  For some, it connected dots and to others, it gave a more panoramic view. 

However, a handful of readers wanted ‘a word from the Lord’.  Each expressed it differently, but basically, that was the gist of the messages. 

In the past five weeks, I had gone through an extremely silent time with the Lord.  He has been silent before and I never like it, but this time, it was greatly troubling to me, as we are in a serious time slot in these last of the last days.  

I searched my heart, continued to pray, asking more than once if I had done something that Father was upset with, praying that He would please show me.  Silence!   

This time was the longest time so far that Father had remained silent (since committing to the Lord) that I could remember.  As stated, although I continued to pray, the silence felt heavy upon me.  I would tell myself that He was with me, but as each day passed, I was beginning to wonder if I was experiencing ‘Ichabod’.  

After all, it was at Passover last year that the Lord had me cut my hair.  See Jeremiah 7:25-31, or you can read about it here:  O Jerusalem, O America  (It has now grown back, amazingly fast – glory to the Lord.  It is His doing.) 

 In 1 Samuel 4:21, the word Ichabod first appears when Phineas’ wife, who was pregnant, overheard that her father-in-law and her husband were dead, and that the ark of God had been taken.  She began to travail and go into contractions (in pains, the Bible says).   

When the child was born, she called him Ichabod, which scholars agreed meant ‘the glory of God has departed [from Israel]’.  Some translators say ‘without honor’.  When the Lord had me cut my hair, I understood that He was saying that His glory had departed from America.  

A few days passed and I was to burn the hair that I had cut off.  I delayed in doing so, as I was pained in my heart and grieved within my soul for the United States… beyond words.  I burned red ant hills as I delayed.  

It is very possible that it was the Holy Spirit moving on me to delay, indicative of the Lord Himself delaying events, likely in answer to the many prayers of His people.  We have not been ready for what is coming – nor ready for the second coming of our King and Lord. 

However, I did realize the Lord was still with me, despite His silence, but I missed His voice.  How can I express that I missed the Lord, even though I know He is with me?  

A thought occurred that it was ‘Ichabod’ for me.  Yet, the thought left so quickly, without my being aware of dispelling it that I am convinced the Holy Spirit rebuked the thought.

Yet, why was Father so silent?  Over the course of five weeks, I would say that I heard the Lord (not audibly) perhaps four, maybe five times.  Three of those times, I posted what the Lord gave me.  The first two messages came around the one week mark of silence, so the full impact of Father’s silence had not hit me yet.  

The third message I posted came another three weeks and four days (almost four weeks – April 9) after that.  Only once during that four weeks did the Lord give me a personal message, which I did not present publicly.  The posts I did present were: “A Trial like Never Before”; “Make Your Calling and Election Sure” and “Obey That All May be Well with You”.

I will not mince words or use euphemisms. The silence felt so heavy this time that I felt lost, truly lost and incomplete. Even reading the Bible was somewhat difficult, as my mind would drift to thoughts of the Lord and much pondering (soul-searching). 

What I was clearing understanding was that ‘without Him, I am nothing’.  I have heard people make that remark with such casual tones that it was nearly the same as hearing, ‘Looks like rain today.’ 

Unfortunately, there are many truths that have become catch phrases or buzz words, as though it is the expected, proper and ‘holy’ thing to say amongst believers. Although I realized that I am dependent on the Lord, it was really driven home during that time period of silence – a most agonizing reminder.    

I wonder - do we really understand those words when they are expressed?  Well, I was learning firsthand the depth of truth in that simple statement.  At first, I obviously noticed His silence, while at the same time being aware that He had been silent before.  

It had been said after a previous time of quiet (through a friend) - “Will you still trust Me even in My silence?”  His question through her (my friend) was like a light going on and I understood the purpose of that particular period of silence.   
The time was ticking by and the searching of my heart and repenting of thought, word or deed continually came forth.  I was even becoming regretful for things which needed no regret at all, just to be sure that I left no stone unturned.  

Oftentimes, I could be found lying in bed weeping my heart out.  In that emotional, but sincere state, I was asking the Lord to take me home.  What would life even mean without the Lord?  How would I know what to do without His direction?  

Without Him, what was the purpose of life?  If God the Creator and Father was not with me as I worked or wrote, nothing I could say would mean anything at all.  How could I speak anything of any significance without Him?  What good is the letter of a word without His Spirit?  

I continued on doing personal inventory, inviting the very Spirit of the Father to reveal anything hidden.  I told Him that I would rather have never been born at all, if it meant life without Him.  I meant it…nothing means anything without my Creator, Savior, King, Lord!   

Had I inadvertently turned from Him somehow?  Had I been too tired, too busy in some area? If I had, would I not know it? Was He displeased about something?  

The questions, soul-searching and grieving seemed nonstop.  I realized that many of the thoughts were stemming from fear and doubt within myself, so I had to cast them down.  

Other times, it was the enemy and I would rebuke Him in the name above all names, Jesus the Christ. Finally, the Lord did speak, after about three weeks of silence, which I considered to be a personal message; therefore, I did not post it.  

Perhaps I was ‘hoarding’ the word for myself – it did not seem to be for anyone else, but knowing that the Lord still feeds the multitudes, I will post some of it now.  I say ‘some’ because a small portion of it definitely does pertain to my personal life.  

God Speaks   

It was March 29, three weeks and a day of silence had passed, with the exception of the two messages that I posted on March 13 and 15.  Truly, each day seemed like a week, so if it sounds mixed up, it is because I felt so lost in not hearing Him. 

“Fear not.  I AM here.  There is still hope.  My silence is observation – I see you flounder as a fish without water when I AM silent at length.  Why fear you My silence?  I AM not as man.  

My silence does not mean anger.  I have come to give you hope.  Hear Me speak through My word as you read.  Hear Me speak through others, but bring all things to Me.  Remember to try the spirit to see if it is of Me, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.   

This is indeed a time of great activity on the part of all those on the dark side.  This is indeed a time of spiritual attacks and a time for spiritual warfare. When the enemy calls a defeat, stand on My word. Keep on the full armor.  Look to Me for I AM the Lord of the battle.   

You do well to follow My instructions carefully for it is your only way to victory.  Now I have encouraged you further, for I AM with you, even in silence.  You must learn to trust Me, even when My quietness surrounds you.  Fast and pray.  I AM leading you.” 

After that, His silence again enveloped me.  He had said, “I see you flounder as a fish without water when I AM silent at length.”  Father sure put worded it better than me.  

I said I felt lost without Him, but by His saying ‘flounder as a fish without water’ was spot on. A fish out of water is suffocating, dying, helpless, without strength, fighting for its very existence, desperately trying to get back to the ‘water’ that sustains it.  

Yes, that expresses how I felt more adequately for sure.  The Lord is the ‘living water’ that sustains me.  A friend and sister in Christ had conversed with me by phone during that time period of silence, informing me that the Lord had once told her that “He speaks even in the silence”.  Again, the Lord was right.  

Her comment revealed to me that all of God’s people go through times of silence.  She did not know that she had confirmed the word of the Lord when she shared that with me.  

She also did not know how her sharing about His silence with her, coupled with what the Lord had said to her truly did minister to me.  I felt strengthened and had restored hope, even though I knew these things from past experiences.  See how we all have need of each other?  That is a perfect example.   

That there should be no schism in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another
And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honoured, all the members rejoice with it.  [1Cor 12:25, 26]   

I must admit once again that even though I knew He was with me, I missed hearing from Him.  Had I unknowingly taken the fact that He speaks to His people for granted?  

There were times that I begged Him to speak to me, with hot tears rolling down My cheeks.  I needed my constant companion to guide me.  

You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for You have created all things, and for Your pleasure they are and were created.  
[Rev 4:11]   

Have you ever had someone close to you give you the silent treatment – a close friend, spouse, child or relative?  It is frustrating when one side wants to talk and the other side will not say a word.  

Yet, the Lord said that He was not as man; that His silence did not (in this case) mean anger (displeasure).  When people give us the silent treatment (cold shoulder), it is most often (but not always) due to anger or offense.   

Walk Humbly with Me   

Last week (not many days ago), I had to go out to take care of some business.  The young woman who served me had ‘attitude’.  Did I stay calm and walk in love and understanding?  Did I do justly, love mercy and walk humbly before my God?   

No, instead my flesh rose up.  I said something to her that was rude, using a word I should not have used.  No, it was not a cuss word, nor a word that was (shall I say) gender specific, but it was a rude word.
Naturally, she did not want to serve me after that, so I called for the manager, who did serve me.   Now, it took twenty minutes for the service to be complete, as it was purposely slow, which was the deserved consequence of my behavior.  

I had seen the manager speak with the young woman privately and knew that the manager was on her side, yet being a professional, the manager agreed to serve the ‘rude’ customer.  It turned out that the manager’s daughter (who also worked at the store) and the cashier with ‘attitude’ were close friends.   

Even as I was conducting business, the disappointment I felt at my own behavior was heavy upon my soul.  In my heart, I determined that I would not leave that store, without making a sincere effort to undo any damage I may have done.   

Whether I was justified in my reaction because the woman had ‘attitude’ (first) is far from the point.  I am a child of the Creator of all things, the heavenly King and Lord.  

How could I bring shame to His name and justify it at all?  I could not because as His child, I knew better.  That was the point! 

Before I left the store, I spoke with the young woman.  The Holy Spirit had moved upon me (without a word), but brought to my remembrance that we are to strive to be peacemakers.  

I knew that to establish any peace and order again, I had to humble myself, admit my wrong (two wrongs does not make one right) and apologize to her.   

I had acted like the proverbial bull in a china shop and there was no way I could clean up the mess with clumsy hooves like mine.  But in submitting to the Lord’s Spirit and in obedience to His word, I was to humble myself by confessing my fault.

The Lord cleaned up the mess for me. I know that in His own way and time, He will deal with her also. That is between the Lord and her. The Holy Spirit strengthened me and gave me courage.
Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.  The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.  
[Jam 5:16]   

The spiritual truth in the above scripture is that pride must be laid down, dying to self, in confessing your fault to another.  Prayer could come later, as I was not in any position to know if she was a believer or not, nor was it the proper time or place.  Other customers had arrived

Whether she would accept my apology or not was something that I had to leave in the Lord’s hands.  Humility had to replace any pride or justification, as I confessed that I was out of line (wrong) in what I said and apologized to her.

Obedience in the little things…I am learning much, yes, but I am also going through ‘refresher courses’ (reminders) for the things already learned.  We all need reminders and we can most certainly expect to be tested on the things we learn, with real-life situations.  

However, as stated before, not everything in life is a test.  We are not programmed robots and our flesh will constantly fight us; flesh can quickly rise up, if we do not guard our hearts and tongues (even for a moment).   

When the Bible says that ‘a soft answer turns away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger’, it is absolute truth!  That is found in Proverbs 15:1.  I watched that word come alive in animated form and that young woman and I were the animation.   

As I obeyed the Lord’s leading and spoke in true humility, I could see the hardness upon the young woman dissolve away.  When I departed, we were on friendly terms.

The young woman was smiling, saying ‘it’s okay’ (her way of forgiving when I asked).  The Lord had re-established order and peace in obedience to His word.  

Once I was home, I checked my emails, where some of the messages (as previously indicated) inquired about a ‘word from the Lord’ (did I have one)?  There was also an email that said nothing, but contained one scripture. 

He that keeps his mouth keeps his life: but he that opens wide his lips (speaks rashly) shall have destruction.  [Prov 13:3] 

The timing of the one scripture verse was impeccable and no happenstance.  I shut down my laptop and once again grieved at my failure, aware of my moment of hypocrisy in all its ugliness.  

Disappointment (in myself) weighed heavy upon me and I needed to shake it off.  My heart ached because one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is self-control, which I had failed to do in the above incident.  

How often had I posted words from the Lord, where often He speaks of dying to self and walking in love?  I exhort and encourage others that we must lay it all down for the Lord…then that day happened and I felt like ‘hypocrite’ was stamped on my forehead.  

I morphed from being a bull in a china shop into a donkey, complete with tail and ears.  Not everything that happens is a test necessarily, but things that happen (in and of itself) will reveal to us where we stand, or what impurities still remain in us that have to be purged.  

I am still being purged, purified. If it was a test, I failed in one respect (in reacting negatively or in the flesh, as it is called), yet on the other hand, I suppose I passed, as I worked to right the wrong on my part (I could not right her wrong) and peace was established again.  

I have learned that even in His silence, the Lord is with me, leading me in the way that I should go.  He has taught me these things through His word, by His Spirit, through others and through experiences. 

Therefore, the successful outcome is to the glory of the Creator, the Lord alone. I prayed for the woman and repented before the Lord for acting hypocritically and walking in the flesh.  

I had been ashamed of myself and grieved.  The rude singular word I had used is not a word that I normally use in my vocabulary.  In fact, I personally dislike the word and avoid it.  

Therefore, I wondered if in that moment, I had not found myself in the same condition or state that the apostle Peter found himself in – which allows Satan to speak through a vessel, due to the fallen and sinful nature of man.  

Whether it was flesh or whether it was the enemy, it was wrong.  It came through my mouth, as I did not stop it; therefore, I am responsible. 

I prayed that the Lord would take the word out of the atmosphere and render it null and void in its power because it is written that the power of life and death are in the tongue, and those who love it will eat the fruit thereof.  [Prov 18:21]  

I prayed that the Holy Spirit would burn it up to such a degree that not even the ashes of it remained.  Once again, I learned another lesson the hard way.  I learned or rather, I was reminded of how very easy it is to walk in the flesh.  

More and more, I come to understand what it means to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.  Flesh does indeed war against the spirit and the spirit wars against the flesh.  

I shared with another friend and brother in Christ that a majority of people quote the scripture, “There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus”, but rarely is the rest of the scripture quoted.  

It is very important that the verse is quoted in its entirety because it makes a big difference.  

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, (this is where most people leave off, which is quoted in a valiant attempt to immediately dismiss feelings of guilt or remorse for the believer).   

The rest of the scripture says who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit[Rom 8:1]  It is one thing to say there is no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, which in itself leads one to believe that it must be Satan if we feel condemned (and truly Satan does condemn us, but so does our own good conscience).  

It is yet another statement entirely when the complete verse is spoken.  Most often, when only the first part of the scripture is spoken, believers go around rebuking Satan, if their own heart or someone else condemns them or calls their words or deeds into account.  

For example, if I operated by only the first part of the scripture, why should I confess my fault to anyone?  After all, I am in Christ and He is in me; therefore, there is now no condemnation.  

But hold on!  I walked after the flesh, not after the Spirit; therefore, I am under condemnation or conviction, whatever way is chosen to say it.  Our heart will condemn us, as a true child of God, if we act or react as the unsaved, the unbeliever acts.  

Condemn means to express complete disproval of (censure, denounce), according to the dictionary.  Condemnation finds the person guilty and forces a person to acknowledge wrongdoing.  

The normal reaction of people is to justify our actions.  However, the normal reaction of the person who acknowledges his sin or that he has done wrong is shame, guilt and remorse. 

The dictionary also uses the word ‘convict’ in its list of synonyms, yet as believers we see condemnation and conviction as two different things.   

Conviction from the Holy Spirit of Almighty God will cause us to look at our sin for what it is.  The Lord will move upon us to bring us to repentance, but the choice is still up to us individually.  He will not force repentance.

If we repent, it results in immediate forgiveness if and when we confess our sin, desiring to turn away from such things.  I understand the reason why believers separate the two.

Only the conviction of the Holy Spirit leads us to repentance, whereas condemnation only leads us to more sin, as denial or justifying our sin takes place.  Condemnation (guilt, shame) will ultimately form a root of bitterness and keep us miserable because it keeps us living in the past. 

Without acknowledging sin and repenting, we will be kept in bondage which will hinder our walk. Satan’s tormentors will have a field day, until we become numb to the fact that we had ever done wrong any at all. 

The danger of that is that we become stiff-necked and hardhearted, as unforgiveness takes a hold of our heart.  Indirectly, it calls God a liar.   

The Bible says that when we repent and confess our sins, the Lord is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins.  Therefore, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ, as long as we walk by the Spirit, in order to overcome our fleshly nature.  

So yes, it is important to keep the entire verse intact.   

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.  Amen!   

Yet another blemish is removed from me…how many more spots and blemishes are there hidden?  Do I dare to find out?  Yes, deep down I do desire to find out, whether I like it or not.  

Is there any hope to becoming purified?  Yes, the Lord has decreed that He will purify us, as we yield to Him and bring our flesh into submission to Him– dying to ‘self’.  O may the work be a quick work, for my sake, but for His glory! 

After I had repented, the Lord spoke to Me!  Hallelujah – I had even been off the computer two days, spending time in reflection, soul-searching and prayer (and likely some self-pity).  

It was five weeks to the day that the Lord had been silent (minus the few times I had mentioned previously).  On the day His silence ended (April 11), my soul soared when the Lord spoke to me.  

It was as if the dark clouds burst and rain poured down upon me, allowing His light and glory to shine forth.  He refreshed my soul.  I wrote His words down and posted them, which He wisely led me to call “Walk Humbly with Me”.  
Now perhaps people understand that when I give a message publicly, there is no ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude.  Perish the thought!  Be assured; be very confident that the ‘messenger’ receives the ‘message’ first and is paying close attention as well.   

Even every one that is called by My name: for I have created him for My glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him [Is 43:7]  

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time:  [1Pet 5:6] 

(The rest of this is lengthy and will be posted soon) 

for His glory alone  

Bonita                  dovesofthevalleys4@gmail.com

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