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No Time for Patience - Part 4- Daughters

No Time for Patience - Daughters

For the prophetic word below, it is presented exactly as it was written by Olivia R. Long.  The only change has been dividing it into paragraphs for easier reading. The gold colour was already in original piece.

It was sent to me in an email in 2011. I have no website or any idea who sent it to me now. It was stored on the external hard drive.  BP/2017

To My Hurting Daughters My Name Is Immanuel
To My hurting daughters... I have seen your frustrations and I know your questions. My eyes have gone to and fro, looking for someone who was willing to put aside all things and you said "here am I" and then found yourself going through the fire and it's been much hotter than you ever expected.

You have known what it is to be in need and you know the hurts of the outcasts for so many times you feel like an outcast yourself.

You have brought to My remembrance My many words and promises to you. My Beloved, I have heard your cries. Know that I have not gone back on My Word, I cannot because I Am bound by My Word. My hands have not been idle. 

I have been with you through every frustration and pain that has been inflicted upon you, for My Name is Immanuel.

Know, My daughters that I have and Am paving the way, the preparations have been under way for your breakthroughs. Be sensitive to My directions, even to the smallest insignificances, because they are vital! 

Do not fear that you will miss Me or My direction. You have walked many spiritual miles for Me and have fought many spiritual battles and I AM pleased that even through your own pain you have been there for another sister in need.

You have cried out to Me through your tears and pain telling Me that all seems hopeless in your eyes. Although it seems as though I have forsaken you, KNOW that I Am Immanuel. Although it seems My eye and My hand have not been upon you, KNOW that I AM Immanuel. ...

Beloved, I AM aware of All your needs, My eyes are upon them and upon you. Now is the time to hold fast to My promises. Now is the time to hold on to your faith. Although it 'appears' the answers are far off, they are much nearer than you know!  Continue to speak words of faith to My daughters.

Continue to stand firm and rejoice in Me. My Beloved, I have breathed My breath into your lives and anything that I breathe my breath into - LIVES!!!! Know that even now, in your pain and even confusion, I AM breathing wellness into My willing vessels.

This is the time that you must keep your focus and that focus is ME. Reserve your heart for Me at all costs, for the day is surely coming when those who have chosen to walk with their King through all adversities will see the might and Power of MY strong arm.

My daughters, you will see Breakthrough in unprecedented ways and the time of your blossoming forth for ME is SURELY at hand. The time that you have awaited is SURELY upon the horizon in might and power.

You have been learning to rely on ME, and no other, for ALL things! You have been learning to rely on ME for even your very existence in your painful situations. And now, My daughters, "Watch ME move in a mighty way."

Watch Me bring forth all those things that I have promised you. Provisions, needs met and your place in My plan. All are coming forth by My hand and because of My Word. I AM speaking forth these words this very hour. As I spoke the Word - the universe came into being. I AM now speaking forth the Word for you!

Behold the goodness of your Lord and Savior, for I can create out of the ugly and unseemly and create something beautiful. Await the appearance of My surprises that I AM placing at your doorstep. 

Be expectant of the gifts from the I AM launching you into going about your Father's business in a more productive way.

Beware of those that tell you times are hard and you will never see the Glory of your God. Beware of those who discourage you from accepting My word into your heart, for truly, I HAVE SPOKEN and truly I will bring forth ALL I have spoken.

Put not your trust in another but In Me. I have given you My Word and I have confirmed My Word. NOW, I AM FAITHFUL TO BRING IT TO PASS.

I AM not a man who would look down on His Beloved. Reach forth your hand and receive. Behold, I will give strengthening power to My chosen daughters and I will restore all that you have lost.
Today, I AM calling for you to reach forth your hand and receive and as you receive give out to another of My hurting daughters. Give to those you see in need. Give to those who are discouraged. I AM calling for the process to go forth in My Name and by MY power and none shall stop it, for I AM IMMANUEL.

I want you to know these words are truly spoken by the voice of your God. Will you continue to give freely to others of My daughters in need, In My Name? Will you continue to offer a cup of living water to your sisters who are discouraged and are losing hope, even when you are feeling the depths of despair yourself?
Truly you ARE receiving from ME, now freely give what you have received.

You knew that I had called you and to set your face as flint in that calling - a calling that is special and unique and one only you can achieve .... It is a high calling and one not to be taken lightly. The preparations have been intense and you have been trained in life's situations.

These have not been easy and it has taken great faith. Do you hear me? You, my beautiful daughters, have great faith. My Word says that to those who overcome, I will give a crown of life and you are overcomers and you shall receive your crown. This crown will take many forms and your needs will be met and your calling sure.

My hurting daughters, ALL, I say ALL authority has been given to you. Get mean with the enemy. Do not allow him in the back door for He will rob you of the peace I have given you.
You are Mine! My signet ring is upon your finger and My seal upon your forehead. Go - in the authority, GO - in the power of My Name. Let nothing or no-one come between My presence and you. You are mine and I AM jealous over you.

I AM calling you to walk forth as mighty warriors of God. Stand tall and stand strong in ME! I want those around you to see My glory in you. The world is saying , 'aha, aha, where is her God?' - but the world and the church shall see that I AM alive in you, they shall see My Glory and My love in you and upon you.

They will see Who I AM and what I can do through My hurting daughters who I WILL bring forth In My Glory and they will see that I AM IMMANUEL in you.

You have waited and waited. You have wondered when will it happen? You have said "When Lord, When?" I say to you, my daughters, is the day. I AM giving you the desires of your heart and it will be a strong witness to many! You are a testimony and a witness... I AM Immanuel.

My daughters, what I have for you will be hard for you to contain. It will be like a mother giving birth. The blessings will cause you to forget these hard and difficult times. The blessings will be 100 fold, in every area and to those of whom I called you to, they will surely be blessed!

You have sowed into My work and you shall reap the harvest. I love giving to My children, I take pleasure in giving to My own. Expect a harvest in all areas ... spiritual, emotional and physical.

I see faith arising in your spirit and it is your faith and trust In Me that will move mountains. Mountains are moving this day because of your faith. 

Debts are being paid and that which seemed impossible you will see as "possible" with your God. It is time for you to 'soar like the eagle', for nothing, I say NOTHING is impossible with your God.

 Rise, O' precious daughter of Mine, rise and see the impossible happen. Let no one dissuade you with their words or actions, no-one. Rise and soar O' Daughter of Mine. Let your faith soar for the day of promise is here. Give me first place in your heart always and know that I AM Immanuel, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS.....

You have been in a desperate situation and time. You have tasted the mire and the desperation of many of My daughters. You have felt the desire to give up and you have experienced the feeling of going under. My beautiful servant you have tasted what many are living under....
As MY SON took on the sins of the world, so you, My daughters, so you have tasted and taken on desperation... and ... just as you have experienced the desperation you will experience My deliverance.

This is your testimony. You will see what I have been accomplishing on your behalf in the spiritual realm now touch you in the natural realm and you will say, Aha, My God was always with me.

My ears are listening for your shouts of joy that will arise for the gates of heaven are opening upon you. My daughters, I AM IMMANUEL!!!

"The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son and they will call Him Immanuel, which means, "God with us." Matthew :23

by Olivia Reitz Long  - 2010

(End of prophetic word) 

Below is a prophetic word through a brother in Christ named Mark Wattenford, a man I do not know, but I recognize the voice of the Shepherd.

I present it as it was sent to me, meaning no editing.  Well…except for separating sentences for the ease of reading.  Just can’t help it.

Besides that small detail, it is in the original form in which I received it.  (Thank you Donna L. for your obedience to the Lord’s leading.)

Four of us have been blessed already by this and deeply touched within.  To God alone all glory!

As Mark Wattenford stated, “For who God chooses to bless none can thwart it!!)

A DAUGHTER OF ZION - by Mark Wattenford

For who God chooses to bless none can thwart it!!

I see you in the spirit right now again and standing on a road. I hear the word of the Lord and of angels conversing about you saying "She is coming forth," she will enter the fullness, she is of those Chosen... and the number of the harvest shall be great.

The Father is with her and the Father's love is upon her. She shall not be stopped though there have been strong forces come against her. 

The children shall be freed and healed. The Nations shall come forth. 

The Glory and the Light of God shall shine greatly upon this vessel and this daughter. 
Shall she not be a stumbling block for them that think themselves righteous? 
She seeks a name, and she is to me a flower, she is to me the "Morning Glory." 

Many shall be added to her house and her own children shall stand with her, and I have appointed portions to her children. 

She has gone where others have feared and where the shepherds have said NOT TO GO, but she went in where there were giants and the Father is pleased in her. She shall NOT be destroyed.

Behold, the increase in gifts I am about to give her and bestow upon her for she has been faithful. 

Behold the jealousy of the leavened priests! 
Behold, she shall speak to chains, and they shall fall away... chains that could not be broken by my "leavened priests". 

The songs of heaven have entered her heart. She shall rise up in praise and worship into the presence of the Lord and the Father. 
That Wave, That Glory, That Harvest, and those hidden things in heart are from the Father. 

Child, it is TIME... it is the restoration of my wounded, it is the gathering in of my harvest, it is the culmination of all things and shall bring forth my Bride and my wedding.

Yes! You are beautiful in my sight! I have brought you into a family, the family of mine own. 

I have hedged you in to keep you sheltered from the north, the east and the south, but I have opened that gate of the western wall and you shall enter into those things there and you shall see the rains, the showers and the outpours from where I am placing you and it is already in your spirit that you can hear the rains and the thunders of my spirit coming.

The dead shall rise, the lame shall walk, the blind shall see, the oppressed shall be set free, and as I brought my people out of Egypt there were none among them that were weak or infirm.

My daughter, though the enemy has tried to resist and discourage and stop you... I have formed you and I have brought you forth for purpose. 

What I purpose to do shall not fall away. The lightnings may strike near you, but they shall not strike you. The thunders will roar and will be to them around you a painful thing, but not to you. 

You shall pass through wreckage but you shall not be harmed. Your garments shall not be torn or dirtied nor will there be a smell of smoke upon them. 
My Holy presence is come upon you to bring you forth into the fullness of my purposes.

My child, all your tears I have kept in Heaven, in jars... I have lost none of them...they are before Me as precious, "Vials of Life." 

Everything you knew shall be changed and everything you thought shall be increased and everything you had will be added to. 
The enemy has tossed you back and forth in his anger of you, but I AM your covering and your fortress and your stronghold. I AM HE that covers you under my wings. 

You shall rest among the eagles, and you shall be an eagle among them.

You shall take up the sickle and reap in the fields, but it SHALL NOT be work, for the sickle I place in your hand is of My Spirit and shall reap of the fields as My Power and Spirit is in it, and it is not a sickle made by man, but it is a sickle made of My Spirit and shall reap where the sickle of men have not cut down. 

The sickles of men have not served to reap the harvest and cut the stocks of grain but rather they have "torn up" as they have been wielded by those who would carry them. 

They have done damage to My fields with these sickles they have fashioned by their own hands. 

I have made a strong bond between myself and you and now with those I have purposed to work with you also. The enemy shall not come against what I do in this day and he shall not destroy or damage in all My Holy Mountain.

Isa 60:1 Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.

(End of prophetic word) above by Mark Wattenford

for His glory


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