Friday, September 5, 2014

Is a 9-11 Attack Imminent? Is IS (ISIS) a Threat to U.S.? What About Ebola?

Guest Jason Pillow will be coming aboard to speak about the potential for a 9-11 attack, the dangerous position that the United States is in, the U.S. involvement in the Russia situation.  Threats to the United States have been echoing throughout the global corridors.  IS (formerly ISIS) - who are they, really?  Are they a danger or threat to the United States?  What can Americans expect in the days just ahead?
Bare-faced ISIS executioner Shakir Wahiyib
What about the ebola outbreak?  Is it true that it was a man-made strain?  Was Glen Thomas (ebola expert) intentionally put on the Malaysia plane that went down?  

If the ebola strain has now been weaponized for biological warfare, what threat does it pose to the U.S.?

Going by his personal sources, news reports and the messages of other watchment, brother Jason will answer these  and many other questions surrounding the forementioned topics.  Keep in mind the blood moons as well, with the next one being in October.  Without the guidance of the Almighty God, through His holy Spirit, who or what is going to direct you in the dangerous days ahead?

Join us tonight on BTR (Blog Talk Radio) - Monday, September 8, 2014

8:00 pm EST - 7:00 pm Central - 4:00 pm PST

Click on link below to go straight to BTR website to hear show live.

for His glory

(Upcoming program will discuss the ramifications of being stalked by a fellow believer, how it is seen in the eyes of the LORD, as well as discussing the grief the LORD has suffered over the condition of the majority (but not all) of the 'church' today.  There is a serious call for repentance going out globally, but particularly in the Western Hemisphere.  

Are we any better than the Israelites (Hebrews) of old?  There will also be an 'first time ever' appeal made for assistance.  

Also, are you being called to move out in the second Exodus, or called to stay your ground?  You best be absolutely sure!  Stay tuned for the episode scheduling - it will be next week.)

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