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Battle above the Clouds/Pt 14 - On the Verge of Wars

April 3, 2013 - [o4.o3.2o13]

Battle above the Clouds / Pt 14 - On the Verge of Wars

I spoke with a brother in Christ, who is not only a fellow blogger, but more savvy when it comes to computers and its language than I am.  The obvious HTML errors that have been occurring on my blog have been frustrating not only for me, but for readers as well.  

The brother patiently listened when I explained the woes I was experiencing and kindly offered a couple of possible causes and appropriate solutions that may well address the situation.  Hopefully, the problem has been diagnosed and solved.

Also, just quickly, if I may, I request prayer for myself.  I am typically hesitant to do so (I guess we all are sometimes), but we all need the support of prayer to cover us in these days.  I have been exceptionally fatigued the past little while, only being able to stay awake a few hours at a time before I must lay down to rest again.  

There is no reason for the fatigue that I can ascertain, so if you are led to support me with your prayers, I would greatly appreciate it.  I began this article two and a half days ago and it should have been posted the day before yesterday, but due to my tiredness, it is far behind.  I have always had much energy, sleep well and typically do not nap.  Thank you, in advance to those who are led to pray.


There is no escaping that which is taking place right before our eyes.  To draw people’s attention to the world stage and the players involved is not difficult in itself, as those who are awake are watching.  Those who are believers are not only watching, but also praying.  

It is not a conspiracy theory, it is conspiracy fact. What we are witnessing has been planned long ago by the ‘god of forces’ (aka Lucifer, Satan, the lead fallen angel that rebelled) and his evil minions.  When I searched the Word of God, I found that there were 29 verses in the books of the Bible that speak of conspiracy or of people that conspired.

The global elite and their puppets honor the ‘god of forces’.  However, there is one (Antichrist) who shall arise that shall honor the god of forces and shall be possessed by him (Satan).  This god of forces (Satan) has been introduced to people already, whether they are aware of it or not.  New Age believes in ‘energy’ or ‘a god as a force’; Star Wars with the famous line, ‘the force be with you’, and the occult with its theosophy and dualism.

And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.

Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all. But in his estate shall he honour the god of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.  [Dan 11:36-38]   

(It is interesting that verse 30 speaks about the ships of Chittim, which is modern-day Cyprus, where the government has begun to remove money from people’s bank accounts.)

(a) a secret plan by two or more (group) to commit unlawful or harmful acts 
(b) to accomplish a legal purpose by an illegal action [which then becomes unlawful due to a secret agreement] 
(c) the act of plotting (conspiring) to work together (collaborate) to accomplish a particular result, usually to someone’s detriment

The first mention of conspiracy in the Bible pertained to Joseph, in the book of Genesis, when his brothers became jealous of Joseph and conspired to kill him. [Gen 37:18]   
The next time a conspiracy is mentioned is in 1Samuel 22:8, when Saul is upset because the people conspired to protect Jonathan, who was helping David escape from his father’s wrath.  Later, Saul accuses his son, Jonathan of conspiring with David by feeding him, giving him a sword and praying to God for him.  

Out of the 29 conspiracies mentioned in the Bible, 16 led to murder, one led to a person being sold as a slave (Joseph), one led to a person fleeing the danger (David), two times were to protect people (Jonathan and later David) against authority (king Saul).  

One conspiracy led to the imprisonment of a prophet of God, another was for the overthrow of a king and two verses spoke of the people accusing Amos, God’s prophet, of conspiracy because he prophesied against the king and his family, saying that the king would be killed by the sword, which he was. Another conspiracy led to the stoning of a prophet (Zechariah, God’s prophet).

There was a conspiracy that led to war against Jerusalem; two were against the Creator Himself.  The people conspired to go against God and go after other gods (idols), and another time was when the false prophets conspired against Yhwh (God) and they began killing people, stealing treasures and precious things, and going after other gods.  Finally, the last mention of conspiracy was when 40 Jews conspired to not eat until they saw the apostle Paul killed (Acts 23:13).

There are many who believe that World War III has been a conspiracy of the global elite for a long time, in order to establish a NWO (New World Order).  Biblical scholars and theologians, who study prophecies in the Word of God, believe that the next global war is spoken of in scripture.


For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?  [1Cor 14:8]

There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them is without signification.  [1 Cor 14:8, 10]

We are well-aware of the escalating tension in all countries and the deception of those in the political arena and the controlled news media, as well as prophecy that is unfolding rapidly before us.  We cannot escape the drama or the news of it all, for it is a reality that cannot be ignored, unless it is chosen to be ignored.

We long to be emptied of ‘self’, to be vessels unto honor, to have our King Jesus (Y’shua) rule on the throne of our heart and to be about the Father’s business in the horrific days that are soon upon us, just as the apostles of Christ and the faithful disciples of Messiah, were mighty instruments in the Father’s hand when apocalyptic times arrived for them.

There are many of us (self included) who say that unless healing and restoration takes place in our physical bodies, we will not make it in the battles (wars) that are about to take place here in America and around the world (WWIII).  I believe that healing and restoration is in fact coming for the Body of Christ and the true disciples of Jesus Christ.  Whether we live or whether we die, we must be prepared.

The verse that forever keeps returning to my remembrance is the verse that I used to honor the Lord when He led me to start this blog.  Up at the very top of this website, it proclaims the Word of the Lord.  To me, it is a proclamation, reminding us all of what is to come and how we all must overcome.

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.  [Rev 12:11]

North Korea Has Not Yet Backed Down

Despite the overuse of the words ‘bellicose’ and ‘rhetoric’ regarding North Korea’s threats to the United States, there is much activity going on.  There is murmuring that the North Korean war has been strategically planned to coincide with global economic collapse.  Whether the rumors that both events are planned to be synchronized or not, it is evident that both are a threatening reality.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered Russian officials to close all foreign bank accounts by July 1, 2013 or face dismissal.  The recent decree follows after Putin’s state-of-the-nation address when the president voiced the measures being taken to fight corruption.  Source: The Washington Post

Although the decree follows on the heels of North Korea’s threat of war with the United States, one has to wonder if it actually pertains to the global financial crisis that is occurring.  Japan, France, Greece, Portugal are all in the headlines as they scramble to correct their economies.  Meanwhile, Putin declares that Russia may profit from Cyprus’ crisis.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the banking crisis in Cyprus showed up what he said was the unreliability of Western financial institutions, saying it would encourage Russian depositors to invest at home.” 

"The more you 'pinch' foreign depositors in the financial institutions of your countries the better for us," Putin said in an interview ahead of his trips to Germany and the Netherlands on Sunday and Monday. 

"Because all the affected, offended and frightened (not all but many) should - we hope - come to our financial institutions. And they will keep their money in our banks," Putin told Germany's ARD television.”  Source: UK Telegraph

It appears that blame is being pointed at the Obama administration for North Korea’s threats when the two stealth B-2 nuclear bombers were sent over for the military exercises.  Pyongyang’s reaction was expected, as Kim Jong-un saw the move as an intent to begin a nuclear war on North Korea.

Obama had called on China to help on March 26, 2013.  It appears that the President has again called on China, just two days ago.  Washington Times reports:

“The Obama administration faces an uphill battle in its growing effort to convince China to play a more active role in steering North Korea away from provoking a military conflict on the divided Korean Peninsula, foreign policy insiders say.

While the State Department has said Secretary of State John F.Kerry will focus heavily on North Korea during a visit this month to Beijing, the Pentagon this week reached out to Chinese military officials seeking their cooperation in defusing mounting tensions created by Pyongyang’s recent nuclear threats.”

North Korea has asked Britain, Russia and other embassies in Pyongyang to consider removing their staff by April 10, in the event war breaks out, as their safety could not be guaranteed.  

Although the United States continues to take Jong-un’s threats seriously, spokespersons for the Pentagon and White House state that they believe the North Korean leader will not likely carry out the threats, but suggest that he is actually showing his power to get more concessions, such as food and supplies for his country.  Source:  National Post

The Military Daily News website released an article that first appeared in AWIN (Aviation Week Intelligence Network).  The news release states that activity at North Korea’s Light Water Nuclear Reactor (Yongbyon) indicates that construction has started.  Kim Jung-un had stated that he was going to start the reactor, but the Israeli satellite firm ImageSat International revealed work began at the reactor “well in advance of Pyongyang’s declaration” [of war], having begun sometime between the start of February and March end.  

The reactor was shut down in 2007 and partially destroyed during the international nuclear disarmament talks.  The full, short Military Daily News report can be read here.  The Pentagon has ordered a THADD (Terminal High Altitude Air Defense System) to be deployed to Guam from Fort Bliss, Texas.

“Once deployed, the THAAD system will work in tandem with other missile defense systems in the region to provide multi-tiered protection, Pittard explained. Aegis cruisers and other air defense systems will provide lower-level coverage. Patriot missiles and other systems will provide defenses at slightly higher altitudes.

The THADD system operates at the next level, capable of shooting down short-, medium- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles in their terminal phase. The THADD interceptors use a “hit-to-kill approach,” relying on the kinetic energy of the impact to destroy the incoming missile.”  Source: Pacific News Center

With the escalating hostility of North Korea, Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin agreed with lawmaker (Saenuri Party) Han Ki-ho to withdraw all South Korean workers from the Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea.  He went on to say (April 5) that if violence broke out, the staff in the complex would be held hostage.  Source:  Chosun (English)

On a final note, Investing Channel reported that South Korea lost track of two North Korean submarines that were launched from Hwanghae.

Chosun TV (now is reporting that South Korean military have lost contact with two North Korean submarines that left their naval base in Hwanghae Province a few days ago

There has obviously been a lot of changes between last week and now and South Korean military officials suggested that while maneuvers in February were nothing meaningful, now it is provocation. 

The two 'torpedo' subs are small 130-ton, 30-meter, 10-man machines that can stay submerged for three-to-four days.” 

From what I have researched, there is no real concern as the submarines are not nuclear.  At least, that is all that is being reported.

Where Does Russia Really Stand?

It was only a year and five months ago that Obama was seeking the help of Russia and China with the situation in Iran.  However, the leaders that he appealed to were Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Chinese President Hu Jintao.  The meeting was in regards to the report by the U.N. atomic agency that stated Iran was “conducting secret work with the sole intent of developing nuclear arms”.  The concern was Israel.

However, the players have changed; new leaders are in position.  Vladimir Putin has replaced former Russian President Medvedev and Xi Jinping has replaced former Chinese President Hu Jintao.  A little over two months ago, Russia gave a strong warning to Israel and the United States against launching an attack on Iran. 

A little over a week before the ‘declaration of war’ was made public (which was later called a ‘mistranslation’), the new Chinese president visited Russia.  Western analysts considered the visit nothing more than “an effort by Beijing to boost shared strategic and business interests”.

North Korea, Iran and Syria

Less than a week ago, Jay Solomon of the Wall Street Journal wrote an article titled, “North Korea Eclipses Iran as Nuclear-Arms Threat”.  Solomon wrote:

“The twin nuclear crises the Obama administration faces in Asia and the Middle East underline a harsh reality for U.S. strategists: North Korea's weapons capabilities are far more advanced than Iran's.

Pyongyang, as a result of decades of covert atomic work, is close to mastering the technology to mount one of its estimated dozen nuclear warheads atop medium-range missiles that are capable of striking U.S. allies South Korea and Japan, American officials and international nuclear experts believe.”

The World Tribune shared a point of view, tying three middle-eastern countries together and the strategic linkage of the three.  In the article titled “The overlooked Iran-Syria-North Korea Strategic Linkage”, World Tribune writes:

“North Korea’s apparent threat of war in East Asia; the foreign-financed “civil war” in Syria; the broad strategic effects of the staggeringly myopic approach to a European Union (EU) financial restructuring plan in Cyprus; the misperceptions of a Turkey-Israel rapprochement; the underlying reversal of Western European-Russian energy and political relations (but not the dependencies); the deepening absence of U.S. influence in Eurasia: all were absolutely interconnected and interactive issues. 

And there are, at the time of writing, many sub-sets to this, including the great Turkish competition with Iran, which by March 2013 was reaching an interesting dimension; and the continuing deterioration of U.S.-Russian relations.

But, as ever, the discreet accord between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) were playing a truly distinct role. Under this accord, struck between “Ayatollah” Ruhollah Khomeini and Kim Il-Sung in the 1980s, when Iran faced an existential threat, the DPRK would rattle sabers on the Korean Peninsula, distracting the U.S.; and when the DPRK faced such a threat, Iran would similarly distract the world powers. As a result, both the DPRK and Iran have become masters at a kind of brinkmanship which has had Western powers scratching their collective heads.”

In a separate article “Connecting the Dots: N.Korea’s nuke was bought and paid for by a key-end user -- Iran, also written by World Tribune, it states:

“All intelligence indicators received and processed by GIS/Defense and Foreign Affairs show that the nuclear weapon tested by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) on Feb. 12, was paid for, and intended for, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It was, in essence, a test of an Iranian nuclear weapon, and involved scientific as well as financial involvement by the Iranian government. Moreover, the weapon was not — as some media reporting has averred — a “step toward” a North Korean or Iranian nuclear weapons capability: it was in fact a demonstration of a common North Korean and Iranian operationally-ready nuclear weapon.”

Yesterday, the Free Beacon posted “Russian Bomber Roulette”, stating that Russian strategic bomber conducts practiced strikes on United States missile defenses in Asia.

“A Russian bomber recently carried out simulated cruise missile attacks on U.S. missile defenses in Asia, raising new questions about Moscow’s goal in future U.S.-Russian defense talks. According to U.S. officials, a Russian Tu-22M Backfire bomber on Feb. 26 simulated firing air-launched cruise missiles at an Aegis ship deployed near Japan as part of U.S. missile defenses.

A second mock attack was conducted Feb. 27 against a ground-based missile defense site in Japan that officials did not identify further.  The Pentagon operates an X-band missile defense radar on the northern tip of Japan that is designed to monitor North Korean missile launches and transmit the data to missile-firing ships.

The bomber targeting comes as Russia is building up forces in the Pacific by modernizing submarines and building a spy ship specifically for intelligence-gathering against U.S. missile defenses.  Officials said it was not clear why the Russians conducted the practice strikes. However, the simulations may indicate Moscow has targeted its offensive ballistic missiles on Japan or U.S. military bases in the region.

U.S. missile defenses in Asia currently are at a heightened alert status as a result of tensions with North Korea. The communist state has threatened to conduct nuclear missile attacks on the United States and South Korea.  The incidents were detected by U.S. intelligence-gathering systems in the region and reported recently inside the Pentagon.  As a matter of policy we do not comment on matters of intelligence,” Lt. Col. Catherine Wilkinson said when asked about the Backfire bomber incident.”

It also states:

“The bomber targeting of U.S. missile defenses also followed stepped up Russian bomber activities targeting other U.S. missile defense sites, including ground-based interceptors in Alaska and California. A large-scale Russian military exercise in the Arctic in June included flights by two Tu-95 Bear bombers that Russian military officials said had simulated attacks on U.S. missile defenses in Alaska.

Another pair of Tu-95s flew on July 4 the closest to the California coast that a Russian bomber had flown since the days of the Soviet Union, when strategic bomber flights near U.S. coasts were a routine feature of the Cold War.

Russian targeting of missile defenses also comes as Moscow’s GRU military intelligence announced April 1 that it would deploy a new reconnaissance ship in the Pacific to spy on U.S. missile defenses in Alaska and Hawaii.”

Further on, the report states:

“Former chief of the Russian General Staff Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky told a conference earlier this week in Moscow that the United States has not abandoned strategic plans for preventive nuclear strikes on both Russia and China. Baluyevsky said U.S. missile defenses are designed to prevent attacks after a U.S. first-strike nuclear attack, Interfax AVN reported April 2.

Former Russian Strategic Rocket Forces commander Col. Gen. Victor Yesin at the same conference said Russian offensive missiles would be able to overcome any U.S. missile defense system.”  For full report, see Free Beacon

It was about two and a half years ago, that a missile was seen launched off the coast of California, but there was never any explanation given for it by either the government or the news media.  When I read the July 4 exercise off the coast of California, it reminded me of that missile that was spotted.

Below is a link to a video (52 seconds) that shows that launch.  Also, at 24-30 second window, take notice of a dark craft seemingly hovering to the right of the launch.

Propaganda or Forewarning

In 1984, the movie Red Dawn was released in theatres.  It was the story about a Russian invasion on American soil, beginning in the state of Colorado.  Russian paratroopers land on a high school property and the takeover of America and the killing of civilians begins.  The movie took in over $8 million the first weekend of its release and grossed over $38 million.

MGM released a remake of Red Dawn in 2012, but instead of Russians, the invaders were North Koreans.  Originally (and interestingly), the script had China as the country that invades, but since Chinese theatres bring in a vast amount of revenue for American movies, the script was rewritten with North Korea becoming the country that attacks America.

Two movies, one with Russia and one with China featured as the invaders.  However, the latter was edited out and replaced with North Korea for the sake of financial gain.  Actors changed, as did the location of the initial invasion, but they both were so similar that if you had seen the first, you were not missing anything by not seeing the second.

Last year, Red Dawn with the North Korean enemies – this year, “Olympus has Fallen”, with North Korea supposedly taking over the White House, killing hundreds of Americans and kidnapping the president.  The trailer is misleading because it is not actually the country of North Korea that is behind the attack on America.

It is however about a ex-North Korean man whose parents had been killed when they tried to escape the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea aka North Korea).  The father was killed on the North Korean side and the mother was killed by an American mine.  With a team of dedicated Korean terrorists, the takeover begins.

Kang Yeonsak (terrorist) wants a unified Korea; therefore, by holding the president hostage, he hopes to manipulate the U.S. military into withdrawing from the Korean Peninsula, which (in his mind) would bring the war between the North and the South of Korea to an end.  It is a very violent and action-packed movie, with the Americans (of course) being victorious.

It would seem to me that America (through the movie/entertainment industry) is being brainwashed into seeing certain countries as the enemy (Russia, China, North Korea). War has been pounded into the heads of the people for a very long time.  

It is all part of programming and conditioning.  The global elite and governments of the world know what is happening.  The definition of who a terrorist is and what a 'terrorist' does has also been broadened to even include those who claim that Jesus/Y'shua is the Savior of mankind.

Planned for Decades

There are those who know full well the agenda and the long-time plans for World War III.  It has been masterminded and been played out all along, step by strategic step.  Yet again, I state that those who know the Lord and know the prophecies in the Bible know that the Sovereign God has His own plans to end the evil that has kept this world in its grip for thousands of years.  It is coming to pass and we truly are in the last days.

I came across an article that was originally written in 2010 and has been updated (revised) again this year.  The following excerpts are from the article, which I will provide the link to at the end of the excerpt.  

The slash followed by a broken line indicates a new excerpt.  To stimulate your interest and highlight certain topics covered in the article, I have selected choice paragraphs, in order to give you the gist of the written piece.  It is well worth the read, which will broaden the horizon of understanding on what is taking place on the world stage in this hour.

“Humanity is at a dangerous crossroads. War preparations to attack Iran are in “an advanced state of readiness”. Hi tech weapons systems including nuclear warheads are fully deployed.

This military adventure has been on the Pentagon’s drawing board since the mid-1990s. First Iraq, then Iran, according to a declassified,1995 US Central Command document.

Escalation is part of the military agenda. While Iran, is the next target together with Syria and Lebanon, this strategic military deployment also threatens North Korea, China and Russia.

Since 2005, the US and its allies, including America’s NATO partners and Israel, have been involved in the extensive deployment and stockpiling of advanced weapons systems. The air defense systems of the US, NATO member countries and Israel are fully integrated.

This is a coordinated endeavor of the Pentagon, NATO, Israel’s Defense Force (IDF), with the active military involvement of several non-NATO partner countries including the frontline Arab states (members of NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, among others.

 (NATO consists of 28 NATO member states. Another 21 countries are members of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC), The Mediterranean Dialogue and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative include ten Arab countries plus Israel.)


“Public opinion, swayed by media hype is tacitly supportive, indifferent or ignorant as to the likely impacts of what is upheld as an ad hoc “punitive” operation directed against Iran’s nuclear facilities rather than an all out war. War preparations include the deployment of  US and Israeli produced nuclear weapons. In this context, the devastating consequences of a nuclear war are either trivialised or simply not mentioned.

The “real crisis” threatening humanity, according to the media and the governments, is not war but global warming. The media will fabricate a crisis where there is no crisis: “a global scare” — the H1N1 global pandemic– but nobody seems to fear a US sponsored nuclear war.”

/ ------------

“The global killing machine is also sustained by an imbedded cult of killing and destruction which pervades Hollywood movies, not to mention the prime time war and crime TV series on network television. This cult of killing is endorsed by the CIA and the Pentagon which also support (finance) Hollywood productions as an instrument of war propaganda:

Ex-CIA agent Bob Baer told us, “There’s a symbiosis between the CIA and Hollywood” and revealed that former CIA director George Tenet is currently, “out in Hollywood, talking to studios.” (Matthew Alford and Robbie Graham, Lights, Camera… Covert Action: The Deep Politics of Hollywood, Global Research, January 31, 2009).”
/ ------------

“The planned attack on Iran is part of a coordinated global military road map. It is part of the Pentagon’s “long war”,  a profit driven war without borders, a project of World domination, a sequence of military operations.

US-NATO military planners have envisaged various scenarios of military escalation. They are also acutely aware of the geopolitical implications, namely that the war could extend beyond the Middle East Central Asia region. The economic impacts on the oil markets, etc. have also been analyzed.

While Iran, Syria and Lebanon are the immediate targets, China, Russia, North Korea, not to mention Venezuela and Cuba are also the object of US threats.”

/ -----------

“The recent actions of the US military off the coast of North Korea including the conduct of war games are part of a global design.

Directed primarily against Russia and China, US, NATO and allied military exercises, war drills, weapons deployments, etc. are being conducted simultaneously in major geopolitical hotspots.

-The Korean Peninsula, the Sea of Japan, the Taiwan Straits, the South China Sea threatening China.

-The deployment of Patriot missiles in Poland, the early warning center in the Czech republic threatening Russia.

-Naval deployments in Bulgaria, Romania on the Black Sea, threatening Russia.

- US and NATO troops deployments in Georgia.

- A formidable naval deployment in the Persian Gulf including Israeli submarines directed against Iran.

Concurrently the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Caribbean, Central America and the Andean region of South America are areas of ongoing militarization. In Latin America and the Caribbean, the threats are directed against Venezuela and Cuba.”

/ ---------

“The World Commanders’ Areas of Responsibility” (See Map above) defines the Pentagon’s global military design, which is one of World conquest.  This military deployment is occurring in several regions simultaneously under the coordination of the regional US Commands, involving the stockpiling of US made weapons systems by US forces and partner countries, some of which are former enemies, including Vietnam and Japan.

The present context is characterised by a global military build-up controlled by one World superpower, which is using its numerous allies to trigger regional wars.”

/ ------------

“World War III is terminal. Albert Einstein understood the perils of nuclear war and the extinction of life on earth, which has already started with the radioactive contamination resulting from depleted uranium. “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

The media, the intellectuals, the scientists and the politicians, in chorus, obfuscate the untold truth, namely that war using nuclear warheads destroys humanity, and that this complex process of gradual destruction has already commenced.

When the lie becomes the truth there is no turning backwards.” Source: Global Research CA

I am not going to put any excerpts here, but another article of interest to think about is also written by Global Research and goes hand in hand with the War agenda article.  It pertains to the involvement of the CIA and other agencies in the making of movies.  

Lights, Camera…Covert Action: The Deep Politics of Hollywood (Global Research CA)

continued in Part 15

for His glory alone


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