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Masks of Sabotage

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Masks of Sabotage
There are times that something has been so strongly placed upon my heart that I have to take time and great care to be sure it is of the Lord. It all began over a month ago when a close friend named Donna shared a dream she had with me.

She has graciously granted permission for me to share it publicly. (Thank you, Donna) It was impressed upon me that it was not only a personal dream (for her), but also a corporate one – a warning for the body of Christ.  The reader will understand why soon enough.

In her dream, this dear sister in Christ saw a black and white cat in her living room, which at first she thought was her cat. The creature turned to look at her. As soon as their eyes met she immediately sensed “great evil”.
Donna's hand-drawn cat to show eyesDonna also realized that the animal’s facial features were unrealistic. The face itself appeared two-dimensional or flat, as if it had been drawn, although the rest of the body looked natural.  She could only describe it as “cartoonish”.
The feline’s eyes reminded her of those of a Siamese cat, yet the appearance of them was quite exaggerated and exuded a foreboding evil that she could not ignore.  Suddenly, her own cat walked into the living room, which reaffirmed that the other was an intruder.

Instantly, the other feline quickly exited via the back door.  Donna went to the back door (see Note* below-BP)  and called the cat by name three times.  “Sabotage…Sabotage…Sabotage!”
[End dream]

Cat looked like hers but was not – imposter, counterfeit, deception, illusion (optical)  

Natural body, two-dimensional face – something that appears to be natural, but has telltale signs of being drawn (created) by man, scripted, animated

Cartoonish – not real; exaggerated or caricatured; hand drawn, digital or virtual

Digital – of or relating to computers

Virtual – in effect or essence, if not in fact or reality; imitated, simulated; 
operating by computer or in cyberspace, not physically present;

Siamese – seemingly Oriental or Asian, yet again, unrealistic and exaggerated

Back door – ‘behind the scenes’; less obvious; underhanded, clandestine (kept or done secretly, covert, cloak-and-dagger, stealth)

Note* - Correction ADDED - I had originally put that Donna went to the front door to call the cat. In a private mailing, she gently corrected me.
She too went to the back door...where she proceeded to call the mysterious cat, "Sabotage'.  Thank you Donna for correction. 

Three times – in old cultures, such as Semitic, three times meant “permanent”; repetition helps one to remember the emphasis (drive home a point), intensity and importance of theme, event or person;

three times’ is a universal poetic device called epizeuxis (from the Greek “epizeugnumi”, a rhetorical device in which words or phrases are repeated for emphasis)

Sabotage – deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage

Donna suggested that the cartoonish, two-dimensional cat face could be indicative of “soul-less” “mindless”. It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord confirms things.
Any input from readers is encouraged.

Three Snapshots

The first week of October, about the time that Donna shared her dream, I was unwell and was resting. I was not asleep. Three ‘mini-visions’ or ‘snapshots’ were seen in the spiritual.
First I saw a fleet of planes, from the angle of facing them, meaning they were in the sky approaching my direction. There were about five of them, flying in formation. I could not tell what country the planes belonged to.
closest I could find to it - right angle, just missing
part that separated
The next snapshot was of a cloudy trail in the sky. It was nearly perpendicular, but was slightly angled about five degrees to the right.  The ‘head’ of the trail was broken off, or separated from the longer trail. It was slightly curved.
I could not tell if it was a chemtrail, a trail from a missile or a meteor trail.

The third snapshot was as an orange fire before a mountain. I could not tell if it was from a volcano or a nuclear or bomb blast.  This will be expounded upon later on, but for now, I wanted to mention it here since it occurred around the time of Donna’s dream.

Mind Control aka Brainwashing
The first place where people may be looking for sabotage at this particular time in history is toward the upcoming election. If one takes a step back, it is easier to see how a form of mind control has subtly been taking place regarding US presidential election (Tuesday, November 8, 2016).

The general public has been inundated with report after report strongly suggesting the US 2016 election will be rigged. Even the presidential candidates have brought up the topic, furthering planting seeds of doubt in the minds of the masses.

The power of suggestion and repetition is a basic form for mind control. What is mind control? It is often called “brainwashing”, a term coined by the CIA in the 1950s.

The Free Dictionary defines mind control (brainwashing):

1. Intensive, forcible indoctrination, usually political or religious, aimed at destroying a person’s basic convictions and attitudes, and replacing them with fixed beliefs.

2. Application of a concentrated means of persuasion, such as advertising or repeated suggestion, in order to develop a specific belief or motivation.

3. Any method of controlled systematic indoctrination

Once Trump made his thoughts public, every major news outlet, every alternative news site and every radio station has echoed his words. Multitudes in various countries are full of suspicions about any official announcement of votes being legitimate. Even the U.S. military is involved.

The buzzword going around is “rigged”, which is a subtler way of saying ‘sabotaged’. The repetition of the idea is everywhere, as MSM parrots each other and most, but not all, alternative news media sites insist that the election will be rigged.

Deception and Sabotage
Many things come to mind when ones thinks of all that can be sabotaged. The word is defined as:

: “the deliberate attempt to damage, destroy, hinder or obstruct a cause or activity especially for political or military advantage”

: “the deliberate destruction of property or obstruction of normal operations, as by civilians or enemy agents in a time of war

·         Are the nations not at war even now, if not without, then within their own borders, amongst their own people, even their own clan or tribe? Are not many countries experiencing civil unrest, violence, an influx of refugees (as a second exodus?) and betrayal from their own leaders, media and more? Considered as collateral damage…

·        These are observations, but all that we see is not always as it appears to be.[● Note: BP-ed]

As of this date, it is only three days before the American election. The entire world has been inundated with the craziness of this election. I myself have deleted numerous emails, as nearly every article in newsletters contain one headline after another with some sordid muck about either Trump or Clinton, or both.

The character, reputation and morals of both presidential candidates are by no means godly, and their attitude and behaviour in public certainly seems to be void of leadership qualities. Both sides lack rhetoric skills, as their oratories seem rife with accusations, snide (derogatory) remarks, insinuations and topics to stir up emotionalism.

The exposure and mounting evidence against the character and actions of either candidate is mind-boggling. Trump has had several women come into the public light (some anonymously due to acts that happened involved a juvenile), and accuse him of various offences such as verbal abuse, sexual harassment, sexual molestation and even rape.

Julian Assange from WikiLeaks has publicly released emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server from the time that she was Secretary of State. One notorious and damaging topic was the Benghazi incident, with damning evidence that the Whitehouse knew it was a terrorist attack, although publicly it was announced that the rage was from protesters who were so upset over an anti-Muslim video that they decided to storm the compound, the American Embassy.

That is only one scandalous topic pertaining to Clinton and her alleged lies. Meanwhile, more dirt keeps coming up regarding Trump’s sexual atrocities. 

Nothing solid has been proven and both sides claim that it is propaganda being spun by the opponent and their followers, in order to tilt the votes of the American people in favour of their party.

The confusion continues to keep people divided in their opinions of the candidates. And who is the author of confusion? It is not God…

Parroting Begins – Count Me In…Twice
Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, kick-started the ‘programming’ about the outcome of the election by repeatedly making claims that the election will be rigged, thus alluding to voter fraud. His words are being parroted around the world.

A couple of days ago, in a newsletter, there was a short article with the title: Did Russia Hack the Election? A Short History of CIA Election Sabotage That is the second time in one day that that word pops up, “sabotage”. Coincidence? No, just the Lord’s way of giving confirmation (heads up) that indeed He is speaking to His people.

Stephen Dietrich, managing editor at the Horn News website wrote an article back on August 16, 2016, which states: “Clarkson, a certified quality engineer with a doctorate in statistics, has been sounding this same alarm for years. She says her calculations from the November 2014 election showed “inexplicable discrepancies: that suggested “some voting systems were being sabotaged.”

(End excerpt)

Interesting use of words, don’t you think? Would you want your vote counted…twice?

In today’s world of deception, anything is possible.

And as he sat upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of your coming, and of the end of the world?  [Mat 24:3]

Sabotage at Polling Station?
Meanwhile, footage from a camera at a polling station in Russia reveals what appears to be suspicious behaviour by two election officials. The way the scene plays out, it does indeed look like tampering, as a staffer jams a stack of votes into a ballot box.
Is the video a hoax, propaganda to try and keep Russia at an arm’s length, or to purposely discredit Putin’s win? Are you beginning to see why Jesus put such an emphasis on deception (Mat 24) and betrayal when he gave an answer to his disciples’ questions?

A female staffer seems to stand guard, whilst another female staffer takes a stack of papers and inserts them into a ballot box. An Australian news agency released the video footage.  Screenshots from the camera are below.

Some say it is a propaganda video made by the CIA as a way to keep Vladmir Putin from suggesting that the election in America will be rigged. If it happened in his own country, implying that Putin’s win may have been due to fraudulent actions, then it casts a shadow on his win.

The short video clip can be seen at the original site. Source:

Cyber Attack hits Europe and Parts of U.S.
Or was the sabotage dream that my friend, Donna, had a forewarning about the major cyber attack on October 21?  It was reported that Twitter, Paypal, Amazon, Netflix and other major platforms, as well as CNN, Reddit, New York Times et al were affected.

However, reports came in from individuals in Arizona and other eastern areas that stated their internet service was interrupted for a good part of the day. The hackers apparently struck three times in waves, moving around the globe in one day.
red=hot spots; yellow = affected areas
“Dyn” is an infrastructure company based in New Hampshire that processes large volumes of internet traffic, directing users to various websites and routes traffic from server to server. 

According to Dyn, the attackers (hackers) employed hundreds of thousands of internet-connected devices, such as webcams and digital video recorders that had previously been infected with control software called Mirai (a malicious code), “botnet army” that allowed them to use infected devices and cause outages. The attacks are known as DDoS (distributed denial of service).

Was it a trial run for a false flag on the day of the U.S. presidential election? According to MSM reports, hackers disrupted the internet service to certain parts of the United States and across Europe.

An article written by Sam Thielman (NY) writing for The Guardian states:  “Hackers used hundreds of thousands of internet-connected devices that had previously been infected with a malicious code – known as a “botnet” or jokingly, a “Zombie army” – to force an especially potent distributed denial of digital service (DDoS) attack.”

It seems that the hook is baited and the line cast out upon the waters of MSM, social platforms, newsletters, radio shows etc.  Will the American public recognize deception and sleight of hand?  Will the people be able to discern and separate deception from truth?

Or is it all just more mind-control, trying to cause the people to turn on each other and mock and rebel against any leader that comes into power – a way to instill hatred and divide the masses, even division amongst people in diverse countries?

Trump, Clinton, Putin, et al are all pointing fingers at each other, suggesting that one of them will indeed rig the election. Will someone sabotage the outcome? Whether someone does or not, the idea has been pounded into our minds by so many sources and repeated so often that no matter who wins, there are those who are bound to decry the outcome.

 It is not my intention to get into details about the election or the candidates. The internet is overloaded with info. The one and only reason I bring it up here is to point out that a ‘rigged’ or ‘sabotaged’ election is conceivable, but it certainly has been propagated.

A house divided against itself – a strategic move is to have people turn on each other, the first weapon employed is confusion.  Their strength disintegrates into a state of “every man for himself” and “survival of the fittest”.  Yet it seems that many do not know or forget that a Sovereign God has the final word.

As soon as they began singing and to praise, the Lord set ambushments against the children of Ammon, Moab and Mount Seir (confusion in the camp), which were come against Judah; and they were smitten (wiped out).  [2 Chron 20:23]
In the book of Matthew, chapter 24, Jesus warned his disciples about betrayal, and particularly deception, in the last of the last days. 

Sock Puppets - Who is Trolling - US, Russia or Both?
Techopedia is a Tech Education site that “provides insight and inspiration to IT professionals, technology decision-makers and anyone else who is proud to be called a ‘geek’ “. It is the “web’s most comprehensive computer dictionaries”.  
Sock puppets:
 In the U.K., the term sockpuppet recently garnered a lot of press when acclaimed criminal writer R.J. Ellory admitted to giving his own work glowing reviews on, while slamming books by other authors. The practice is believed to be widespread among authors because Amazon and similar sites lack the resources to police user identities.
A key benefit of the Internet is the ability to remain anonymous, but while sockpuppetry has ethical implications, a few sockpuppets also have faced legal trouble for harassment, criminal impersonation and computer fraud. These cases raise significant legal challenges because while sockpuppets have no constitutional rights, their puppeteers do have the right to freedom of speech.
Military at MacDill AF base in Tampa, Fla have been known to be used as sock puppets. RT reported that it was confirmed that the US military has been manipulating social media by using fake identities so that conversations can spread “pro-American” propaganda. However, less well known is their use of the same ‘service’ to hack or spy on “parties of interest”; all in the name of stopping terrorism, of course.
It is called Online Persona Management Services. The stipulations are that every fake persona must have a convincing profile, background, history and friend circle to be convincing, in order to keep them from being detected by even the most sophisticated adversaries.

NTREPID is a Los Angeles-based firm that offers staff for hire for sock puppetry for big money.  Law enforcement agencies in Canada, U.S., England, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and other countries all infiltrate social media platforms, with fake profiles, with said intent to seek out and arrest criminals. See: Police Use Bogus Profiles
In a 2006 Military Study, it states: "Hiring a block of bloggers to verbally attack a specific person or promote a specific message may be worth considering." "Hacking the site and subtly changing the messages and data - merely a few words or phrases - may be sufficient to begin destroying the blogger's credibility with the audience."

That certainly falls into the category of sabotage, doesn't it?
RT (Russia Today) has pushed about leaked emails, rigged election and media blackout. However, most of the MSM websites are shouting: “America, the election is NOT rigged.”   RT has been called up on the carpet and their motives questioned.
Russia Today newsroom-ITAR-TASS_photo Zurab Dzhavakhadze
Although the above article regarding “rigged elections” (aka sabotaged) was published on July 29, 2016, it was not until Donald Trump made the allegation public in October that people began paying attention.  As source after source echoed Trump’s words, what began as rhetoric is being acknowledged as truth.

In summer of 2014, Jim Waterson, a BuzzFeed news reporter based in the UK, wrote about RT (Russia Today), a news channel that is said to be Kremlin-backed. At that time it was said that RT “could” be investigated for breaking broadcasting regulations on accuracy and impartiality during its coverage of the MH17 air crash.

Also in 2014 (March) TASS, a Russian News Agency based in Moscow, wrote that Russia Today was banned on Youtube, Google gives no comment. Reddit, an open source website that allows authors to post any item, has an article that says Reddit banned for , “spam and vote manipulations”, in the year 2013.

The UK Telegraph did a write-up on online persona management services and the US military’s involvement in it.  UK Telegraph:  “The US military awarded a contract for software to create 500 fake personas on social networks, in order to secretly influence online debate in its favour, it has been reported.”  

Russia-Insider writes about Kremlin’s Troll Army (as a Kremlin Troll, of course). 

RI writes:

“Western media should pipe down about the “Kremlin’s Troll Army”. It just draws attention to the glaringly obvious fact that western intelligence services are way ahead of the Russkies in digital Jiu Jitsu.” Full story
notice the url of bogus site:
This article, Bloggers Beware, which was published by RT in 2011, speak of a “new US military spy operation”, using social media. It speaks of ‘sock puppet’ software being used to “simultaneously create multiple fake online identities.”

A possible cyber attack on election day to cripple the vote counting, sock puppets spewing forth propaganda and a potential threat of a rigged election are but three masks found in the sabotage wardrobe. The supply is endless.


Tamar Yonah, a broadcaster on Israel News Talk Radio featured Rabbi Alon Anava in late September and interviewed him. Rabbi Anava was asked if there is a connection between the U.S. presidential election and the ‘End of Days’.
The Rabbi began with a truth before he expressed his own personal views. With all due respect to a writer named Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler, she drew attention to an article with a misleading title. Rabbi Anava is quoted as saying:

Of course the elections have to do with the end of time. Moshiach (Mashiach) is on the doorstep and every current affair that we see…you just open our [Scripture] from 2000 years ago and it’s like opening a newspaper. Everything is written. Everything is predicted. Everything was prophesied.

Personally, I don’t think we’re going to get to the elections. I think they’re going to declare martial law way before the elections happen.

Maybe a terror attack, by financial collapse, by riots. Sixty million Americans are on food stamps. Just take that away for one month and you’re going to have 60 million Americans on the streets, creating riots. That’s very easily a cause for martial law.”

[End quote]

The reason I state that the title of a post-interview article was misleading is because Rabbi Anava was quoted as saying, “[…] I don’t think […]” and “[…] I think […]”.  

The rabbi was adamant about prophecies in the Bible [and Torah] unfolding now, but when it came to speaking about the elections he injected the word “think”.

That narrows his words down to the understanding that the rabbi is vocalizing his thoughts, rather than giving a prediction or stating emphatically that he foresees any such thing happening. Dr Adler’s title states: Martial Law Will Be Declared Before Elections: End-of-Days Rabbi

The rabbi spoke about Nibiru and stated that ‘if’ that is the scenario by which God brings the final redemption, “two-thirds of the world could be underwater.” Zechariah 13:8 is used. 

He goes on to mention that four countries (enemies of the United States), China, Iran, Korea and Russia could detonate an EMP over North America (11-second war) and halt all the electronics over the continent.

He says that Jews and non-Jews alike must repent, which is true. However, there is no mention of Jesus because the Jews are still waiting for their Messiah to appear. They still do not believe Jesus is the Christ. Only the Messianic Jews recognize Jesus (Yeshua) as the Christ (Messiah).

Anarva goes on to say that the laws of Noach (Noah) must be followed, which he said can be found in Torah. You can read briefly about the Noahide laws here. He states (regarding repentance): “There’s no difference (Jew or Gentile). We all have to repent and basically convince the Master of the Universe to annul all these decrees.”

Who is going to convince God to annul His judgments written in the Holy Scriptures? It is we, the people, who must be convinced that He sent Jesus, who came in the flesh and comes in the flesh (of born-again believers) and repent of our sins. Good works does not earn us salvation. Jesus (Yeshua) paid the price, purchased by His blood.

Rabbi Anava goes on to say: ”Israel is the only safe place…it’s the Land of God. Nothing is going to happen on this land. Righteous gentiles, as long as they follow the Seven Laws of Noach, they’ll be saved.”  (Note-Emphasis is mine BP)

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction comes upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. [1 Thess 5:3, 4] (We must heed Scripture. BP)

Tamar Yonah, the interviewer, stated: “I’ve heard these predictions throughout the years. I don’t believe in dates.”  She claims she likes to listen, be open and “wait and see”. She said that she thinks we have ‘a bit more time’, as "scenarios need to mature”.

“I think we’re close. Anyone who believes in the Torah and the Bible can see that we’re in the End of Days period, but my opinion is that it’s not going to happen in the next three weeks.”  - Tamar Yonah, veteran broadcaster at Israel News Talk Radio Source: Breaking Israel News

Just two days ago (November 3, 2016), Adam Ellyahu Berkowitz of BIN (Breaking Israel News) wrote about a mystic Jew, a noted Kabbalist who insisted upon anonymity, walked into the office of Marc Zell, chairman of the Republicans Overseas Israel.
The kabbalist would only state that he is from the city of Bnei Brak, but according to the report, the rabbi strongly stated: “Donald Trump (according to the Zohar) will win the election and be the next president of the United States.” Source: Trump Victory Prophesied - BIN

Rabbi Sraya Deblitzky is urging his followers to vote for Trump. Rabbi Mendel Kessin is quoted as saying his support is behind Trump. Seeing as technology is everywhere and vastly improving at an alarming speed, rabbis look to the Zohar, where scientific revelation was prophesied.

It states that: “[…] the knowledge from below will converge with the knowledge from “Above”.  They search for the secrets of creation, as surely as CERN searches for the secrets of the universe.

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He takes the wise in their own craftiness. [1Cor 3:19]

Spirit of Truth and Spirit of Error
I came across a well-written article about the “spirit of error”, written in 2004 by a preacher named W. Berkley.   It begins by quoting 1 John 4:1 – Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone into the world.

The author quoted the first six verses in 1 John 4, which ends with: We are of God. He who knows God hears us; he who is not of God does not hear us. By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error. [vs 6]

Berkley continues further on:
“We cannot just accept anyone who claims they have the Spirit; we cannot just let our minds fall under the influence of any spirit. It may be the spirit of error. The only way to know is to read the Word of God. You cannot believe everything you hear! Let me just name several fields of human activity:

● Politics – Can you believe everything you hear?
● Medicine?
● Science?
● History?
● Computers?

What about religion? Can you believe everything you hear? If you listen to the various religious messages about in the world today, you soon discover messages in conflict. All you hear cannot be the truth.  All you hear cannot be taught in the Scriptures of God.”  [End excerpt]

Here I will insert one more section of Berkley’s article.

●  Never think that if a man is popular and brings in huge crowds, that means he must be teaching the truth!

●  Never think that if a man is a good public speaker and can hold the attention of an audience, that means he must be teaching the truth.

●  Never think that if you like the person, he must be teaching the truth.

●  Never think that if a man has been baptized and is a member of a local church of Christ, he has to be a perfect teacher of truth.

●  Never think that if a man quotes a lot of Scripture, he must be teaching the truth.
●  Never think that if a man has academic, educational credentials, he must be teaching the truth!!

“There is only one way to determine if a man is teaching the truth - - see if what he says is in the Bible!! In order for you to make that determination, you know what you’ll have to do?  Read and study your Bible!”  [End excerpt]

Although it was written twelve years and a half years ago, it still holds true today. I invite you to read this thought-provoking article by Warren E. Berkley:  “The Spirit of Truth and The Spirit of Error”, (June 2004) posted on the Expository Files website.

In the next part, topics will be military, aircraft, holograms, UFOs and more, as we continue on with deception and betrayal, as Jesus forewarned, in all its various forms, including ‘sabotage’.

for His glory alone


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