Thursday, September 1, 2016

Time Upon Us - Time and Season

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: [Eccl 3:1]

There has been a feeling of urgency in my spirit for the past couple of weeks. I cannot express the grieving and the urgency felt. Although much has gone on in the past decade or fifteen years globally, things are escalating.

Words that were impressed upon my spirit: fire, wind, earthquake

Fire was not just forest fires or house fires, but great fire and serious. I understood volcanoes erupting, bombs/bombing, explosions (whether caused by terrorists, war or reaction to earthquakes etc, I cannot pretend to know). Fire in divers places is what I understood. Great significance placed on destruction and death.

Also more earthquakes and great winds. Understood that this has always been and there are seasons for it, but the emphasis was on overall damages, death, frequency and intensity.

Places that are a concern and the order: Philippines, Indonesia, Germany, Pakistan, the Atlantic Ocean, east coast USA and Canada, New Zealand, Alaska, west coast North America, (Central and South America) Japan, Mexico, coastal area of upper NW Africa and offshore, UK, Hawaii, Australia, India, Iran (Israel/Palestine always).  

These places have been on my heart for high alert for nearly a week. I know there is more to it, which I will explain later. Germany, PhilippinesAtlantic Ocean, Indonesia keep standing out, as does eastern coast of North America and Central America (but trouble arising for west coast of the Americas (N, S, Central), but North at this time). Yet all nations mentioned above should be on high alert.

Natural calamities, particularly earthquakes, volcanoes, windstorms (cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes), landslides...increased birth pangs, just as the Word of God prophesied.  Yes, there has been a great deal of flooding globally, but "fire" is strongly upon me. 

And yes, I am aware of forest fires. I live in BC, where forest fires are as common here as in California. Fort McMurray and surrounding areas in Alberta also went through a devastating fire, with thousands evacuated in June 2016.

However, the fire I understood in my spirit is not from forest fires. Whether it is from volcanoes, meteorites or earthquakes, I do not know, as my time of prayer has been greatly interrupted and disrupted. Whether the Lord reveals the information to me or others, I do not know either. He is God alone and is all-wise and omnipotent.
As for man-made events (wars, terrorist attacks), Iran (aka Elam), Israel, U.S.A. (internal conflicts (police versus citizens and vice versa, racial, people vs government etc), brutal shootings, bombings etc). It shall increase evermore. 

People of many nations are crying out, and sadly, this too shall increase (not just in the Eastern Hemisphere, but also in the Western Hemisphere)  It is coming, for enemies have been in the camp a long time.

Woe to the multitude of many people, which make a noise like the noise of the seas; and to the rushing of nations, that make a rushing like the rushing of many waters. [Is 17:12]

Yes, I realize much of this, if not all, has been going on for years. Be that is it may, the burden on my heart is the increase, the frequency and the intensity of both natural calamities and atrocities of evil people. It is as if no place is safe. The whole earth is travailing, groaning and all the peoples of the earth (all nations) are discontent, angry and fearful. 

For we know that the whole creation groans and travails in pain together right now.  [Rom 8:22]
And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars, and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity (bewilderment), the sea and the waves roaring, [Lk 21:25]

Above, I promised to explain later that there is 'more' regarding nations and what I saw coming.  When I was praying four days ago or so and the names of nations and events came to me, ironically (?) it seemed that distractions and interruptions began also...important things which could not be avoided. 

More intense quality prayer time is needed by me, and may I persuade any readers that are brethren (disciples of Jesus [Yeshua] the Christ) pray also. It does not take a rocket scientist or a prophetic person to see that the whole earth is changing. 

It is not only the threat of world war, which we all know is coming (if it has not already started, which I think it has). We are in times that far surpass the days just prior to the outbreak of WWI and WWII.  Remember how those wars began with squirmishes and light conflicts too.

So much has been happening for years that we would be foolish to deny that we are in the last of the last days, but especially as we clearly see biblical prophecies being fulfilled right before us. Not only have natural calamities increased in frequency and strength, but 'unnatural' things have been occurring. 

Yet, as always, people try to explain these things away with logic and theory. Either explain it away or an event is discussed until interest is depleted, then it is dismissed until the 'next time' a shocking, unexpected or overwhelming event occurs. We tend to go into denial or look the other way all too often, that is IF it has not affected us personally. 
Ural Mountain, Chelyabinsk Russia February 15, 2013 - two meteors (foreground and background but only one reported)in media. Between 950-1100 injured.
meteor lands Russia
2016 Perseid meteor shower
What of the things from out of this world, extraterrestrial (existing outside of planet earth) or celestial (stars, planets, asteroids, meteors, meteorites, comets etc)?  Up to four years ago, the major focus of most was Niburu aka Wormwood, Destroyer, Planet X etc. 

At any rate, I have wanted to post for days, but have not had opportunity until now. Prayer is all I know to do because I do not desire to post false alerts or say anything misleading. 

Writing for the sake of writing and keeping people's interest is not my goal. For some time now, my heart is to write about what I am led to write about.  Many times, what I wrote conflicted with what the majority were saying, particularly when it came to dates and cataclysmic events.  

Only God knew. I wrote not out of my wisdom, for like others, I know nothing of the future.  But if I was led to oppose the date-setters, then I did so to the glory of God alone.

Right now, more alone and prayer time is needed, without distractions or interruptions. How clever the enemy is. People may say that it is just life, which may well be; however, the timing and volume is questionable. 

Alignment, Time and Season - The Real Focus
The main concern and the real focus as disciples of Christ (Messiah) should be on aligning ourselves with God and His will for us, both individually and corporately.  

We who fear God and love Him with all our heart, mind and being must come into full alignment with His will for us.  How do we align ourselves with God's will. One way - obedience. Time is of the essence!

The urgency I feel pertains to my own walk and that of the brethren who profess to fear and love our Lord and Saviour. Repentance has always been the theme since the beginning, from the time of the fall in the Garden of Eden. 
Throughout the Old Testament, the prophets of God warned the people. John the Baptist called for repentance and pointed to Christ Jesus.  Those who love God are called to repentance to this day and hour.  My first two articles that I submitted to other websites in 2005 and 2006 were: "A Call to Repentance" and "Repent, Be Holy, A Warning".

Since the fall of mankind, the Lord God has extended mercy and grace and forgiveness.  Yet also, He righteously executes justice and judgment. Repentance of sins revealed by God and aligning with His will has been my theme for some time.

I have also shared as led about the Lord's personal covenants with people (prayers, visions, dreams), the importance of trust and faith, especially during hard trials and/or waiting on the Lord and tribulations (from both natural (earthly) and spiritual (heavenly or demonic) realms).

The Lord has been preparing His people for quite some time now for what is fast approaching. The tide has drawn back quite far on the world today and the catastrophic tsunami is on its way, and great shall be its destruction.

That is more likely an understatement, rather than a hyperbolic metaphor. Again, it takes no genius or prophet to see these things. The Holy Scriptures are clear and the men of old, inspired by the Holy Spirit of God wrote as led by Him.

We are not to fear (outside of the proper, reverential fear of the Lord), but we must be aware of what is going on in the world around us. The prophets knew, as did Jesus and His apostles and disciples. 

We can stick our heads in the sand to avoid or deny the obvious, or we can warn others, so that they would see their need for a Saviour.  We must keep aware; not to the point of being consumed or overwhelmed, but prepared spiritually.
The Living, Sovereign God has an appointed time for all things, including personal things with each of us. In His Sovereignty, He controls all things, even our next breath. I do believe that He has extended time, out of His great love, grace, mercy and compassion. However, there is a time and season for everything, and to every purpose under the sun. [Eccl 3:1-8]

Again, as I write this, another interruption, so I will have to leave it at this for now and hopefully expound upon things soon. However, I need to spend further time with the Lord before I do. If I have any regular readers left at this point, please be patient. Please pray and above all, please make sure you are in alignment with God's perfect will for your life. Trust Him no matter what.

Whatever situation you are in (and I am speaking of hard trials/testing), I urge you to keep moving - go through! Hold fast to your faith and trust in Jesus. If you are doing your own thing, saying "God sees my heart" and you have not even asked Him if what you are doing is His will or not, repent - change your heart and mind and stop doing what you are doing. 

I must go now, but this shall be expounded on in upcoming article. It is that important. 

Blessed is the man that trusts in the Lord, and whose hope (confidence) the Lord is. [Jer 17:7]  Shalom in Christ Jesus [Yeshua]

for His glory alone



  1. I receive this blessed timely heavenly manna.

    Yes distraction do come but the Lord is timely and whenever He releases you it will be on time to pen His heart and for us to get His love letter on time.

    Love you dearly sis and friend,
    Sis. Libby :)

  2. Hi Bonita, great article looking forward to your next one. I look every week to see if you have posted anything. Lots of Love from London x


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