Monday, July 21, 2014

Mexican Cartels, ISIS, Pandemic Diseases and UN - How Does It All Tie In with America?

Several have written wondering if I am alright and I assure you all that I am.  It has been a busy time behind the scenes as I prepare for the new website, but much time has been in getting "First the Inside of the Cup" (my testimony) in book format (PDF) to publish and to place online for free reading on the new website. I keep busy and I do take breaks, as we all do.  However, I have dedicated many hours behind the scenes preparing for the shift over to the new website, but mostly, in getting the book ready.  

So, thank you (from my heart) for your emails, your prayers and your continued support.  I am confident that you will be pleased with the layout of the new site.  Please be patient just a little longer.  When the new site has some content posted to start up, it will be announced.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 10 pm EST  (9:00 pm Central / 7:00 pm Pacific)

Jason Pillow has a warning and report to share about the immigration situation at the Mexican border, as well as the serious threat of diseases at pandamic levels in the United States.  He has documentation that proves that the M13 and cartels from Mexico that are pouring over the southern border are tied with the Muslim brotherhood (ISIS, Al Qaeda et al).  These groups are going unchecked at the borders.  According to a four-star general (who believes his life is in danger) has said that 300,000 people per day are coming through into the United States, and expects that number could go as high as one million.
Many of the immigrants have diseases such as scabies, denge and medical resistant tuberculosis.  In the event of a pandemic (which is most likely, given the stats), the UN would then have a justified purpose for having a presence in America.  There is just far too much information brother Pillow has to share than can be put here.  There is a real threat of a pneumonic plague in Colorado.  Reports have poured in that a UN presence has already been reported in KY, TN (East and middle), GA, FL, OH, CO and TX.
Please join us, listen to the information, then take it to the LORD in prayer.

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