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Walking in Joseph's Footsteps

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May 11, 2014

Walking in Joseph’s Footsteps

I have seen all that you have been through and yes, I have allowed it, to try your faith, to see if you love and fear Me, more than all. [Gen22:12]  

Fear not!  All that the enemy has stolen shall be restored!  I AM your strength.  Many desire to be strong for that which lies ahead, yet they cannot endure even the trials that come in order to strengthen and prepare them for these perilous times that are soon here. [Jer12:5]

No trial is easy – no testing is pleasurable.  Testing is not chastisement.  Was I punishing or disciplining Joseph all the years that he had to endure or when all seemed against him?

Surely outwardly it appeared as though My hand was lifted up against him, yet the reality was that I was preparing him, training him, testing him (Potiphar’s wife – temptation; the wine-bearer’s promise – patience).  All was allowed to mold him, in order to raise him to a high position in a time of great distress and tribulation upon the lands.

Surely all seemed against him.  Surely there were those who were envious of his dreams (vision) and chose to separate themselves from him, due to his ‘pride’.  His brethren (brothers) would have destroyed him (yet I would not allow it).

Therefore, with great disdain, they rejected him and separated themselves from him by handing him over to strangers, for a price (sold into slavery).  Then, they lied about what happened to him.

His own father, Jacob, who was himself displeased at Joseph’s dreams of all of his family bowing down to him, wept bitterly over what he saw as the loss of a beloved son.

Surely fear, confusion, sorrow and helplessness swirled around Joseph, yet he continued to hold fast to Me.  Surely, he wondered what he did to bring about such dire and tragic circumstances.  He did nothing – nothing except share his dreams (vision) with others (family).

Some are not going through battles outwardly, but are being purged inwardly.  Many have been going through times where everything seems against them, even with brethren (family – spiritual as well as biological) undoubtedly rejecting them, doubting that I am with them.

Yet, I have positioned a ‘Potiphar’ in their lives; one who has favor towards them and ‘sees’ the fruit of their work and ‘sees’ that their God is with them.  Though these ones feel imprisoned and helpless by their circumstances, they know that I am with them and that there is at least on ‘Potiphar’ who believes in them.  Howbeit, ‘Potiphar’ cannot change their circumstances; only I can.

Timing is the Lord’s

Wait upon My timing.  Endure like a good warrior (soldier).  All that is coming has been written.  It is so.  No one knows the exact timing of that which is written, but the wise will stay close to me, preparing (spiritually) and in all the ways that I lead.

As My people trust in Me, leaning not upon their own understanding, but acknowledging Me in all their ways, they are and will be directed by Me.  Rejoice, for soon release shall come.  

Soon, you shall understand that all you have been through (though it seems fruitless, unending and void of Me), know that indeed, it shall end.  It shall be fruitful (has purpose) and that I have been with you through it all.  

All who were imprisoned with Joseph observed that I (his God) was with him.  He had respect from those who were in the same place as him, which is why the prison ran so well.  Even those who guarded over Joseph respected him, although they had no power to release him either.

Again I say to wait upon Me.  After all of My will is performed, then shall the promise (dream/vision) be made manifest.  When famine and destitution come upon the land, you will be positioned to perform all that you have been trained for and tested in, by My Spirit and in My power, and not in man’s might or power.  [Zec 4:6]

Lo! For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace (good), and not of evil, to give you an expected end. [Jer 29:11]
There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor a door of hope. There she will respond as in the days of her youth, as in the day she came up out of Egypt. [Hos2:15]

And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on My name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is My people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God.  [Zec13:9]

Be holy (set apart), as I AM holy.  Continue in picking up the cross daily, dying to self.  Keep a repentant heart and continue in obedience as I lead you. I have heard your thanksgiving and praise.  My holy angels have joined you in your worship to Me.  Your prayers are as sweet incense before My throne.

Just awhile longer and you shall see victory, for I AM He who has overcome the world.  Obey, endure (fight the good fight) and wait upon My timing, as Gideon, as Joshua, as David, and yes, as Joseph, and as all those who went before you.

These are those who walk without compromise, not giving into temptations and have separated from the unclean.  Keep a pure heart and clean hands.  Wait upon Me; it is not without reward.

(end of message)
Tomorrow night, Jason Pillow will be the guest on BTR program, Warriors of Endurance

Monday, May 12, 2014 - 7:00 pm EDT (6:00 pm Central - 4:00 pm Pacific)

Jason Pillow (former Satanist) is the special guest in this expose of China and Russia presence on U.S. soil. Also being discussed is the potential for an EMP attack in mid-America, which will shut down the country's grid.

According to reports Jason has received, everything regarding Bundy is a setup for the solar power grid shutdown in America, whilst China maintains its electrical capabilities.

Brother Jason will also be giving testimony to events, including spiritual warfare, which is a precursor as to what people can expect in the days ahead.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 7:00 pm EDT (6:00 pm Central - 4:00 pm Pacific)

Gene's book: Back to Tonic - Eugene Kiepura

Eugene Kiepura's fourteen year old son, Jake, was killed in a horrific accident whilst on a missions trip to Mexico.  Jake, along with four other boys, one of which was a 17 year old Mexican lad, were all killed when the van in which they were travelling was involved in a head-on collision with a semi-tractor trailer.  The driver, who was the father of one of the boys in the van, was also killed, totally six deaths.

Eugene writes:

MEMBERS OF A SMALL CHURCH GATHERED TOGETHER TO PRAY FOR their youth leader and four boys who were about to embark on a mission trip to Mexico. Seventeen days later, all five of them were dead. 

Life painfully changed after the accident. After the horrific experience of recovering the bodies and evading a greedy American Embassy in Mexico, I returned home to find little in the way of solace from the church family I was counting on. Instead, I was expected to be a strong example of Christian faith for everyone else. 

Attempting to conceal my emotional struggle would eventually cause me to question both my sanity and relationship with God. Being assured that the accident was all part of "His plan", my concept of God turned into one of a cold and callus monarch. This wasn't the God I had signed up for.

Listen to one man's struggle with faith when this tragedy happened whilst his son was on a missions trip and how God brought him through it.

for His glory

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